Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015)

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015)

Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeIan McShaneChina Anne McClainThomas Ian Nicholas
Khurram H. Alavi,Ayman Jamal


Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015) is a English movie. Khurram H. Alavi,Ayman Jamal has directed this movie. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje,Ian McShane,China Anne McClain,Thomas Ian Nicholas are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015) is considered one of the best Animation,Action,Adventure movie in India and around the world.

A thousand years ago, one boy with a dream of becoming a great warrior is abducted with his sister and taken to a land far away from home. Thrown into a world where greed and injustice rule all, Bilal finds the courage to raise his voice and make a change. Inspired by true events, this is a story of a real hero who earned his remembrance in time and history.


Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015) Reviews

  • imaginative visual treat!


    Bilal is the biggest first ever animated movie created in middle east till date.Spectacular visuals and strong characterization are some of the key factors of this movie. its production of established animation studio in UAE.The efforts and top notch work standard can be easily seen on the screen.Every character in film is crafted very well. Well voice overs for each character putting more life in them. its like introduction of the part of history.The movie is a fascinating glimpse into an important period in the history of the region, and the attention to detail paid to the costumes and backgrounds gives an authentic impression of the historical. Quality of work is very good on first! congratulation to Team. :)

  • loved it!!!


    coming from a studio based in the the middle east as there first movie, i went to the cinema with not much high expectations,but Wow. Just wow.This movie is astounding.Everything is done so well. The animation is beautiful, the characters are charming,and the battle scenes are just epic. The plot is simple and yet complex, and the world that the audience is thrown into is an extremely interesting one. It isn't afraid to try new things, which is extremely important in today's industry. Not only does every moment of the movie look exquisite, but the story is smart, original and hugely entertaining. With utmost care applied to its every shot, the adults will be marveling as much as the youngsters.

  • BILAL, Haven't seen anything quite like this


    A solid 1st attempt from a region not known for animation. Bilal gave me a tour of their history and culture without going in too deep or getting preachy. It is emotional to witness Bilal's growth and evolution as a character living in a world torn by violence and inequality. The camera work, the music and sound design were all top notch. I loved the battle! Ian Mcshane was very believable and menacing as Umayya and Adewale did a great job bringing legitimacy to Bilal's character. The rest of the acting was also very good! The imaginative take on the cities and characters worked really well with the style of the animation. I really haven't seen anything quite like this movie. I want to watch it again!

  • not a Toy Story,,but a very Human story


    This is not a Hollywood Animated movie, so no need to put it with Toy Story and judge. it is different but in a good way.the artistic texture of the movie is impressive, and yet so (Un-Hollywood) if I might say. each scene is done as it was a classic drawing, a visual joy( the battle scene is simply a cinematic epic. the conversation is very strong and at times it lands on poetry borders. the music is masterpiece, so reflective of the main essence of the movie: the search for freedom. the characters are presented in a clever way,even the villain has his own reasons,no black and white melodrama like most animated hero movies, and the hero was pushed to be a hero, they gave him no other option but to be one. isn't this what happens in real world? in short, Bilal is about a slave who was freed by his faith, and this turns to be much more for him - and for others- than just removing the visible chains..but also about the invisible hidden chains that lie inside and make people their own enemy. Bilal, a NEW breed of hero..and a different kind of movie.

  • A great, fun, and addictive film


    Poetic, humorous, visually stunning, multilayered, a musical masterpiece and so beautiful it will make your heart bleed, this film is rather dark and tragic however and not entirely suitable for the youngest among us. I don't think it ever was intended to be. A stunning poetic interpretation and a personal favourite. This piece was one of the best applications of stop-motion that I have ever seen. The beauty was in the simplicity of the shots, along with the vivid imagery. I adored this movie like nothing I have before. Cartoons just don't hold the same magic that they used to; this movie changed my perceptions of what it meant to be "animated". If you couldn't notice, I loved it. Watch it. A lot. I'm gonna grade this movie an A+!


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