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Live (2018)

Live (2018)

Kellie GreeneEddie B. HillAsante JonesRico Aragon
Michael Greene


Live (2018) is a English movie. Michael Greene has directed this movie. Kellie Greene,Eddie B. Hill,Asante Jones,Rico Aragon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Live (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Eddie Hill, a private detective, is anonymously hired to find Linda Johnson, who's abduction was LIVE streamed on Facebook. He lays out a timeline for detectives from Linda's Facebook page, security camera footage and interviews with her friends. Two persons of interest emerge, a mysterious profile of man allegedly named Josh Jones and an anonymous-hacker-wannabe, Patrick Flannagan - As Eddie digs deeper he realizes Linda's world is not what it appears, exposing an online identity that was spiraling downhill one LIVE post at a time. The twisted truth finally unravels itself to Eddie, with the help of an unsuspecting ally desperate to shed light on her demise. With the stage set for Eddie's revelation into the fate of Linda Johnson, one fact rings true in the viral world of social media - you never know who's watching.


Live (2018) Reviews

  • Not bad BUT the ending??


    I won't give it away but the ending is perplexing. I really was into the movie however It left me wanting a lot more of an explanation though. Not in a good way though, I felt like I wanted to go back over it and see what I missed, because well... I missed something right?. I actually forgot I was watching a movie for a second, and when that happens it means it's got something. Not all stories can pull you in like that. For a low budget film they did well. They put a lot of things in the background for you to see and hear, at the end there is something going on in the background on the radio and I wish I could hear it more clearly because I feel like it was very important. Other than that, I thought the sound was okay. The only problem I had was really the end. I've seen way worse story lines from some big named studios on big budget films. I do watch a decent amount of lower budget films though so I'm not a consumer that is necessarily going to always miss the big money when it is gone.

  • Not recommended


    Don't understand it at all. Badly cut movie. Jumping too much in time both backwards and forwards. Bad sound. Too high sometimes and too low other times. Weirdest ending ever. Don't recommend it at all

  • I live for films like this!


    I love this genre and love this film! It's all about the details with a found footage film and this movie was ripe with them. So much so, the filmmakers maintained a Facebook account for two years. Actually, multiple accounts; Linda Johnson, Josh Jones and Patrick Flannagan. Truly a 4-d experience because everything you see happening on Linda's timeline in the movie, happened on her "actual" timeline on Facebook... but it's the whole thing (they really cut things down for the movie). While I would have loved to have the ending wrap up a bit better, I see things are set up for a sequel and in real life, things don't always wrap up in a nice neat package... so I dug that. Highly recommend if you're into found footage. If you're looking for a typical cookie cutter Hollywood version of found footage go watch Searching.

  • No Spoon-feeding here


    Gets you out of your comfort zone by exploring the limits point-of-view storytelling. There are some unvarnished edges, but it's still intriguing like the inner logic of a burr puzzle. If you like getting lost down internet rabbit holes this'll be right up your alley.

  • Hits home with social media!


    Based on how people live stream EVERYTHING these days, I could easily see this happen more often, and THAT'S scary!!!

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