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His Double Life (2016)

His Double Life (2016)

Emmanuelle VaugierBrian KrauseCristine ProsperiKati Salowsky
Peter Sullivan


His Double Life (2016) is a English movie. Peter Sullivan has directed this movie. Emmanuelle Vaugier,Brian Krause,Cristine Prosperi,Kati Salowsky are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. His Double Life (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Five years after her husband was killed in a tragic car accident, Linda starts to rebuild her life and gets re-married, to her late husband's business partner Greg. When her daughter Scarlett returns home from college, she notices her new stepfather is behaving oddly and suspects that he might be having an affair. She follows him and seems to confirm her suspicions when he meets up with another woman. Things get scarier, though, when a day later on the news, the same mysterious other woman is reported dead. Scarlett starts to wonder - who is this man living in their home?


His Double Life (2016) Reviews

  • Iron Curtains


    Expecting a romantic evening with his wife, a driver picks up speed on the road home. Unfortunately, his breaks fail and the man presumably dies in a car accident. In the movies, this kind of brake failure usually means somebody tampered with the brakes. You would be wise to suspect that, in this instance. Five years later, dark-haired widow Emmanuelle Vaugier (as Linda) has married her late husband's business partner. Judging from their stunning Los Angeles-area estate, new husband Brian Krause (as Gregory "Greg" Davis) must be incredibly wealthy. Arriving home from Connecticut on a college break, dark-haired stepdaughter Cristine Prosperi (as Scarlett Thomas) resents her new daddy. It doesn't help that Mr. Krause positively oozes sleaze... Early on, there is no concrete proof to confirm Ms. Prosperi's suspicions about Krause. Still, director Peter Sullivan and Krause sure make it seem like something creepy is afoot. The title "His Double Life" is another big hint... Things take a turn for the worse when a character turns up dead in Griffith Park... The best part of watching this TV movie involves Krause and Prosperi. They play their parts well. She takes too many dumb risks, but they are in the script. He is perfectly creepy. While star-billed, Ms. Vaugier is secondary and unconvincing; alas, there is very little she can do with her insubstantial and dimwitted character. Model-type ex-boyfriend Santiago Segura (as August Martin) assists Prosperi. Too bad we don't get to see his comic book store or hear any in depth discussions about Marvel's "Secret Wars" or DC's "New 52". He does get a hoodie scene, though. Nick Soole's music cues are excellent; at times, the music stands out as being too good for the production. Supposedly inspired by a true story, "His Double Life" ends with a laughable text piece. ***** His Double Life (6/5/2016) Peter Sullivan ~ Brian Krause, Cristine Prosperi, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Santiago Segura

  • Plot is Unbelievable and Characters are Stupid


    Throughout this movie I just kept feeling that this is so unbelievable. For these kids - 20-somethings - to be running around trying to figure out what's going on and all the while putting their lives in jeopardy is just unbelievable. The suspense of the story is good but to have it unfold with the stupid actions of these 20-somethings is almost comedic. Time after time they do stupid things. Can they really be this naive? This must have been a movie for teens. As an adult, I simply waited to see what was the next stupid thing they did rather than take their suspicions to the appropriate authorities. I continued to watch in order to predict the next stupid thing that would be done by the young characters.

  • Gosh This Was Bad


    I watched this movie because I like Brian Krause and thought the plot might be interesting. Boy was I wrong. This movie is populated by the stupidest characters and worst writing of anything I've ever seen on the LMN Channel. Scarlett (aka Cristine Prosperi) suspects her step-father is a murderer, and even sees him with a woman found dead the next morning. Does she tell the police? No, she tells her best friend and asks her to do a background check. The best friend discovers dark secrets. Does the best friend call the police? No, she runs over to the murderer's house so he can kill her. Now the step-daughter has gobs of proof her step-father is both a killer and spy. Does she call the FBI? No, she tells her comic book store friend instead. Finally, as the body count has been growing, the FBI gets called and given all the details that a critical national security breach is in progress. Do they rush over to gather the evidence? No, the FBI tells the step-daughter to go home, where the killer is, and bring the evidence to their office. Meanwhile, the killer kidnaps the mother, step-daughter, and comic book guy, intending to murder all the surviving witnesses. In the end, just as the killer is strangling the daughter, Mom shows up out of nowhere and shoots him. Who would have thought? I think the actors did the best they could with the material. The direction showed no imagination but wasn't bad. The production values were professional. But the characters in this movie were so brainless and inept that I found myself cheering that Brain Krause's over-the-top evil killer would prevail.

  • Good


    Good for a zone out. Some plot holes but it's good enough for me. Leads are well acted. It's a bit propagandish but probably true. Enjoy!

  • What a bad movie!


    There are some really good lifetime movies this is not one of them. I swear from the beginning the dad died right off the bat then in steps the stepdad. It was the stepdaughter who was the creepy one snooping around because she didn't trust the stepdad and she was deep into all his business and company. How would she even know all this so many plot holes I waited for it to get better it did not


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