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Cassidy Red (2017)

Cassidy Red (2017)

Abby EilandDavid Thomas JenkinsJason GraslJessy Knudsen
Matt Knudsen


Cassidy Red (2017) is a English movie. Matt Knudsen has directed this movie. Abby Eiland,David Thomas Jenkins,Jason Grasl,Jessy Knudsen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Cassidy Red (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Romance,Western movie in India and around the world.

Cassidy Red is a western romance set against the backdrop of the 19th century American southwest. The film follows the headstrong daughter of a prostitute who returns to her hometown, seeking vengeance against the corrupt lawman she believes murdered her lover.

Cassidy Red (2017) Reviews

  • A Ballad of Love and Hate


    Cassidy Red (Abby Eiland), who is blonde for 2/3 of the film, is the daughter of a John and a prostitute. She grows up and gets messed up in love making the wrong guy angry. There is s betrayal of trust and blah blah blah...a chick flick that is also a western. A piano player narrates the story. The film was neither a great love story or a great western. Pretty good for a college project. Guide: No swearing, sex. or nudity.

  • Absolutely loved it.


    It's a little off for your typical western, but I really enjoyed this movie, and the story especially. Worth the watch if you're into westerns

  • Nice visuals, but the story was a let down.


    Surprisingly nice cinematography. I've been going through a lot of the indie films on Prime and this one stood out with its moody lighting, nice sets, competently shot. But by the end I just didn't have that satisfying feeling after watching a revenge style film. The glaring problem for me was the fact that her lover wasn't killed...so theres absolutely no reason to take revenge on this man, well he was locked up by the sheriff, but without his death all the compellingness of the film is just gone for me, I stopped caring, plus the flashback of how their love came about didn't feel real, authentic. I couldn't feel anything in those scenes so that I could get behind the protagonist, then theres the reveal he's not dead......so that's it, I checked out, such a shame. I wanted to like it, I love westerns, but not his one.

  • one more for trash can


    This must be the 10th indie i've seen lately that stinks to high heaven...its not even worth wasting words on...skip it for something, well anything would be better

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