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The Inbetweeners 2 (2014)

The Inbetweeners 2 (2014)

Simon BirdJames BuckleyBlake HarrisonJoe Thomas
Damon Beesley,Iain Morris


The Inbetweeners 2 (2014) is a English movie. Damon Beesley,Iain Morris has directed this movie. Simon Bird,James Buckley,Blake Harrison,Joe Thomas are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. The Inbetweeners 2 (2014) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Neil, Will and Simon receive an invite from Jay to join him in Australia whilst on his gap year, who promises them it's ''the sex capital of the world''. With their lives now rather dull compared to their hedonistic school days and legendary lads holiday, it's an offer they can't refuse. Once again, they put growing up temporarily on-hold, and embark on a backpacking holiday of a lifetime in an awful car, inspired by Peter Andre's 'Mysterious Girl'. Will soon finds himself battling with the lads to do something cultural, whilst they focus their attention on drinking, girls, and annoying fellow travelers.


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The Inbetweeners 2 (2014) Reviews

  • Good-Natured And Satisfying Sequel


    The typical good-natured yet vulgar humour the four lads have offered for years has returned in this hilarious sequel to the beloved predecessor and television series. Whilst definitely more gross than the first film, this enjoyable instalment in the comedy series has a more cinematic feel set against the stunning Australian outback. A film that overcomes the flaws that were present in the first film. Whilst the majority of the laughs generated from the film were conceived from shocks and puerile humour, the general light-hearted look into the lives of the four esteemed teenagers leaves us contented with their satisfying conclusion.

  • Did someone forget to write an ending


    As a inbetweeners fan of the series and first movie I was looking forward to this movie and cant say I was diappointed but then on the other hand I cant say it was anything else than OK. There were enough gags in their as you'd expect and one or two are worth the money on their own but the script seems very contrived to fit in certain characters or in creating a reason for the movie in the first place. The real thing that let this down was after 90 minutes of chasing trying to achieve their goal the whole movie is wrapped up in 2 mins and then it finishes apart from some Hangover-style end credit scenes. This movie did all the classic inbetweeners things to the extreme , I'm not sure what they could do if they ever made a 3rd movie All in all an OK movie but I wont be too sad it thats the last we see of them. I'd be happier watching repeats of the TV series.

  • Inbetweeners on the Beach


    Actually in Germany they still used the title they gave the first Inbetweeners movie, which was Sex on the beach. Now they added "Down under" which stands clearly for Australia ... well and probably something else, but I don't have to point that joke out for you I reckon. Apart from weird German titles, this has a few things that work better than in the first movie, but the first had a different kind of charm. Well at least for someone like me, who hadn't seen the TV show (and still hasn't). The four boys are at it again, though one of them seems to have hit the mother-load over in Australia. Which is the starting point of the new adventure and the reason they all find themselves in Australia. Predictable? Yes. Still funny? Also yes

  • Disappointing end to a legacy


    For me, the first film wasn't at the standard of the TV series, but I was accepting of that because films rarely are as good as the series. I was disappointed that they then decided to milk it one last time with a second film, which bares no real relevance and adds no real closure to the previous title. It isn't as if the first film ended on a cliff-hanger, it's not as if they had to close anything off. For me, this was a film made for the money they knew they could make. Okay it's funny, but it's very average and easy humour. The Inbetweeners should have remained as just the 3 series, but I understood why they'd want a grand slam finish with a movie, but the second was unnecessary. I'd watch it again, but it's not something I'd jump at watching. More of pass time than a hobby.

  • Not as good as the first one


    Just got back from the first screening of this and, on the whole, found it to be a decent film, albeit not as good as the first one. The plot is bit weak, but there are plenty of laughs along the way to keep you giggling like the inner school child that you are. I wonder if the boys are too old now to be acting like kids, and if this will in fact be their last outing as the Inbetweeners? I just hope that if they make more the quality doesn't dip too much. Overall, you know what you are getting when you see the Inbetweeners, and you get plenty of it. It may not win any Oscars, but it's a damn fine way to spend a rainy August afternoon.


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