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3 Storeys (2018)

3 Storeys (2018)

Aisha AhmedTarun AnandRicha ChadhaGopal Das
Arjun Mukerjee


3 Storeys (2018) is a Hindi movie. Arjun Mukerjee has directed this movie. Aisha Ahmed,Tarun Anand,Richa Chadha,Gopal Das are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. 3 Storeys (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

"3 Storeys" is an intriguing film full of twists and turns. Over the course of 3 acts, dark secrets and past regrets are revealed, and it becomes clear that life in this small community is not quite what it seems. Slated to release on 9th March 2018.

3 Storeys (2018) Reviews

  • An excellent thriller based on a resolute screenplay


    This week's most refreshing release '3 Storeys' shows three different stories set in a chawl of Mumbai. A well written fast pace thriller this film keeps you hooked from the start till its end. Each story has a certain gripping element along with a surprise ending that you never see coming. The stories include Flory(Renuka Shahane), a grieving mother and a businessman Vilas(Pulkit Samrat) looking for a kholi, Varsha(Masumeh Makhija), facing an abusive marriage and her ex-lover Shankar(Sharman Joshi) & Malini(Aisha Ahmed) and Suhail(Ankit Rathi) two youngsters deeply in love but separated by parental pressure with Leela(Richa Chadda) as the narrator. The characters share almost equal screen time with each of them giving admirable performances specially Renuka, Sharman and Masumeh. However the strength of the movie lays in its writing and the short run-time. The screenplay is written by Althea Dalmas Kaushal who in past has been a part of flops like 'Happy New Year' and 'Noor' and is brilliantly directed by Arjun Muherjee(making his debut). '3 Storeys' is a good example of how a film rapidly moving movie can be executed within a short time span. You come out of the theater with growing respect towards these low-budget classics.

  • An innovative venture


    NO SPOILERS The film from debutant director Arjun Mukherjee fell into the genre which is being hardly sought of in Bollywood. The film starts of with the narration in a female voice and focuses on a young lad(pulkit) looking to buy a house near his office. He comes by Flory Mendonca played by Renuka Sahane and unarguably the strongest performance in the film.Well here begins the first story,Flory a widow has been living in mayanagar(three storey chawl) and ready to sell the flat.Though expensive,the lad agrees to buy it and a sinister plot creeps in the climax. The second story begins with the unhappily married life of varsha due to his abusive husband. The weakest of the three stories comprises of the back story of varsha with her lover and an obvious relation to the present as the story moves on The third story deals with two love birds from different religion and their family not approving their marriage. The whole cast was superb specially Renuka Sahane.The first story was unique,well executed and the most intriguing of the three.The second story was equipped with nice performance from Masumeh Makhija(varsha) and sharman joshi(shankar) but laid down by predictable plot and mediocre script The third story was better and also supported well by the lead actors. The film will bound u to the seats till the end. A nice work from director Arjun Mukherjee too.The background score was perfect. A good film to watch 7.1/10

  • Suspense , Secret and Story telling make it worth watch.


    Direction: Debutant director Arjun Mukerjee has chosen different way of story telling. Director has showcase another side of imagination at the climax that one another great thing about cinema. This movie will hold you till the climax is the win of the director who can engage his audience till climax. Performance: This multi-starer has many good performances e.g. Renuka Shahane did one of the impressive performance in aged role. After that Masumeh Makhija has brilliantly portrayed domestic violence victim. Sharman Joshi and Pulkit Samrat were in good touch in short window. Aisha Ahmed and Ankit Rathi have great chemistry. Richa Chadda looks seducing. Script: As woven 3 stories from same buiding in less duration is definitely as great job by Althea Kaushal. First story was better than next two however climax for all three stories were full of suspense. As this script target Urban area like Life in a ..Metro movie did. Music: This section is slightly disappointing one. Music composed by Clinton Cerejo and Amjad Nadeem while lyrics are penned by Puneet Krishna, Alaukik Rahi, Amjad Nadeem, Shellee and Pushaan Mukherjee. Arijit Singh's Bas Tu Hai song is full of melody. Last Words: Go and watch something irregular cinema after huge gap.

  • Slice of life with plenty of twists!


    Each story described in the film has a twist, possibly a couple of you would even think about what it is, however the way it has been described by Arjun Mukerjee, that is absolutely commendable. I haven't seen any film where the surprise element in the story has been described so unpretentiously without going emotional. The main issue here is that while the screenplay in the first half is tight and connecting, the second half loses it's grasp a bit particularly in the last story. In any case, the film figures out how to shock us indeed in the peak, a turn that none of us anticipated. While narration is great, and screenplay could have been somewhat better, one office where the film gets full marks is the acting department!

  • Good movie from bollywood.


    The film weaves together three stories set in a Mumbai chawl.While the first narrative involves a businessman looking for accommodation in Mumbai who eventually zeroes in on a house that's overpriced, the second one revolves around a wife dealing with an abusive and alcoholic husband.The third story narrates the tale of forbidden love where a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy fall for each other.


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