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Ayirathil Oruvan (2010)

Ayirathil Oruvan (2010)

KarthiReema SenAndrea JeremiahParthiban
K. Selvaraghavan


Ayirathil Oruvan (2010) is a Tamil movie. K. Selvaraghavan has directed this movie. Karthi,Reema Sen,Andrea Jeremiah,Parthiban are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Ayirathil Oruvan (2010) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure movie in India and around the world.

Anitha, a government official, embarks on a journey to find Chandramouli, an archaeologist, who went to Vietnam to search for any existence of the prince of the Chola dynasty.

Ayirathil Oruvan (2010) Reviews

  • Unsung movie in history of Indian cinema


    This movie is for, those who are always compare Indian movies with Hollywood cinema. Even Hollywood movie makers can not made movie like this in this budget. Movie is well crafted from start to end. There is no lag in the movie. If you feel lagging then you are not watching movie with your full concentration. Some people claim, AO is the movie for genius movie watchers? definitely not. This movie tells story in a layman's language. If you are still confused then you are watching this movie for name sake. After 5 years I am writing this review in IMDb. Because this movie is worth to talk and write for another decade. Some people says directors like S.S.Rajamouli and Sankar are the two directors who raised the Indian movies to Hollywood standard. But I would say that is utterly false statement. People admired about Naan E and Sankar's so called worthless expenses as Hollywood standard. But real fact is, why we are giving much important to Hollywood movies is, that is because of the concept and beyond level of thinking they have it in their BRAIN. AO is the answer to that THINK BEYOND concept in Indian cinema. If you watch this movie without any distraction you will feel what I felt. The reason I am dragging Sankar and S.S.Rajamouli into this context is, these two directors are worshiped as demi god of making Hollywood standard movie in Indian Cinema. But the truth is Selvaragavan done that without making much noise by giving Aayirathil Oruvan to Indian cinema. So please stop making Sankar and S.S.Rajamouli as big directors in Indian, they are giving masala movies with mix of some gimmick technology. If someone ask me which movie you can select, if you compete with Hollywood movie, I would say without any second thought "Aayirathil Oruvan" is the movie which would challenge the Hollywood film makers. Atlast the bitter truth is, this movie is the one real unsung movie in Indian cinema history. My heartiest thanks to real Hollywood thinker and director Selvaraghavan.

  • New trend in tamil movie - This film rules


    Here is a movie that wants to have fun, the cast wants to have fun. The audience ends up having fun in first half. karthik is hilarious. Andrea handles the limited demands of his role quite well. Reema Sen brings her ever-present charm and beauty to a role which is notable for being one of the few action-adventure roles written for a female that is not obnoxious in recent memory. It takes a big U Turn in Second half,where parthiban rules the remaining part.You can't take your eyes off parthiban. It's kind of a Indiana Jones meets Apocolypto Movie .This is the best Adventure I have ever seen in tamil. It depicts the horrors of the & the tragedy of Chola Civilization, and I know, I have not seen a film of such a powerful & Superbly directed by Selvaragahavan, magnificently photographed by Ramji, perfect performances by karthi and Reema Sen, and, especially, Parthiban. beautiful, brilliant score, brings the whole horror and tragedy, Action Adventure. This is Selva's Triumph. Congratulations!

  • Our very own Christopher Nolan!!


    This is the best Tamil movie I have ever seen!It is surely one of a kind.If you are an ardent movie fan,this is a MUST WATCH MOVIE. Hats off to Selvaragavan!India has got her own Christopher Nolan. The first half makes you wonder if you are actually watching a tamil movie or not.My friends warned me that the second half was a bit confusing.But you have my word,the second half is even better than the first.The biggest plus is that the movie has an awesome script and a very good story. But anyway it ain't a Hollywood movie with budget in billions.So there may be some technical flaws in animation,Graphics and the like.But this is compensated by the mind blowing music by G.V.Prakash.He is another plus to this movie. To conclude Selvaragavan & Team have done a great job in taking Tamil Cinema to new standards.Am eagerly waiting for the sequel to this movie. CHOLAN PAYANAM THODARATTUM!!

  • A new genre to Indian Cinema


    Selvaraghavan one of the most versatile directors in Indian cinema has attempted a new genre and has succeeded. His imagination has no limits and has reflected on the screen very well. This movie shows the vast history of South India (something not seen before). The backbone of this film is around the cast consisting of Karthi, Reema sen and Andrea. All of them have given great performances especially Reema sen who has grown as an actor. The first half of the film is an adventure on tone with Indiana Jones but the obstacles and concept is purely Indian which makes this film unique. The comedy timing of karthi is exceptional which keeps the first half fast paced with some great visuals. The pre-interval scene sets the pace for a great second half. The second half of the movie is a little slower than the first half because the more detailed characterization. Parthiban plays the chola king to perfection and his dialogue delivery is flawless. Reema sen dominates the second half with less role for Karthi and Andrea. The battle scenes towards the end might not be the best we have seen but are great keeping in mind the budget constraint. The visual effects of the film are exceptional again keeping in mind the budget available. The cinematography by ramji is one of the best i have ever seen. His visualization of the battle scenes, kingdom , seas, deserts were so close to reality. G.V.Prakash's BGM score was good but not great which could be the only negative point i see in this movie. Finally the director of this venture Selvaraghavan needs a pat on the back for this great attempt. It might not be as great as his career best Pudupettai but is still one of his best Go and book your tickets as soon as possible !!!! Rating 8/10

  • Selvaraghavan-The Aayirathil Oruvan


    The movie which created high expectations for 2 years reaches silver screen with a bang! hats off to Selva and his crew who made this happen. Plot: During 12th century,Cholas were defeated by the Pandians,causing the Chola king and his people to remain hidden with the enemy god's idol..Pandians are still in search of them..presently,the casts Karthi,Reema,Andrea go pass 7 traps set by Chola to reach the hidden Chozan world...the rest of the story reveals Reema's mystery and Karthi's destiny. All credit goes to Selva who has made a successful magnum opus.The important aspect of the movie is its raw and sensible screenplay. The cast of the movie are definite plus..Karthi has completely dominated the first half of the movie wit hilarious comedies,and innocent acting..Brave attempt of Reema in second half is sure for credit,Andrea plays a soft and sizzling role in the movie..Parthiban as the Chozan king is above grounds,his performance in this movie surely deserves an award.... Music is the soul heart of the movie scored by G.V.Prakash ..songs are tremendous incl Oh Eesa,Un Mela Aasadhan and Thai Thindra..the two instrumentals, King arrives and Celebration of life are best part of the movie holding audience nerves... Cinematography and art direction adds beautiful ingredients to the movie..graphics could have been made still more perfectly.. Finally, Selvaraghavan has clean shaved all the routine commercial flicks and has given a new genre for Tamil cinema..the story of the movie speaks for itself...the scene of Nataraja shadow is purely brilliancy in world cinema..the characterization of the Chozan king is amazing..the research work of the director is excelled in all departments like music and mythology of Cholas.. the negative aspects are the character of the army officer and rape scenes in final minutes.. To conclude AO is the movie that carries Tamil history in world class style...new entry for cult movie. (Desperately waiting for AO2) Rating:10/10


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