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Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011)

Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011)

Bruce CampbellKiele SanchezRonReaco LeePedro Pascal
Jeffrey Donovan


Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011) is a English,Spanish movie. Jeffrey Donovan has directed this movie. Bruce Campbell,Kiele Sanchez,RonReaco Lee,Pedro Pascal are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

As informal punishment for an unwitting affair with admiral Gregory Maitland's adulterous wife, Sam Axe, a US Navy Commander, was sent to Colombia to observe the suspected rebel movement Espada Ardiente ('Burning Sword'). Now he's under investigation for allegedly consorting with those alleged terrorists. He explains how he discovered that his Colombian army liaison Comandante Veracruz was the real drug dealers cahoot, who pailed on framing Axe and presumably innocent farmers for the bombing of an American-run Andes clinic. Sam escaped and tried to help the civilians and forces CIA observers to demand urgent help. He even found a trump card to avoid conviction for his illegal methods and a favorable discharge.


Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011) Reviews

  • Fun, retro look at Sam Axe and his history.


    Backgrounder for Sam Axe, our much adored side kick to Michael Weston. Totally in character, well laid out. Even answers the oft spoken question of from where the name 'Chuck Finley', Sam's alter ego, arises. Hokey special effects, less than strict attention to detail as to military rank, uniforms, and protocols. Yet, enjoyable all the same. Should be released as a DVD copy, especially with outtakes and bloopers. Written by Matt Nix, so we get the delicious inside jokes and humor we know from Burn Notice. Good direction by Jeff Donovan, plus his appearance is an appealing portion of foreshadowing. It would be nice to have similar retro looks at Michael and Fiona's beginnings.

  • Very Groovy


    Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe is a journey into the past of the series' most enigmatic character as only Bruce Campbell can play him. Set in 2005, the movie follows Sam's last mission as a Navy Seal before he wound up retired in Miami. A moment of indiscretion gets Sam sent into the South American jungles to deal with a terrorist group causing havoc. But, things aren't what they seem. So far, the biggest complaints about this movie are that some of the uniforms are inaccurate, which means they must be doing everything else right. As made for TV movies go, this was very good. Even thought it felt more like one of Bruce's B-movie romps than an actual extension of Burn Notice, that only helps bring home the fun of the movie. Bruce gets many a great line, and a few nods to both his past and his fans. The other characters ranged from well-acted to a kind of meh performance, and the overall direction by Jeffrey Donovan was well done. Fans of both Bruce and Burn Notice will enjoy this picture and come away feeling satisfied. Was this necessary? Maybe not. Was it worth it? Hell yes.

  • Most enjoyable and funny


    Been a fan of Burn Notice from the beginning I thought this movie was just an other ripoff of my favorite show. Never been so wrong. This movie is so hilarious and exciting from the first seconds right to the last frame. It's been so long that I have laughed so much watching the whole thing through. Now I know what lies behind Sam Axe, and as someone pointed, it would be nice to see the beginning of Michael Westen's story (he made a cameo role here) as well. I think this is one the the best movies I've seen in years. Nothing deep and meaningful, just pure fun without the serious over exaggerated exploding action. Comedy? Yes! Entertaining? Absolutely! Full of action? Rright on! Compared to any other action/comedy movie: A Winner! I think The Fall Of Sam Axe is one of the most recommendable movie for anyone who likes a good old-school action comedy.

  • One for the Bruce Campbell fans!


    People can moan and shout all they want. Bruce Campbell has charisma. He doesn't have to do anything and he still is likable on the screen. Aside from the simple storyline. Bruce Campbell shows what makes Same Axe such a great character. With all his flaws he is a person you can rely on. No wonder that Michael Weston trusts him. While there aren't many references to the show Burn Notice itself. It does give the fans where they have been craving for from the start. To have a Sam Axe storyline not involving Mike Weston. I think they should do a whole bunch of these. Even if the show would end. Only with much better story lines.Now it is possible that even having charisma is not enough for people to like Bruce Campbell. Well,if that is the case than I think you will have trouble liking this movie. Since the whole movie is build on Bruce.I was skeptic at first. But overall the movie is very entertaining. Forget about the show and it's twists and just soak in a little bit of Bruce.

  • Burn Notice on Burn Notice, Sam needs his own show.


    TV movies are awful. They tend to be a 40 minute show stretched out to 90 minutes. This is not the case with BN:TFOSA. Bruce Campbell does his usual awesome job of entertaining the audience that you forget you are watching TV. I especially appreciated the nods to Evil Dead, and his book, thank you Bruce for being a fans actor. Many "A-listers" could learn a lesson or two about respecting the fans from you (yes I am looking at you George Lucas). Jeffrey Donovan does a admirable showing as a director. He used some good moves behind the lens without getting crazy. Many times directors will so desperately want to "show their style" they get funky beyond reason, not the case here. He kept the action steady and allowed us to enjoy it. Thank you. The writing was better than average as well. I can't review the script ( I didn't read that, and who knows how close the shoot came to it) but I can certainly see Mat Nix's hand on it. I would be surprised if they deviated much from his very excellent work as a writer. The only complaint I could make would be the realism factor was down. I know BN tends to lean toward the A-Team side of realism and The Fall stuck with that style. Since this movie was announced at Comicon last year I have been eagerly awaiting it. I was not disappointed, and if you like Burn Notice, neither will you.


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