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Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain (2010)

Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain (2010)

Rajpal YadavPreeti MehraMakarand AnaspureKetki Dave
Dilip Shukla


Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain (2010) is a Hindi,Gujarati,Marathi,English movie. Dilip Shukla has directed this movie. Rajpal Yadav,Preeti Mehra,Makarand Anaspure,Ketki Dave are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain (2010) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Originally from Bijapur, Lallann Prasad Prajapati now works as a Security Guard with Wel-Watch Security in Mumbai, and is responsible for the security of Rivera Society in Lokhandwala Complex. He is regularly in touch by telephone with his girlfriend, Saroja, who has just finished her studies, and hopes to marry her soon. His hopes will be dashed when he finds out that her marriage is being arranged with a much older male who is willing to give her family Rs.2 Lakhs so that her brother can find employment. Hoping to talk her out of this marriage and even agreeing to collect the amount, Lallann will be in for more shocks when he will be told that she loves a male by the name of Kishan.


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Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain (2010) Reviews

  • A refreshingly simple movie


    Rajpal Yadav plays Lallan, a dutiful senior security guard, who is in love with Saroja, a beautiful girl from his native village. Lallan is employed in Mumbai and regularly makes calls to his village to know the whereabouts of Saroja. He has a good friend in auto-driver Ganesh, in his boss-in-office Tiwari Chacha, in Gujarati groceress Hansaben and in RJ Anurag Pandey. He is in cordial terms with his colleagues. He frequently discusses his trivial troubles with Tiwari Chacha and seeks advice from him. After her exams are over, Saroja is due to be wedded to a stranger, 20 years senior to her, to the total ignorance of Lallan. Lallan comes to know of this through Pappu, a teenage kid, and Gitti, Saroja's friend. The marriage has been settled by Saroja's father on the assurance from the groom's end that he will receive a sum of 2 lac rupees which is meant to aid Saroja's brother Gabbu in fetching a job. While announcing her marriage over phone, Saroja mentions that she loves Kishan, jeweller Lachhmidas' son and wishes to marry him instead. This comes as a shock to Lallan, however, he commits himself to accomplish her wish for which he must arrange a sum of 2 lac rupees to be given to Saroja's father. Lallan goes through a lot of hassles in procuring the sum and then protecting it during his journey to his village, but overcomes everything by the grace of God. Eventually, Saroja comes to know through Gitti that Lallan loves her and he has taken so much trouble to fulfill her wish. She finds his sacrifice much superior to Kishan's care towards her which is next to null. She declares that she will marry Lallan who faints at this news. Thereafter Lallan and Saroja get married and Lachhmidas blesses the couple at the wedding while Tiwari promises to receive them in Mumbai.


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