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The Good Neighbor (2016)

The Good Neighbor (2016)

James CaanLogan MillerKeir GilchristLaura Innes
Kasra Farahani


The Good Neighbor (2016) is a English movie. Kasra Farahani has directed this movie. James Caan,Logan Miller,Keir Gilchrist,Laura Innes are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Good Neighbor (2016) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Harbouring negative feelings of their cantankerous neighbour and cryptic hermit, Harold Grainey, the bored tech-savvy best friends, Ethan and Sean, decide to play a trick on him, under the guise of a psychological social experiment. Thrilled with the idea of becoming the next YouTube sensation, the boys embark on an audacious project to convince the man that his dark and vacant house is haunted and record his unmodified reaction with their advanced computer setup. Now, the stage seems set for the ultimate "Haunting Project". However, who is truly the good neighbour living across the street?


The Good Neighbor (2016) Reviews

  • A well-made film, taking a professional tilt at a worn-out genre


    Some teenagers decide to run an experiment on their grumpy, creepy old neighbour. They decide to see if they can make him believe in ghosts by rigging his house with cameras and tricks. Now on paper this does not have a lot going for it. It is fairly cheap, has a found footage element and sounds like a rip-off of the Burbs or Disturbia. Well it isn't - this is much more. For once it makes sense that everything is filmed and the added element of a court case adds a degree of mystery to the film. The characters and performances are great. The scope of the film is tiny, only a few rooms, so the tight budget is not a problem and everything looks professional. There is no mass of action or intensity here but I found this movie gripping, intriguing, and some of the back story even a little moving. I may be in the minority but pound for pound this is one of the best movies I have seen all year.

  • Good Suspense Drama


    All minor nuances aside, this film is a prime example of what the standard should be even if it's a lower-budget production. The Good Neighbor has both drama and suspense. At its core, the film is a crime-thriller. It reminded me a bit of "I Am Not a Serial Killer", which was also just released this year. Both are very fine movies that blend genre elements and have skillful writing, directing, acting and editing. They are extraordinarily sophisticated in style and will exceed most viewers initial expectations. There are teen friends, one whom has wealth and technical expertise at his disposal and his eyes on MIT, and his friend who has plenty of ingenuity and fortitude and interest in social research but is from a "broken home". The pair undertake a social-psychological experiment, and use the grouchy, solitary old grump of the neighborhood as their unwitting subject. For their experiment, they equip the old grumps home with numerous hidden cameras and electrical devices in order to manipulate the grumps home appliances, fixtures, gadgets and such. They are then able to remotely control and view everything that occurs. They soon realize that the old grump is a rather unusual subject. He has a basement securely locked from the outside, a mysterious visiting woman, no apparent fear towards the extreme tactics they make to convince him he's haunted, and he's unpredictability violent and destructive. One teen begins to regret conducting the experiment, the other one is determined that the old grump is hiding a dark secret. The teens watch, record and attempt to manipulate the old grump for weeks in hopes of revenge, online views, and uncovering the old mans secrets. Throughout the film there are segments where a prosecutor speaks to and interrogates different people on the witness stand. This makes it clear that the "experiment" didn't play out so well. This film had me hypothesizing and thoroughly engaged. For once, my initial theory was completely off-track.

  • Surprisingly good and hats off to another great James Caan performance


    I had pretty low expectations coming into this film. It had a 6.6 rating and wreaked of a legend of an actor just picking up another paycheck on his way out. Gladly, it was none of that. I guess I've just been burned by DeNiro lately and the lame flicks he continues to pile up in his golden years, and even James Caan has been in some bad ones, but Caan killed it in this one and created yet another memorable role. The film was well done and very suspenseful but even more than that it will appeal to all generations. The new social media craze driven teens, the struggling adult split family scenarios, and the classic elderly struggles and nostalgic themes. Hats off to a brilliant production and to Caan the legend. This one is definitely worth the watch. Oh, and BobbyD, take a lesson from your Godfather buddy and stop already with the crappy films.

  • Not What I Was Expecting


    Go into this spoiler free if you can. I thought the movie was going one way, but it went quite another, which was interesting. The "found footage" genre can been overdone, but this film is very clever indeed, having multiple sources of each scene being shot and seamlessly edited together. The boys were very credible and well played. It did lag a little for me in the set up. How long can you watch people watch people for? But once the mystery deepened I was hooked. I particularly liked the way the movie cut away to a more present day court room and you realise that what you are watching, other people are watching as evidence. Layer, upon layer of observation. It's quite a statement on modern-day life.

  • A surprisingly decent movie


    This movie was a great surprise, I didn't know anything about it but found it on iTunes and took the gamble as the trailer was intriguing.It did not disappoint, what could have quite easily been another shaky cam mess of a home footage film turned out to be a real gem. This film builds nicely and despite the simple plot does a great job keeping you on the edge of your seat. The film is also edited in such a way that it keeps you guessing but then slowly feeds you the tid bits to keep you going. At no point was I bored watching this movie although I was worried it would be a bit of an Americanised college "bro" movie 5 minutes in, stick with it and enjoy where this goes. The film is based in two houses and given the limited location you'd think it would be quite easy to get bored by this however the director seems to ramp the tension up and down in all the right ways. I can't recommend this enough and it had my girlfriend in tears. Well worth a watch!


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