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Murdered at 17 (2018)

Murdered at 17 (2018)

Susan WaltersCristine ProsperiBlake BurtEmily Galley
Curtis Crawford


Murdered at 17 (2018) is a English movie. Curtis Crawford has directed this movie. Susan Walters,Cristine Prosperi,Blake Burt,Emily Galley are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Murdered at 17 (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Pretty and popular, seventeen-year-old Brooke Emerson is the envy of her classmates--and even some of her closest friends. But, while she seems to have it all, Brooke has never felt so lost. Ever since she sustained a head injury during a cheerleading stunt the previous year, she's suffered from a disorder that causes her to fly into uncontrollable, sometimes violent rages. As hard as she tries to keep it together, she finds herself in danger of jeopardizing her seemingly perfect life. It isn't until Brooke meets Jake, a handsome and charismatic stranger, that she feels like she's found someone who not only understands her but accepts her for who she is. As tempting as it is to get swept up in the romance, she can't help but feel like something in their relationship isn't quite right. When her best friend is brutally murdered, Brooke has no choice but to depend on her new love...especially because she's worried that she might be the killer.


Murdered at 17 (2018) Reviews

  • Not at all bad.


    A not at all bad Lifetime movie. The plot was interesting, original and quite suspenseful, but I found that there was a lot of wasted potential in the way that Brooke was so quick to tell everything to her parents and tell the police. Yes, it's a more realistic and reasonable option in the real world, but it doesn't make for a very good movie ending. However, I thought it was quite well scripted and well acted. Not at all bad.

  • Dangerous Psychopath Rejection


    If you are into topics of psychopathy, love, rejection, mental disorders, and of course this genres, this movie is for you. It shows reality, how just like in real life we have love problems, emotional problems, disappointments, weaknesses, diseases, and live with abusive people around us (in family, in school, in neighborhood). You will especially be motivated to watch this movie if you are experiencing the same thing as actors in this movie. Rejection, mental disorder, disappointment, falling in love, not understanding opposite sex, criminals. I gave one star less because I bit of colors are missing, it should not have happened all in dark and same place, there should be more light, colors, locations to make it more interesting and adventurous. There are many movies released recently talking about psychopaths, and they are all good, especially lifetime channel ones. This one is similar to that one released in 2016 I think where psychopath falls in love with girl and everything revolves around summer, swimming, sea, swimming pools...just can't remember name of that one (that guy was blonde too). Additional reason why I like this movie is that it revolves around good topics like supercars, money (being rich), school, girls, weapons, homicides, courage, and all extreme and modern stuff.

  • better Lifetime


    High school cheerleader Brooke Emerson suffered a brain injury during practice a year earlier. She gets into a fight with her best friend Maddie Finley who accuses her of flirting with her boyfriend. She is rescued by charmer Jake Campali. She does not realized that he's an obsessive psychopath. She tries to break up with him but he continues stalking her. At a party, she gets into a fight with Maddie and tries to break up with Jake once more. Jake murders Maddie and frames Brooke for the crime. It doesn't help that she has no memories and she suspects her brain injury could lead to violent outbursts. I kinda like Brooke not doing the right thing right away. A little less Jake would help raise the tension. It's scarier to have more mystery to the psychopath. I don't mind him but he overplays it at times. The plot could have ratcheted up the tension until the end but it goes overboard with the ring. After that point, the tension is lowered with the confession to the police. Nevertheless, this is a solid thriller and better than most of its Lifetime kind.

  • LMAO


    Cmon now. This was so bad in every possible way imaginable. Got me laughing at some parts though.

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