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You Killed My Mother (2017)

You Killed My Mother (2017)

Carlena BritchAshley JonesSeamus PattersonNoam Jenkins
Curtis Crawford


You Killed My Mother (2017) is a English movie. Curtis Crawford has directed this movie. Carlena Britch,Ashley Jones,Seamus Patterson,Noam Jenkins are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. You Killed My Mother (2017) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After being told her mother doesn't qualify for a liver transplant, a disturbed teen attacks and injures a hospital nurse. When she's released from a mental hospital years later, she seeks revenge on those she blames for her mother's death.

You Killed My Mother (2017) Reviews

  • Abruptly ends


    At the very end of the movie, it just fades to black without any epilogue or revealing the fate of the main character. Why the sudden ending? The movie itself is good afternoon watching for when there isn't anything else to watch, and I did find the storyline kind of interesting if a bit farfetched: a girl's mother needs a liver transplant, but as she is an alcoholic, she doesn't qualify. As a result of her death, the girl goes berserk and kills several people who she thinks might have had a hand in her mother's death. While the main protagonist (antagonist?) has obviously done something very evil, it would've been nice if the movie at least closed with her rotting in prison, or something.

  • Blown away


    Another silly and melodramatic Lifetime movie. Jo Flay's mother is seriously ill and in need of a liver transplant. However as the mother is an alcoholic, she does not qualify for the transplant. Jo gets irate that her mother would die and attacks one of the nurses in the hospital. She is soon arrested and imprisoned. When she is released, she vows revenge on the people who refused to treat her mother. Luckily for Jo her father was an ace arsonist who taught her things like how to make a light bulb give off a toxic gas and then explode. The disturbed Jo goes on a murder spree with some deaths that are deviously constructed. She also befriends the teenage son of the hospital administrator as she plans to kill him. Actress Carlena Britch who plays Jo has a bad hair day. If the producers spent some time working on the script , this could had been a passable film. The film is made in such as plain, mundane manner. The film soon ends after the choppily edited climax. I guess they run out of money.

  • 4.4 do you people not know a good thriller when you see it?


    This is a great movie. It has good acting. It also has a good story line. It is very scary. If you like thrillers you will like this movie. It a very good movie. See this movie it a very good movie. I have been reading some of the reviews here. Complaining about a an actresses hair how shallow are you people. She is very pretty and very talented. You people your so shallow.

  • A capable Lifetime Psycho and high body count makes this a treat


    This movie has a textbook Lifetime Psycho™ (LP). She's sent to the loony bin early on, and after 2 years begins her revenge plot. The plot involves her mom, an alcoholic, who was denied treatment due to her alcoholism and died. I'm going to add a new acronym for this LP: Bad Hair Lifetime Psycho (BHLP). Apparently the budget did not allow for a better looking actress to play the LP or at least a decent wig, so the script was amped up with a couple of characters telling her how pretty she is. Her hair reminded me of an 80's mullet. The other Lifetime characters are not as clearly defined, the Lifetime Heroine™ (LH) is a doctor that did not directly treat the mom. We have a female in jeopardy early on with a nurse being held at knifepoint by the BHLP. The LP here displays exceptional skills (plus 1 Lifetime movie point). In short order, she creates a light bulb bomb with toxic gas, then ignites a fire using a cell phone trigger. She uses this to gank the nurse. Body count: 1. In a flashback, we see her dad taught her how to do this, and in another flashback we see the BHLP gank dad via another bulb. Body count: 2. A pimp puts together what the BHLP is doing and confronts her. Since a LP always has access to all sorts of weapons, chemicals, and drugs, it's no surprise she is able to drug the pimp, a clever twist here is how she tricks him into drinking the poison. Body count: 3. We also see she has a Lifetime Bad Boyfriend (LBBF) who plays a dual role as a Guy Perpetually in Need of a Shave (GPNS) and it looks like she has ganked him at one point. A subplot here is the ex-wife of the LH's boyfriend, a drunk that makes loud public threats against him. Being a master thief and weapons expert, the BHLP steals the LH's boyfriend's gun and ganks the ex. Body count: 4. Lifetime PD busts him. The LH puts the pieces together with aboot 16 minutes left, but by then her son is with the BHLP and in jeopardy. Lifetime PD catches on more quickly than usual and calls for the Sheriff to help. +1 regular movie point. The LH gets the BHLP's aunt to draw her a map to where the BHLP has the son, and of course she does not bother calling Lifetime PD for help. The BHLP has one of the best lines here when she flips out and says she is not beautiful. The BHLP has KO'd sonny and is digging his grave. Instead of ganking him with her next gun, she falls into the trap of don't talk, shoot and goes into a lengthy monologue. This gives the LBBF/GPNS a chance to do the same thing as he holds her at gunpoint and talks excessively. The LH arrives and distracts him. The BHLP quickly ganks him. Body count: 5. Lifetime Sheriff deputies show up and uncharacteristically gank the BHLP with several shots (+1 regular movie point). Body count: 6 (plus 1 Lifetime movie point). This movie serves up a near-perfect combo of a LP with a corresponding high body count. In a change from Lifetime movies that have a more clearly defined LH, there is no sunny day ending here. The movie ends with the BHLP dead. I can see a sequel now- Back from the grave: Your mom killed me. Real movie score (higher is better): 4/10. Lifetime movie score (higher is stupider): 8/10.

  • Confusing


    I don't know what garbage this was, I couldn't tell if the main character was a male or female. And the unlikeliness is surreal. For a lifetime movie this is at the very bottom of the bin.

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