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Wo di ju xing (2018)

Wo di ju xing (2018)

Eason ChanRonghao LiYitong LiWilfred Lau
Vincent Kok


Wo di ju xing (2018) is a Cantonese,Chinese movie. Vincent Kok has directed this movie. Eason Chan,Ronghao Li,Yitong Li,Wilfred Lau are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Wo di ju xing (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

ZHU (Ronghao LI) from China, as a huge fan of Hong Kong cinema, has always dream of become a cop like in the movies, who unfortunately failed the fitness exam in China's Police Force selection because of asthma. Zhu settled for the next best thing, working as a PI (private investigator). When he was working a case in Hong Kong, he fell into the hands of the Hong Kong Police, and was coerced into becoming an undercover informant, to investigate the international action movie star, Zhu's hero, BAO (Eason CHAN). According to a tip-off, Bao had been interacting closely with the renowned Thai drug lord, EIGHT-FACED BUDDHA (Jifeng ZHENG), and they were suspected of using movie-making as the front for trafficking. Zhu was so determined to clear his idol's name, he accepted the mission and started investigating by joining the film crew. As Zhu got closer to his idol, he realized that Bao's fierceness and talents were all movie magic, while the real Bao was a man with inferior smartness and ...


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