Valentine in the Vineyard (2019)

Valentine in the Vineyard (2019)

Rachael Leigh CookBrendan PennyMarcus RosnerTegan Moss
Terry Ingram


Valentine in the Vineyard (2019) is a English movie. Terry Ingram has directed this movie. Rachael Leigh Cook,Brendan Penny,Marcus Rosner,Tegan Moss are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Valentine in the Vineyard (2019) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

Frankie Baldwin and Nate DeLuca have been able to bridge the Baldwin/DeLuca family feud - the families the major players in the grape growing/wine making business in St. Madeleine, California - by not only making a success of Sorrento in their first full season, it their winery where Frankie is in charge of the wine making and Nate the grape growing, but by falling in love. In that love, each of Frankie and Nate, who are opposites in working by intuition and by science respectively, are trying to understand the other better both for professional and personal reasons. Without telling the other, Frankie has gone back to college to take her final course needed to graduate, that class being biochemistry, while Nate and his youngest brother Gabe DeLuca are taking an organic gardening class to understand the art rather than science of gardening. Also in that love, the two get engaged despite the pressures they are facing in just having expanded Sorrento with the upcoming season even more ...


Valentine in the Vineyard (2019) Reviews

  • Hysterics In The Vineyard


    The 3rd of the "(insert something here) In the Vineyard" films sees the high strung Frankie and Nate return for more hysterics. They've stretched themselves far to thin, and after an admittedly amusing proposal, they begin playing a elaborate game of hiding their engagement so as not to ruin the moment for Nate's brother (and Frankie's cousin)'s wedding. The vines are again in mortal peril, and the couple continues to overreact their way through various samey-feeling scenarios before ultimately getting everything they want at the end. It's so annoying, though, that you almost wish they didn't. It's telling that almost no one bothered to review this or post any trivia outside of something about 2 of the extras being homosexual. If the audience is so bored that they're paying more attention to the extras than the leads, then something's gone wrong.

  • pretty good but parts were annoying


    Still not as good as the first one. I found the whole double-engagement and double-wedding as well as the changing their minds back and forth very annoying. However, it was great to see a same-sex couple shown prominently in a Hallmark movie - maybe next time they will be featured as protagonists!

  • This "Vineyard" series must end


    The plot was so boring and did not make any sense in most areas. I tried twice but cannot watch it more than 30 minutes. I am a big fan of Brendan Penny but all I can say is that he is wasting his talent. What a pity!

  • Should have been one movie


    It was completely unoriginal, forced, and contrived. It was one of the worst of 2019 so far. 1. Two vineyards but only 2 people working it? 2. All the activities and work needing to be done? Where did they find the time? 3. Obvious plots of trying to understand each other's point of view. They talked but had no clue of what to do for relationship. 4. So they proposed and did not want to rain on the other's pending wedding? Screw it! They should have just made the announced it instead of going through keystone cop-like sequences. 5. Getting pressured into marrying with the other couple. They lacked cajones and will power to resist the others' call to have a double wedding. 6. Rachel Leigh Cook's anxiety is nauseating that she was constantly "worried" and being selfish. 7. The compatibility tests and the public game was completely idiotic and their reaction. I could keep going on but this movie was terrible.

  • Of course it's wonderful. IT'S HALLMARK


    If you have been watching the previous Vineyard movies, this makes great sense to you. If you have not been watching the series then you were left out in the cold. For those of us who have been watching, first off it was a good addition to the Vineyard series. If you have not watched previous movies then start checking your DVR every month to find them. But I thought the usual characters did their usual great jobs. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the characters were still as good as the previous, and that the bantor was still quick witted and humorous. Because the characters gelled so well together I am looking forward to the soon to be released "Babies in The Vinyard." The actress who played Shay was a welcome delight and a great add for Hallmark.


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