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Om (2003)

Om (2003)

Attin BhallaSandali SinhaSmita JaykarPankaj Dheer
Ashok Honda


Om (2003) is a Hindi movie. Ashok Honda has directed this movie. Attin Bhalla,Sandali Sinha,Smita Jaykar,Pankaj Dheer are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. Om (2003) is considered one of the best Action,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Om lives in Bombay, India, in a small apartment with mother and sister. Om and his mother are of very conservative taste, when it comes to wearing clothes, however, the sister is not. This gets her in trouble, and she is raped and killed. The police register this case as that of a suicide, and produce a note purportedly written by her that blames her mom and brother for her death. Om's girlfriend, Sandali, comes to know that his sister's death was a homicide, and this sets Om off in a wild rage to find out who the killer(s) are, and why they would commit this heinous crime; and the role of the police who claim that her death was a suicide.


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