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A Wedding for Christmas (2018)

A Wedding for Christmas (2018)

Cristine ProsperiColton LittleVivica A. FoxLesli Kay
Fred Olen Ray


A Wedding for Christmas (2018) is a English movie. Fred Olen Ray has directed this movie. Cristine Prosperi,Colton Little,Vivica A. Fox,Lesli Kay are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. A Wedding for Christmas (2018) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

Haley escapes her small-town and builds a life in Los Angeles as a wedding planner. When her sister asks her to plan her wedding, Haley returns to her childhood town and reunites with a childhood flame.

A Wedding for Christmas (2018) Reviews

  • Typical Ion Movie


    Premise is fun ... but hiring people who can actually act should be high on the list. Most of the people in this movie seened to be reciting their lines - and are totally unbelievable. The woman playing Haley is horrible - and her character is very immature-and we're supposed to believe she's the best wedding planner to the stars? Um --- absolutely not. Does she not understand it's a small town AND it's a last minute Christmas Eve wedding? SHEESH. Ion - stick with your reruns --- they are far more enjoyable.

  • Great Plot and Script but Directing and Acting Fall Short


    The plot and storyline are a great idea especially for a romantic drama. But, there are some serious problems. The main character is very much miscast; Prosperi seems more high school than a successful wedding planner and her intermittent giggling is foolish; she is not a believable character at all. And her character's snide remarks, dismissive attitude, and condescending dialogue is a definite minus for this movie. The setting consistency is off; the weather is supposed to be in the teens with a huge "snow storm" coming but the scenery looks like late spring in southern Cali complete with green trees, birds chirping, and pink flower blooms (bad directing). Just thoroughly not enjoyable and I quickly lost interest even though I watched the whole thing with a lemon face.

  • Prosperi's immaturity and phoniness distract from otherwise OK film.


    One of the main things that makes or breaks many of these Christmastime movies is the likability of the lead characters. Sadly, thought the general plot is fairly good TV Christmas Movie fare, the movie's enjoyment is ultimately torpedoed by the condescending and unsympathetic lead role. Prosperi's character, an L.A. wedding planner returning to her small hometown to plan her sister's Christmas wedding , reconnects with a childhood "crush." But her character comes across as very unpleasant, frequently hurling insults and making snide and inappropriate comments about the townspeople throughout the film. Furthermore, she comes across as an extremely selfish character who doesn't like it when things don't go exactly her way. Another annoyance: She seems tethered to her phone. Like most of these Christmas films, she predictably comes around in the end, seemingly seeing the error in her ways, but it's too little too late. The movie can't seem to overcome her coming across as phony therefore rendering the film's ultimate resolution not so believable. Though the main suiter is likeable enough, and there are some tender moments, the movie would have been far better served with an older, more mature lead female role.

  • A Christmas tree farm wedding


    Slightly more watchable than the run of the mill Christmas movie. The setting is a Christmas tree farm and the lady is a big city wedding planner who comes back to the small town and of course gives up LA for the small town and the man who runs it. At first she turns her nose up at the small town but of course she discovers the charms of giving it all up. A little weather emergency doesn't materialise. Moderately watchable cast.

  • A cute Cuddle up date night Christmas movie


    We enjoyed the movie, not a Christmas classic. Fun little plot, the characters were developed enough so you cared about them. Sure it's a predictable formulaic Christmas movie. A little silly the storm was coming in and the temperatures were predicted to be in the 20's and the wedding was outside and it looked like it was 65 or 70. Over all you'll enjoy it.


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