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Airaa (2019)

Airaa (2019)

NayantharaKalaiyarasanYogi BabuMaathevan


Airaa (2019) is a Tamil movie. Sarjun has directed this movie. Nayanthara,Kalaiyarasan,Yogi Babu,Maathevan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Airaa (2019) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror movie in India and around the world.

A young woman, who goes to her grandmother's home in Pollachi, realises the presence of something supernatural in the place. Meanwhile, mysterious murders are happening in Chennai. How are these seemingly unrelated events connected?

Airaa (2019) Reviews

  • Horror without any reason


    The first half was interesting, humorous but the horrifying part is the unconvincing climax. The justification given by the spirit for chasing the heroine is very silly, which pulls down all the efforts putforth in the making of this movie.

  • Somebody smoked up and wrote the script.


    A mediocre attempt at trying to mix and mash the butterfly effect and the horror genre. Your eyes will beg for reprive after watching this senseless story where characters like the granny, fat dude and babloo have been added just to fill the large glaring loopholes, who serve no actual purpose and just confuse the viewer. Please do yourself a favor and miss this movie!

  • One of the worst movies


    The movie would start off with excitement with decent scares comedy and acting. It will also build up to a good suspense and questions the nose dive off all excitement starts with the flash back. It even dives to the deepest pit when they come up with the reasons of all actions.

  • Emotion + drama + horror + thriller


    Emotion and sentimental scenes reaches the epic Starting gives a breath holding movement and slight of horror At climax movie still misses some blanks of the story Various questions arised in my mind Some of the scene and the script remain unsolved

  • Watchable as emotional revenge thriller rather than horror


    KM Sarjun's Airaa is about a supernatural story based on an abstract concept called " The Butterfly Effect" cleverly adapted to Tamil audience sensibilities..The director has tried to spin an mostly emotional tale with a supernatural backdrop. Kollywood is not really known for horror themed movies. Although the horror elements are based on Japanese horror conventions like "The Ring" and "Ju-On" they are not overdone but they work as intensifying thriller elements for the emotional story.The film for the most part is an average ride. Although inspired by Asian Horror conventions , it it never chills the bone quite in the way Asian horror does. The first half offers a typical few jumps scares and investigative mystery thriller elements but these remain as fleeting moments to set the tone of the film. The film moderately build up the suspense but does not really keeps one on the edge of their seat except for us to wonder what's going to happen next.until the second half. The acting performances for the most part are average and Nayanthara gives a decent performance with her expressions on screen . However the CGI isn't very much convincing or exceptionally well done relying on the typical motifs imagery and cliches usually seen in movies of this sort. Overall an above average thriller that does not do anything in excess or falls short. Watchable if u have nothing else to watch...


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