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Ishqeria (2018)

Ishqeria (2018)

Manish AnandRaj BabbarRicha ChadhaJuby Devasia
Prerna Wadhawan


Ishqeria (2018) is a Hindi movie. Prerna Wadhawan has directed this movie. Manish Anand,Raj Babbar,Richa Chadha,Juby Devasia are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Ishqeria (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

When Kuhoo, a small town girl from an all girls school joins a hip co-ed university, a true behenji, who thinks herself as the queen of fashion, sees Raghav for the first time, she knows she's going to marry him and have his kids!. The problem? He doesn't seem to even see her!. Her gang of girlfriends plot to make Raghav fall madly in love with Kuhoo. What ensues is hilarious attempts at wooing, getting a behenji to turn mod and a love story that will make you relive your college days.


Ishqeria (2018) Reviews

  • one time watchable


    It can be watched only once if you have nothing to do,the actors are both very good actors but even the script is ok, it seems the director has done a very poor job and it was unfair for neil and richa who both gave very good performances in many other films..

  • Good movie.


    Slow and predictable but feel good movie. Acting performance was on point and the scenery was all set to make it a rom + drama combo.

  • Same old story


    Just waste of time. Same old storyline. A small town girl, fall in love with best guy in college. Bad story with no sense. Total waste of time.

  • Flat


    A totally flat movie. Even 80s movies were better. DNF

  • Fun and funny feel good movie!


    I really enjoyed this movie! It's a cutesy feel good movie if you're in need for a nice pick me up. Richa Chadha is a phenomenal actor - her comic timing was really good! Very relatable characters and the dialogues were so real - no over acting which is really appreciated. Juby Devasia was also phenomenal - next Parineeti Chopra!


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