The Story of Us (2019)

The Story of Us (2019)

Maggie LawsonSam PageMarco GrazziniZibby Allen
Scott Smith


The Story of Us (2019) is a English movie. Scott Smith has directed this movie. Maggie Lawson,Sam Page,Marco Grazzini,Zibby Allen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. The Story of Us (2019) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Small town bookstore owner Jamie Vaughn learns that hers and other struggling local businesses face closure by a powerful Portland property developer, led by architect and former flame Sawyer O'Dell. As Valentine's Day approaches and closure seems imminent, Jamie must not only hatch a heartfelt plan to save her beloved bookstore, but she must also sort out her past feelings for Sawyer.


The Story of Us (2019) Reviews

  • I've seen this....a hundred times.


    This one is so bad, but not in a fun way. The story has been done before....even already this year a couple times. The leads have no chemistry. The only part that rings true is that bookstores are closing everywhere. Time to find a new setting for these movies. On a positive note, the Canadian supporting cast is great, including Frances Flanagan and Jenny Mitchell.

  • Not true love


    For one thing, this story is too much like too many other stories on the same channel. So many plot points are almost an exact copy of others before this. How can a man even consider shattering the heart of the woman he supposedly loves. Crushing her soul. Destroying her dreams. The movie makes it very clear how much the store means to her. It upsets me that she even considers him if he would do anything to harm her that way. He can't possibly love her if he would do that. OK, I realize that it appears to be career suicide to do otherwise and if that's the way he sees it, then be honest and walk away from her, and he should have realized that long before it came to crisis point. Maggie Lawson is the only redeeming thing about this movie as a happy and delightful young lady. Sam Page - meh. Not bad, but not the spark of Lawson. The couple who kept dancing around each other made a cute side story. Jacob Richter, as Jamie's ex, Matt, was a total non-entity - no life at all.

  • A Hallmark+


    When I say "+" it's a typical Hallmark story but I think the newer movies are getting better with other background storylines going on. I love Maggie Lawson and Sam Page but Sam but their chemistry was awkward. Rick and Lucy's tension and kiss was much more exciting to watch! Hope to see them as leads in future movies.

  • Nope...


    The plot was flat. No chemistry between the leads. Sam Page was so stoic that negate the fact that they were sweethearts. Bad acting of the leads. The second lead couple were more fun to watch.

  • Deja vu


    Save the bookshop or farm or bakery or ranch. Do the writers just do the same story with a different business to save? Sam Page is the guy trying to close the deal. He looks a little detached and too mature to be acting cutesy and matchmaking. Maggie Lawson he store owner and him look like they are just going through the motions. Not worth the DVR space.


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