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The Arrangement (2013)

The Arrangement (2013)

Bryan GreenbergMichelle LaBretStephanie SigmanManolo Cardona
Kevin Bray


The Arrangement (2013) is a English movie. Kevin Bray has directed this movie. Bryan Greenberg,Michelle LaBret,Stephanie Sigman,Manolo Cardona are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. The Arrangement (2013) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

A Colombian woman moves to Miami to marry an ambitious politician, in an attempt to leave her troubled past behind.

The Arrangement (2013) Reviews

  • ..not the first.. won't be the last..


    ..this was the perfect set-up as a pilot for a future TV series.. it had all the interesting elements in play, and all actors involved in production we're well suited to their respective roles.. they laid down all the multiple story lines to be followed in each of the future episodes, ending it just at the perfect moment to proceed forward.. and all with interesting, involved characters we would have looked forward to following.. it's just too perfect a situation not to have been the case.. it was lots more complex and enticing than several of the many other south Florida TV series preceding it, and many of those ran for quite some time.. it's not the first time a good one got buried.. and for sure won't be the last... four years old... too late to resurrect?..

  • A really good pilot


    I was looking for the following series but nothing.. Very good built-up pilot, but unfortunately it does not seem to be a follower. It really ends with an open end and I would love to see hereinafter. What more can you ask for, beautiful woman with different contacts. New political career for the man, which is also the honesty itself. Arranged wedding to protect her. Additionally a scent of opportunity for coming romance ..

  • different


    When you think of a romantic comedy you imagine a movie easy on the mind, with the clichéd boy -meets – girl scenario where they always seem incompatible but love overcomes all and they walk into the sunset hand in hand. As the politician rescues this woman from Columbia on the pretext of being in love but actually for his own political advantage, you assume the movie would end with the two falling in love despite being together until now for mutual benefit; for him to win over the Latino people of Miami and for her to get out of the dark streets of Columbia and make a new life in America. Throughout the movie the two are very clear that after their two years together, after she gets a green card and he becomes governor they will part ways but despite this constant hint you tend to assume that love will overcome ambition and power- hunger and the two will be together forever. This assumption probably comes with the prerequisite brought out by the genre of a romantic comedy where you expect nothing less than a happy ending. Throughout the movie there is a nagging feeling that you don't know the whole story and you tend you sit eagerly waiting to see the story to be revealed. There is continuous hinting at events that previously occurred or reasons behind most actions but they remain unexplained. The woman, Lourdes Neives is like a stranger even till the end of the movie, we don't know who she is, why she needs to leave Columbia, what happened to her family or even who is trying to kill her. And there are many points through out the movie where you feel like she will tell you any moment and the aura of mystery around her will soon vanish, but it doesn't happen. The movie ends with the two finally getting married, you think they are in love now by the way they look at each other as they say their vows but the movie ends with Lourdes telling her husband, " we just need to keep this up for two more years". While the movie ends abruptly and leaves you with a feeling that none of my questions were answered, but who she was and what they did was not important. The movie broke stereotypes and and changed expectations. After all is being in love and happily married the only kind of happy ending ? Or can ambition, success and new beginnings bring just as much happiness? An excerpt from a review by priyankajacob95

  • Miami sunny side up


    Mexico's Miss Bala star Stephanie Sigman plays a Colombian fugitive courted by ambitious young Miami-Dade planning commissioner Bryan Greenberg as a politically expedient 'Green Card' partner. Dealing lightly with corruption, a glossy caper inspired by Elmore Leonard's story When the Women Come Out to Dance, with music pitched midway between sitcom and soap. The script isn't entirely serious either. "Say hello to my little friend," jokes Manolo Cardona. He's referring to the oversize telephoto lens on his Nikon. Despite the Florida setting, this is no Cat Chaser. The neat-and-tidy ending suggests this was intended as a pilot for a TV series. In any event, Ms Sigman is sensational, smart and sexy.


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