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Love Thy Nature (2014)

Love Thy Nature (2014)

Liam NeesonElijah AhmadiZach AllenEriberto Almeida Jr.
Sylvie Rokab


Love Thy Nature (2014) is a English movie. Sylvie Rokab has directed this movie. Liam Neeson,Elijah Ahmadi,Zach Allen,Eriberto Almeida Jr. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Love Thy Nature (2014) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

Narrated by Liam Neeson, Love Thy Nature points to how deeply we've lost touch with nature, and takes viewers on a cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world. The film shows that a renewed connection with nature is key both to good health and to solving our environmental and climate crises.


Love Thy Nature (2014) Reviews

  • Amazing!


    Spectacular, Inspiring, and Insightful are only a few words that could begin to describe this documentary. This movie does an amazing job at making the viewer feel like they are in nature. While watching this film, I felt as if I was transported into the forests and feet away from the animals themselves. The cinematography was incredible, including both the pans of the forest that outlined the vastness of the lands as well as the extreme close ups that took you inches away from an animal. The message of the film both excited me and inspired me to reevaluate the relationship I have with nature. Its story of how disconnected human nature has become with nature was shocking and extremely informative. It took what you thought you knew about human society and nature and turned it on its head. It seems as if as a society, we have forgotten how nature is there to help us from actions as simple as providing the oxygen we breathe. Through this film, it both addressed the growing problem of disconnection humans seem to have with nature and provided solutions of how we can reestablish this connection. I also loved how you could truly feel how dedicated the director is to this issue and her passion for nature itself. I was fortunate enough to be able to meet the director at the viewing and hear her backstory. Although, it is not imperative that you meet her before viewing this film as her message was crystal clear through only the movie itself. Nature is an important part of our world and we need to discover its importance again. I would recommend this movie to any person, young or old. It really gives an insight into our world today and what we are missing from the big picture.

  • Hope for the future!


    Just when it seems the world has gone crazy, this film gave me hope! It's bold yet gentle, beautiful and insightful—really, a profoundly uplifting experience that lingers long after the credits. It will be really helpful for anyone feeling disconnected from nature or wondering if we impact our planet. I'm getting it for my friends, too. Five stars!

  • We must all Love Thy Nature


    This film will truly remind you to Love Thy Nature. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous and the message to get reacquainted with nature to heal our bodies, souls and earth is so important -now more than ever. Do yourself a favor and watch this film on a Friday night and then plan to spend all day Saturday and Sunday out in nature with your gadgets turned off.

  • Fantastic Chronicle of Humanity's Impact on the Natural World


    I walked into the auditorium to watch this film not really knowing what to expect. I was hear because I had to go to at least one public viewing for my film class and this film just happened to line up the best with my schedule. Little did I know that this film would give me a whole new view on the state of nature. Listening to Liam Neeson describe the path of humanity through our comparatively brief stay on our fine planet and seeing him come to the realization of just how much damage we have done in that time was truly incredible. I had never thought of approaching climate change from this perspective and it really changed the way I think about the issue. Other than this aspect of the film the most amazing part was the inclusion of breathtaking nature shots. Any still from this film would make a fantastic desktop background to remind you every time you're toiling away on your computer that there is endless beauty in this world. I would definitely recommend this film to all nature lovers and to those who want to know more about the subject.

  • Amazing movie that will make you fell wonderful and inspired


    Run to see this movie. You will thank me. It is beautiful, heartfelt, joyful, awe inspiring and you will walk out of the movie truly uplifted. Not many other movies can say that. It also has a beautiful message about how we can help save ourselves and our planet. It is told in a way to lift your heart and your spirits and who couldn't use that. I really loved this movie and would see it again and again. I sent everyone I know to see it. It took 10 years to get it made. Go with a friend or a loved one if you can (otherwise go alone) as you will want to talk about it and share it. I went alone but there were 100's of people in the theater and there was a question and answer time so I was able to share.


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