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Pork Pie (2017)

Pork Pie (2017)

Dean O'GormanJames RollestonAshleigh CummingsAntonia Prebble
Matt Murphy


Pork Pie (2017) is a English,French movie. Matt Murphy has directed this movie. Dean O'Gorman,James Rolleston,Ashleigh Cummings,Antonia Prebble are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Pork Pie (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Pork Pie tracks the escapades of a trio of accidental outlaws as they travel the length of the New Zealand in a yellow mini, protesting conformity and chasing lost love, with a posse of cops and a media frenzy hot in their pursuit.

Pork Pie (2017) Reviews

  • First ever kiwi remake and better than the first


    The original movie Goodbye Pork Pie (1981) really kicked off the New Zealand film industry to becoming what it is today. While Sleeping Dogs (1977) had been the first homegrown picture to be released outside the country, this movie along with Smash Palace later in the year became the first major domestic hits. The fact that a beloved old title is getting the remake treatment could be seen as a coming of age of sorts for the NZ film industry but from what I've heard people seem to have mixed feelings as a lot of people deeply love the first and feel a remake would tarnish it despite the fact it's a labour of love from Matt Murphy (son of Geoff of the original fame). I didn't love the first as much as some and feel that the new one maintains the irreverent spirit while stepping up a gear in the action and comedy departments. A series of bizarre events lead to three misfits being chased in a stolen yellow mini across the country, a guy who's struggling to complete a novel and reconnect with his ex, a young Maori delinquent and a young female vegan activist. If you haven't seen the original you probably haven't seen anything quite like it and even if you have seen the original there are some cool updated elements. The upcoming James Rolleston has appeared in several well received projects (still only 19) but is currently recovering after being nearly killed in a horrific car accident shortly after filming. Hope he is up and acting again before too long. I think this movie should be able to strike a chord with overseas viewers as Hunt for the Wilderpeople did although it's not as good as the latter.

  • Probably the best film ever to come out of NZ


    Goodbye Pork Pie, the original movie was (and is) such an iconic film. It may have been made in the late 70's/early 80's, but it's one of those films which is a timeless classic. Normally, you leave such films as they are and don't even think about remaking them. For me, films like 'The Italian Job' are so iconic and making a new version just doesn't seem right. However, sometimes against the odds, the new film is even better than the original. The director of the new Pork Pie movie, is the son of the Director of the original Pork Pie, so having that important family connection meant that they wanted to do a good job and do justice to the original film. They also had a bigger budget, and boy did they do a great job. The film is funny, gripping, and entertaining. The casting is spot on, the acting is superb and the story-line is perfect. This film needs a worldwide release! You don't need to be a Kiwi to understand the humour, it's incredibly well written, acted & very funny. I hope it's a HUGE success!

  • All in all, Pork Pie lived up to the expectations I held it to, and then some.


    I come fresh from the cinema having just seen this film and wow, it is beyond brilliant. I've only recently seen the original (I'm 21, cut me some slack), so I went into this perhaps expecting a 100% remake of the original, but it wasn't. It was much better than expected. The film is adapted for a completely new audience, and its fresh and refreshing for having been so different to the original. We have an eccentric trio of characters, each bringing to the table something wholesome and believable. In true millennial fashion we have Keira, this generations Shirl. Keira is a vegan, and an avid protester against live exporting of animals. While Keira may have strong beliefs, it's evident that this isn't a film with an agenda. Keiras vegan-ism is a character trait, and a way to provide us with some genuinely funny moments. On the other end of the scale, we have Luke, a young man of Maori decent with a pretty sad past. Luke repeals and replaces Gerry from the original film, and I honestly think Luke is the better character. Luke is intelligent, but a drifter in life since his mother died, leading him into a life of fast cars and easy (illegal) money. Lastly we have Jon, who replaces, er, John. This generations Jon is essentially a younger version of the original- except maybe without the covert sexism, which is probably just a summary of the entire film. At its heart, Pork Pie is really a modern take on the original, but it stands on its own two feet as well. Pork Pie provides its characters with genuine substance, and a solid backstory. None of this is shoehorned in and it plays out naturally, allowing the audience to feel as if they too are one of the gang, finding out information as the other characters do. The story paces well, albeit with a few minor lapses in story somewhere in the middle. All in all, Pork Pie lived up to the expectations I held it to, and then some. Watch it. Now.

  • Kiwi Romp


    Pork Pie is fun Kiwi movie road/car chase that doesn't take itself too seriously. At times the storyline wavers a little, by and large its a fun filled ride through the typical great NZ countryside- particularly outback South Island. Wayward would-be boy racer Luke lacks a car, but manages to 'borrow' a racey Mini Cooper from a dubious car wrecking yard. Fleeing Auckland, he narrowly avoids running down failed writer Jon, who is struggling to forget the love of his life he unexplainably left at the alter. When Jon's beat up car dies on him - he accepts a ride with Luke, and the car chasing/police avoidance soon begins. Stopping for a burger in a funny scene Keira the drive through burger operator girl opts to throw in her job and join the lads, hoping to get to Wellington where she has arranged an anti animal cruelty/meat for burgers type rally. Some great chase scenes around the capital, eventually see's the trio escape across cook straight hidden along with their escape car in a conveniently empty rail-way wagon. By now Jon has learnt his lost love is in Invercargill, so that's their destination - meanwhile Keira has been streaming action clips trying to get support for her animal cruelty campaign, unaware its gone viral. The chase intensifies in the mid-Canterbury/Otago regions, a very funny scene with a guy keen to join the now infamous trio - as the rush to Invercargill somehow continues. Not an amazing film but good fun and worth the admission ; the humour by and large is directed at Kiwi's, so perhaps those not born /bred in the Shaky Isles may miss some of it, but I'm sure you will still find it entertaining.

  • What's not to like? -brilliant!


    A must see - 328 locals attended the Regent in Taumarunui on 11th February- for us - a full house. This was a Volunteer Fire Brigade fundraiser for our small town. The creators of this movie would have been proud if they had been sitting in the audience. This is an original Cinema which is breathing fresh life again in to the Cinema experience. The locals laughed, cringed, clapped and so thoroughly enjoyed the movie that it was applauded at the end. Well done creators for once again capturing what makes New Zealand a little bit special.


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