Overboard (2018)

Overboard (2018)

Eugenio DerbezAnna FarisEva LongoriaJohn Hannah
Rob Greenberg


Overboard (2018) is a English,Norwegian,Spanish,French movie. Rob Greenberg has directed this movie. Eugenio Derbez,Anna Faris,Eva Longoria,John Hannah are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Overboard (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Kate Sullivan is a single mom of three daughters who works two jobs while studying to be a nurse. She is assigned to clean carpets on a yacht owned by spoiled, arrogant playboy Leonardo 'Leo' Montenegro. Leo makes rude remarks towards Kate and fires her without pay when she refuses to bring him food. When Kate calls out his behavior, Leo pushes her off the boat along with her cleaning equipment. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Leo's sisters Magdalena and Sofia are tending to their ailing father. Furious when Leo is announced as his successor to run the family-owned company, Magda decides to visit him. That night, Leo slips off the yacht and falls into the ocean unnoticed. He wakes up on a beach with amnesia and no recollection of his identity. He wanders through town and eventually reaches the hospital. Magda finds him and leaves him there unclaimed after learning he has amnesia. She returns home and falsely reports that Leo has died. Sofia suspects Magda is lying..


Overboard (2018) Reviews

  • Don't Overthink it, Just Enjoy it


    I will start this review off by saying I love, love, love the original. I spent weekends at my grandma's as a child with little but a VHS player and a collection of old movies and it was always one of my favorites. That being said, when I first learned about a remake, I was ecstatic! Though it definitely didn't blow my socks off, it certainly didn't disappoint. It also helps that I am quite fond of Anna Faris' unique brand of comedic presence. Her portrayal of overworked, under appreciated Kate who spins a vengeful, yet well intentioned, situation into a mutually beneficial one was very endearing. Eva Longoria, as her friend, was a nice addition to the cast. I also have to praise Eugenio Derbez, whom I have never seen before but definitely plan on familiarizing myself with. His character Leonardo is not easily forgettable and incited most of my laughs. Swoosie Kurtz as Kate's eccentric, disillusioned mother is always a treat to see as well. Long story short, if you are expecting this film to be exactly like its predecessor, your expectations are too high. Here we have a crisp, modern take on the 1987 classic and it is one that should be appreciated and revered, even, especially for lifelong fans. There is humor, humiliation and in the grand scheme of things, a ton of heart that will just make you feel good. Not to mention perfectly placed homages to the original (including costumes and dialogue, among others) and it is just as fun, if not more! All in all, a decent way to waste a couple lazy hours, in this reviewer's opinion.

  • A charming gem. -a bit predictable, but funny and entertaining.


    This movie is nothing complicated. It's simple, light comedy and easy to digest. You'll never laugh out loud watching this but you will definitely smile without you knowing it. I personally prefer seeing sci-fi flicks and superhero movies and I think I ended up enjoying watching this than I care to admit.

  • A failure from every possible angle


    What happens when you take a classic beloved comedy, switch the gender roles to jump on the P.C. bandwagon, give it to two unqualified directors with no experience in feature films, cast two actors with less chemistry than a frog and an old shoe, put the entire plot in the trailer, and then release it to theaters? You get an entire world of people, especially fans of the original, wondering why the studio even bothered. I have no problem with remakes as long as they're enjoyable, but this one isn't. Not even a little. If you're going to remake a film, have a reason for remaking it. Add something new to it. And switching gender roles isn't "new." Hasn't been for a long time. This is a truly weak effort every step of the way, even from the normally enjoyable Farris who sleepwalks through every scene. Guess she had some extra time to kill between seasons of her sitcom Mom, or maybe she just needed the cash to supliment the millions she probably got from divorcing Chris Pratt. Whatever the reason, she needs to fire her agent. Look, if you must see this, wait until it's on cable, but only if there's nothing else on the other 2,000 channels.

  • Don't understand the hate


    Seems like all the other commenters haven't actually seen this movie and are just upset that it's a remake. Yes, it's a remake, but it's its own movie, too. As someone who HAS seen this (and loves the original), I thought it stood on its own, differentiated itself nicely from the original while also updating the story in a way that feels timely and fresh. I also found it surprisingly funny, sweet, heartfelt, and utterly enjoyable. A great change of pace from all the cynical, mean-spirited comedies these days and endless parade of Marvel movies.

  • It's not hate, it's love.


    Yes, love for the movies. That's what provokes that feeling of "Oh no!" What's going on? Incapable of original ideas? I've been trying to remember when was the last time we had great original comedies without having to go all the way back to the 30's. "Tootsie" was decades ago, Death Becomes Her, elegant and original with room for actors to create characters even outlandish ones but Death Becomes Her was in the 90's. Now a barrage of sequels or movies from TV shows. There is no hate in what I'm saying that will be insane, no, the opposite is true. Call it tough love. I'm not going to be an enabler with my silence.


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