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7/G Rainbow Colony (2004)

7/G Rainbow Colony (2004)

Ravi KrishnaSonia AgarwalSuman ShettyVijayan
K. Selvaraghavan


7/G Rainbow Colony (2004) is a Tamil movie. K. Selvaraghavan has directed this movie. Ravi Krishna,Sonia Agarwal,Suman Shetty,Vijayan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. 7/G Rainbow Colony (2004) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Kathir (Ravi Krishna) is a young underachiever, frequently venting his frustrations through public outbursts. When a north Indian girl Anitha (Sonia Agarwal) moves into his neighborhood, he falls head over heels in love with her, and aggressively expresses interest. When she does not respond favorably, things get out of hand.


7/G Rainbow Colony (2004) Reviews

  • 7G Rainbow Colony


    I did not hear about this movie until 2007. While browsing some websites, I read that the songs of this movie were good, that lead me to read the reviews of the movie. The reviews sounded nice. But what attracted me to download the movie for seeing was the face of the hero, which was totally non-hero like. I thought, how can a film with such a hero be a hit? That question led me to see the movie. The movie is about a normal next door boy Kadhir (Ravi Krishna) in the lower-middle class household, who is not so good looking, dull, irresponsible youth, poor in studies, rowdy, playful, mischievous, etc. A girl Anitha (Sonia Agrawal) comes to stay in the neighborhood at 7G Rainbow Colony (that is why the name) and Kadhir starts liking her. Anitha hates Kadhir and slippers him once while he approaches her in a bus. As events turn out, Anitha starts liking Kadhir, but wants Kadhir to be responsible in life before she marries him. She motivates Kadhir to take a job. Anitha's marriage is fixed, and before marriage she decides to spend a night with Kadhir. Sadly on the way back, they fight and in an accident Anita dies. The story is very well written. It has numerous small incidents of youthful play that would immediately click with any person. The direction is extremely efficient. It does not divert into any sub-plots and focuses on the issues of youth and love. Director Selvaraghavan shows brilliant skills in handling and conveying his thoughts in the best possible way to his audiences. Very few directors can boast of achieving such a close grip on the narration. Sonia Agrawal looks beautiful and acts wonderfully. She truly depicts the emotions and her character sticks to your heart. Ravi Krishna is good, but I think he can do only some things under a watchful director, otherwise he remains blank face in all scenes. There are so many touching moments in the movie that it is hard to pick out one, but I did – I found the scene when Kadhir tells about his job to his father and that night when his father and mother talk about how proud they are feeling about their son. I think it was a brilliantly executed scene. The music and songs are good and hummable. I can imagine them being popular when the film was released. The camera-work, cinematography, the down to earth real life characters – all make a good movie. At the end I became a fan of the director Selvaraghavan. I liked Sonia Agrawal too – and searching the web discovered that just a year back, She and Selvaraghavan got married. (Stars 7.5 out of 10)

  • Full Spectrum!


    Verdict: Wonderful Wonderful!! 2 Thumbs Up! Beautiful directorial venture by Selvaraghavan, excellent sequences based on a true story starring a new hero and Sonia Aggarwal. What's New: Real Life story really moves the audience. We get to feel the pain that must have been experienced by the director in his real life that has been portrayed really well on the reels. Hero is a real loser.. the way his talent is brought out and fear is extinguished is really notable. Saw it on: Antony, Fun Asia Theaters, Dallas Noticeable: Daring Bedroom sequence by Sonia, really natural performance in all scenes. Much improved performance by Sonia, excellent music. Stereotyped hero by Selvaraghavan? Also, Sonia is so great because she plays a north Indian girl in Tamilnadu. Really natural performances.

  • A well crafted intense love story


    Story is fairly simple, there is a local rowdy good for nothing boy, fell in love with a cultured girl. Somehow, that girl also started liking the guy, and gave him a direction in life. And there are complications as this boy is not earning, girl is engaged, parents are against their love, etc. This movie reminded me 'Ek duje ke liye', which is more or less on the same lines. What really pulled of this movie out of 100 similar movie is script and performance. Overall narration of the movie is top notch, there are a few well crafted incidences which takes the cake. Ravi Krishna (Kadhir) and Sonia (Anitha) have given a solid performance. Full marks to Ravi Krishna, I was convince to some extend this guy must be a roadside goon only in his real life as well. There are some flaws in technicality and originality of the script, but perfect characterization overshadow it completely. Selvaraghavan built the characters so well in the first half that in second half, you might laugh and cry together with them. In fact, I had goose bumps in last hospital scene, although I watched it with English subtitles. This is one of the movie which grows upon you, and before you know it you're in it. Take away - must watch

  • tear jerking


    what a great movie.. i think its amongst the ranks of Kaadhal. I'll admit i was revolted by Ravi Krishna but he proved to be a good actor! He grew on me... i'm sure you've read the review before so i won't bother much on that.. just a short summary:vagabond guy falls in love with girl, she turns him into a good guy and though she professes to have no feelings for him, she slowly falls for him. now reading that you might think OK another routine routine love story.. big mistake! the gradual progression of each character is anything but smooth. The edges are always sharp..you never see an outright change in Ravi nor Anita(Sonia). Its not a rose colored, glossy portrait of real life. Its real life in all its raw jolting emotion. I mean she relents ultimately, but she doesn't do it as to compromise her behavior. Its not a sudden illogical character change...one moment being disgusted and irritated to next moment being loving and caring and attentive. Ravi Krishna's character is always like a ruffian and i think this key aspect of the movie gives it its credibility. In the end we have insight as to how good of a character Ravi Krishna really is and how much love he has for Anita. The thing i like most about this movie is that you walk away with some feeling of satisfaction. There were some really funny scenes...as well as some tense ones and obviously this was a controversial movie. Sri Raghava has to be commended for pushing the envelope in such a right wing country as ours..and i'm surprised that he came out without having any of the theaters being burnt down! I recommend this movie whole heartedly if you are tired of watching mindless cr*p..and want 2 watch something heart rendering.

  • Love story touches the heart


    The story goes like this. Ravi Krishna, the elder son of Vijayan is an irresponsible youth, who bunks classes, fails in his exams, go behind girls and freaks out with his friends. Upon ridiculed by his father, he picks up a fight with him. At this moment enters Sonia Agrawal. Her family (a North-Indian one) takes up the flat 7G in the Rainbow Colony. As usual Ravikrishna like any other youngster in the area tries to impress her. He repeatedly goes behind her and cuts her name on his hand and tries to impress her with greeting cards and letters. But everything is futile. He develops an inferiority complex and goes into a shell. Upon realizing his sorry fate, Sonia steps in to solve all his problems. She motivates him to come up in life and helps him find a job. The latter half is all about Sonia Agrawal falling in love with Ravi Krishna and her efforts to hold his hands in support. However, a series of events in their lives finally separate them and that makes the heroine to take a momentous decision in her life. Debutant Ravi Krishna, son of producer A M Ratnam, plays the hero. He fits the next-door boy image very well and considering that it is his debut film, he needs a special pat for his performance. Be it flirting behind the girls, antagonizing his father for chiding him, acting smart to impress the girl next door or getting mentally depressed at his lover's death, this young lad has come up trumps. Not far behind is Sonia Agrawal. Though her character seems to be an improvisation of her role in Kadhal Kondein, she does it with ease. Especially towards the climax when she decides to share the bed with her lover, she has given her best on screen. She is indeed a screen-stealer in the movie.


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