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Tim Timmerman: Hope of America (2017)

Tim Timmerman: Hope of America (2017)

Andrew Lewis CaldwellCasey ElliottStephanie DrapeauSeth Meriwether
Cameron Sawyer


Tim Timmerman: Hope of America (2017) is a English movie. Cameron Sawyer has directed this movie. Andrew Lewis Caldwell,Casey Elliott,Stephanie Drapeau,Seth Meriwether are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Tim Timmerman: Hope of America (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

It's 1994. Mount Vista High's student body president Tim Timmerman has aspirations of attending Yale and becoming a famous politician. Tim realizes the quickest pathway to Washington is befriending Sydney and rubbing shoulders with her father, Senator Anderson. Nothing can stop Tim from reaching the top...except himself.


Tim Timmerman: Hope of America (2017) Reviews

  • Boring, cheesy, high rated cause of fake profiles.


    If you want a boring, cheesy, no good acting "comedy" that has next to nothing funny about it, watch this. Go look at those who rated this a high rating.. They only reviewed this movie = scamming to get this a high rating. Has nothing to do with "good old school comedy" at all. Was boring from start till finish and had next to no funny acting in it. Do yourself a favor and go see the profiles that have given this a high rating, they only reviewed this movie to get it on the list.

  • Finally a throwback to the good days of teen comedies!


    Growing up loving all the 80's teen high school comedies, I was excited to see one that was attempting to capture the magic of a character driven, coming of age romantic comedy, which I feel we haven't seen for a while. Tim Timmerman, Hope of America does just that. Set in the early-mid 90's with all the glorious music, hair styles, fashion, phrases, pop culture references, etc. If you're looking for a fun, light-hearted teen comedy that the whole family can enjoy, I highly recommend Tim Timmerman.

  • Small studio film that has more appeal that most big studio releases


    With it's many interesting characters and good writing, this is a fun movie to watch. While Tim Timmerman borrows some ideas from films like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", it isn't a simple formulaic script but instead builds on a wide range of characters and sub-plots. Even one nemesis of the main character who only has one spoken line shows up at just the right times throughout the film for great comedic affect. The production values are also very good for a lower-budget movie. The film was mostly shot at various locations in the community but each was interesting and fit the scene well. The editing and music was professional and unnoticeable which is more than you can ask from most small studio films. I'll definitely watch it again and will be anticipating other films by the same creators and actors.

  • Really really great show.


    This has to be one of the best shows of the year. I really really liked it. I took my wife to it and it didn't just not disappoint it went way above expectations. When the show was over she turned to me and said "now that was a good show, I have got to let my friends know." I smiled because had to agree. It took me back to memories of high school in the 90's. I liked it enough to send my children... good show. You will be glad you went to see it.

  • See This Funny, Warm-Hearted Movie


    Eddie Perino brings Tim Timmerman to hilarious life in this comedy about high school in the 1990's. The movie is really funny and entertaining, warm hearted without being maudlin. The cast does a fantastic job. I can recommend without reservation that you see this movie.

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