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Jeeva (2014)

Jeeva (2014)

Vishnu VishalSri DivyaSooriLakshman Narayan


Jeeva (2014) is a Tamil movie. Suseenthiran has directed this movie. Vishnu Vishal,Sri Divya,Soori,Lakshman Narayan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Jeeva (2014) is considered one of the best Drama,Sport movie in India and around the world.

Right from his childhood, the motherless Jeeva grows with his focus fully on Cricket. However, it is never smooth sailing for him with disruptions coming in various forms ranging from his love life to team selection politics.

Jeeva (2014) Reviews

  • jeeva the true pain of a cricketer


    Jeeva is one of the best tamil film yet in 2014.The story is about a talented cricketer and his confidence to cross all his hurdles to succeed in his career and his love.The film is "NEVER BORING" and a good attempt by the technical team especially visuals are good.Actor soori has added a good humor and performances of jeeva's friend and the lead roles are noticeable.It will be motivative to many youngsters who chose cricket as their career and the true pain of a cricketer his thirst for a chance can be felt by everyone.The film is neatly presented and a must watch.All the best for suseenthiran sir for your future projects.We expect your upcoming films to reach the next level.

  • Jeeva scores century!!! Must watch.


    Jeeva revolves around a story of a young cricketer's passion and life. Susindran make the dark politics in cricket team selection as the main theme. Lead actor Vishnu and actress Sri Divya gives a fantastic performance. Other supporting cast also made a good on screen performance particularly Lakshman, Charlie & even Soori. We all know very well about the politics in cricket team selection but none of Indian film focused on this issue, So Director Susindran deserves a challenging victory for cricket fans. Even though Jeeva movie has strong script, Director includes some basic Tamil cinema formula. Verdict: Overall Jeeva is a must watch film for the current situation in Indian Cricket.

  • A Movie As It Should Be.


    A movie as it should be. Brilliant screenplay and direction by Suseenthiran (also Pandiraj, who contributed for screenplay). A right proportionate mix of comedy, romance, reality, inspiration. Very nice music score by D.Imman. Crisp editing and characterization is the major plus.None of the characters in the movie are wasted and keeps you engaged throughout the movie. Performance by each and every character in the movie is laudable. HATS OFF to the entire cast and crew. A PERFECT FEATURE FILM. Actors Arya, Vishal and Dirctor Atlee would be very proud to be the Producers of such a precise, unerring, accurate movie. Money re-payed in the best possible way. No regrets for watching this wholesome Family Entertainer.

  • Jeeva movie is complete entertainment movie for cricket lovers.


    Jeeva movie is complete entertainment movie for cricket lovers. Suseenthiran comes with the story based on the life of people who live and breathe cricket / all the struggles of cricketers. Hero Vishnu Performance turning out to be the best , apt to the role. Hats off to him. Sri Divya is cute / beautiful , adds value to the movie and did well job. Lakshman plays jeeva's friend role - good acting. Vishnu and Lakshman friendship Soori comedy was have limited scene - But did his rocking comedy. D Imman's background score was nice. Songs not impressed. Cinematographer Madhi was superb... Made the match sequences realistic Charlie and Marimuthu are did brilliant role in the movie. Other characters also value adds the movie - Suits for role. Plus : Story Jeeva acting Short duration Minus: Songs Verdict : Should watch


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