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Profile for Murder (2013)

Profile for Murder (2013)

Nicki AycoxSteve BacicCameron BancroftChris Gauthier
Terry Ingram


Profile for Murder (2013) is a English movie. Terry Ingram has directed this movie. Nicki Aycox,Steve Bacic,Cameron Bancroft,Chris Gauthier are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Profile for Murder (2013) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Psychological thriller. A police profiler who quit after a horrific case is terrorised by the escaped serial killer she sent to prison.

Profile for Murder (2013) Reviews

  • Hellen Kellers Directing Debut


    My god. I was dumbfounded by how terrible this movie is. The director is Terry Ingram, and on usual, he makes 4-5 TV movies a year. And the quality absolutely shows. The script is okay- bland and normal- but okay. Everything else is just an absolute train wreck, as if they were intentionally making it bad. The acting is so stiff, every line of dialog sounds like they're reading and rehearsing it for the first time. Not a single actor or actress is capable of delivering any lines with a single ounce of emotion. The lead can get water in her eyes but doesn't have any emotion showing besides thinking 'Ow, it hurt to touch my eyeball'. The directing is what gets me. I just.... My God... I don't think this director gave two sh*ts. Several times lines are acted out improperly, I can hear what they say and as I viewer I can KNOW that's not the way it was supposed to be read. Maybe if they read the line twice they would have known that, but no, this director doesn't give a sh*t. Uwe Boll is a terrible director, but at least he WANTS to make movies. Terry Ingram hired a dead Hellen Keller to make his movie, and then once he found out she didn't do sh*t and no one actually was on set, he said "ah f*ck it, I have 4 other titles coming out this year to win an Oscar."

  • God AWEFUL


    Come on Canada, do Canadian films have to be this terrible. The dialogue, the horrible horrible storyline, the acting is incredibly bad!!. Do not waste a minute watching this.

  • Moves along fast, kept to the plot


    Good Movie. Moves along fast, not a lot of filler, sticks to the plot. Nicki Aycox plays a no nonsense ex-detective who goes after a killer that has escaped from prison and returns to threaten her. Steve Bacic is a wonderful actor who also has the role of Lori Laughlin's husband in the Garage Sale Mysteries. This is a better role for him. He portrays a detective who helps Jackie (Nicki) with her mission. They are both great in this movie. Kept my interest, much better than some of the other soap opera types that have all the family drama gibberish. I like a movie that keeps the story moving, not a lot of extra suppositions about "what might have happened..." I watched it On Demand without commercials so it wasn't chopped up. This movie kept my attention & I enjoyed watching it.


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