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Battalion (2018)

Battalion (2018)

Jesse RichardsonEllen WilliamsMichael ThomsonJames Storer
Michael Miller


Battalion (2018) is a English movie. Michael Miller has directed this movie. Jesse Richardson,Ellen Williams,Michael Thomson,James Storer are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Battalion (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

After a war against an enemy from another world breaks out in the South Pacific, a group of freshly recruited U.S. Marines are sent to the front lines.

Battalion (2018) Reviews

  • Worse than you think


    I'm a Sci-Fi action fan who didn't expect much from this film, aside from good CGI and somewhat realistic bloody violence that would no doubt occur if anything remotely human finds us one sunny day among the stars. This movie is being released in 2018, after evidently being filmed on the iPhone of their "chief military advisor", who created his own company to make tax deduction look more realistic in Australia. Or something along those lines, as any other reasoning as to why on Earth this movie is SO BAD just escapes me right now. Just go watch the good old Battleship with Rihanna, or Beyond Skyline, or Spectral, or even freakin' Kill Command - those are masterpieces compared to this absolutely inexcusable rubbish.

  • Totally Unconvincing


    I had high hopes that this movie might be a diverting sci-fi action film, but I was very disappointed. It was really quite painful to watch. Especially in the first third of the movie, the unexplained jumping back and forth in the timeline was bewildering. The acting was wooden, and the dialog clumsy. Speeches from the panel of 3 officers, summarizing the action, were totally improbable. In other parts dialog which may have been interesting was lost due to music, sound effects, or plain mumbling. The special effects were mildly interesting, but the spray of bouncy black cgi dots when alien shots hit humans was distracting. The humanoid alien robots seemed to have learned how to walk from R2D2. Did someone really spend $AU 50,000 on this?

  • Oh dear...


    I liked the premise of this film, OK, it's a mish-mash of other science fiction films, but that's no bad thing if done well. Unfortunately this is not done well. The dialogue is poor, delivery is worse. Effects are poor by today's standards. Acting is one of the better aspects of this film, seriously. However the bar is low. The story is very confused and the telling, using drawn out boring flashbacks is confusing. The music reminds me of waiting in an elevator. Have to admit, about have way through I started to hit the fast forward button. It did not lessen my understanding of the story, nor detract from any sense of drama. I'm pretty certain I didn't miss anything. I gave it two for effort, while technically failing and wasting an evening, the film has vision, and a crew willing to give it a go.

  • "Battalion"? More like "Shittalion"!!


    After hearing pretty much mostly negative things about this flick, I wanted to watch it to see if it was that bad. Sure enough, it was. First off, let's start off with the quality. The quality of the movie looks like it was shot on an iPhone, and looks like a high school student movie. Second off, the CGI looks like a PS2 game of some sorts. Third off, the acting is porn quality. And the last thing, did they REALLY need to back away from the camera in the scene when that guy kisses his wife? I think a 10 year old did this. I also felt the point to shut it off. And I did, because it's THAT bad. Seriously, if you want a good war flick, just watch the classic Full Metal Jacket, or Saving Private Ryan.

  • audio issues


    Bad cgi , no problem, i can watch through that, but the audio work.... the background sound is so extreme loud, that the bass was going trough the roof when i wanted to hear the people talk. i wasn't able to continue this movie.

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