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After All These Years (2013)

After All These Years (2013)

Wendie MalickAndrea MartinMartha BurnsGregory Harrison
Scott Smith


After All These Years (2013) is a English movie. Scott Smith has directed this movie. Wendie Malick,Andrea Martin,Martha Burns,Gregory Harrison are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. After All These Years (2013) is considered one of the best Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

On the night of their thirtieth wedding anniversary celebration, Michael Brandon, who owns and runs a research firm, tells his wife, Audrey Brandon, that he wants to leave her for another woman, his colleague Christine Boll. This news comes as a shock to Audrey, who never thought there was a problem in their marriage let alone infidelity. Several months later on the eve of their divorce being finalized with Michael long having moved out, Audrey finds Michael stabbed to death in her kitchen. Audrey becomes the police's chief suspect, they having enough evidence to charge her with his murder, which they plan to do following Michael's funeral. As such, Audrey, donning a disguise, decides to go on the run so that she can discover who really killed Michael. Although Michael was generally an up front kind of man, Audrey knows there are others out there who may have had motive, such as Christine, and Michael's former business partner, Artie Green. Beyond those with motive, Audrey also has to...


After All These Years (2013) Reviews

  • After All these Years...When Life Falls Apart ***


    Wendie Malick's life turns upside down on the day of her 30th wedding anniversary party. Afterwards, her husband confesses that he wants a divorce to marry another woman. As the divorce becomes a bitter one, Malick's husband turns up dead in the house with a knife in his back. When everything obviously indicates that Wendie has done him in, the film is devoted to her proving her innocence. The film is very fast paced. Delving into his life, she soon discovers that there are an array of other suspects. There was even another affair. Seems as though others would also benefit in doing her husband in. There is even romance along the way with an old flame as she tries to evade the police. The ending is a bit of surprise with the least likely of people discovered to be the killer.

  • Not what i was expecting


    i saw this as it was on an afternoon television schedule. i have just started watching afternoon television films and i can say most of them are OK but they may lack a strong storyline or recycle an overused plot. now, i wasn't excepting to enjoy this film as much as i did. it is better than most Hollywood films because it isn't over the top. it is kind of down to earth... i think 6.0 rating is too low it should be 7.0 at least. the movie has good energy, its one of those films which will make you have a good feeling while watching unlike most mysteries which are miserable. the ending is unpredictable to most, so i can say its worth watching till the end. acting is OK, mise en scene is great too. it is a movie to see if you are looking for entertainment.

  • Wonderful is all I can say


    I thought oh here we go another weepy. I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. It is hilarious and has a great plot. I did figure it out but not until near the end. It was complex enough to keep you interested, and they didn't treat us as stupid, it wasn't made easy for the audience which is really refreshing. You had to listen to get the twists and turns and Wendie Malick could not have been cast more perfectly. I loved her in Frasier and she looks younger now! I think this is worth a watch whether it's on UK Channel 5 or Hallmark or if you hire it. It's a cracking film and a pleasurable way to spend an evening or afternoon. Keep up the great work in producing the best TV movies ever Scott Smith you are the king.

  • Giving Wendie a job is good {spelling editor: faux roughly = fake}


    Wendie Malick is excellent with tongue firmly in cheek throughout this faux mystery. I laughed aloud more than once (just ask my wife in the next room - she thought I had changed channels since I rarely laugh aloud at Hallmark movies.) The other characters adequately complement this mood. Cinematography is not my forte, and I did not notice any outrageous errors in the filming. Be sure, though, to begin with the expectation that had this aspired to mystery, it would have been a catastrophe; as a comedy, it works. It is most certainly more comedic than mysterious, and I must assume that to be intentional. My charity is reinforced by some citations, including the final sequences where the lieutenant repeatedly shushes Malick ("be quiet!", to recite verbatim in his deeper male voice, her previous line of the script. Or when he is so effusive in praise of her skill in forcing the suspects to support the case she has made, even offering her a job as an investigator. This is appropriate and commonplace for other amateur movie sleuths - for example, Murder, She Wrote - but that dialog seems to have disappeared in the two later broadcasts earlier today. Perhaps I should have held off a day or so for editing to be final. Some scenes were clearly deleted, others subjected to minor alterations vis-a-vis a line or two deleted, to be replaced by a line or two added from stock rescued from the cutting-room floor. The schedule may have been a little too tight for all the editing to be completed to everyone's satisfaction so that it is yet a work in progress. Hallmark does this quite often - I frequently see the same movie a day or two later with new scenes replacing some that I had thought were keys to the story. Glad I saw both versions so far of this one. I will add only that when the culprit is eventually revealed, the mystery component is forced back to the surface with the choice of identity of that culprit. As in a true mystery, it has to be someone whom we have dismissed as utterly impossible - and it IS! I was actually surprised when my two best suspects were innocent of the murder; SHOCKED at the true perpetrator.

  • they get extra points for naming the characters after people in Billy Wilder films


    This is kind of cute, thanks to the performances of veteran stars Wendie Malick, Gregory Harrison, and Andrea Martin. Malick plays Audrey, who, after a wonderful anniversary party, finds out her husband wants to leave her for another woman. They split up. One night she comes downstairs and finds her husband has not only entered the house, but he's dead with a knife in his stomach. Immediately a suspect and a long-time viewer of Forensic Files and Snapped, Audrey takes off, determined to find the murderer. Many of the characters are named after characters in Billy Wilder films, such as Sunset Boulevard, Sabrina, Stalag 17, Kiss Me, Stupid, and The Apartment. It's light, it's amusing, and Gregory Harrison looks great. No likes


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