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X/Y (2014)

X/Y (2014)

Ryan Piers WilliamsAmerica FerreraJon Paul PhillipsDavid Harbour
Ryan Piers Williams


X/Y (2014) is a English movie. Ryan Piers Williams has directed this movie. Ryan Piers Williams,America Ferrera,Jon Paul Phillips,David Harbour are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. X/Y (2014) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

A look at the lives and interactions of a group of friends living in New York.

X/Y (2014) Reviews

  • angst in the city


    I saw this movie at the Marfa Film Festival 2014 and really liked it. It depicts several characters reeling through life with little consideration. They are caught up with their immediate desires, mostly the desire to get away from themselves. The thing that I found moving was the subtle and not so subtle ways in which several of them are able to glimpse how they've been living and begin to take the first small steps towards a different life. I felt that I recognized these characters from earlier stages of my own life, not in their specific behaviors, but in their compulsion to fill every moment of their lives with activity, meaningful or not.

  • ..there is one interesting character.. regrettably not the main focus


    Yea, guess this contains spoilers... but the film does the best job of accomplishing that all on its' own. It starts off they're together for six years, and are both obviously unhappy, or bored, or whatever. She tells him that she can't talk to him because he won't listen. So with that justification she informs him she has previously had sex with a co-worker. He walks out on her over this revelation. Then there are a couple other relationship story lines in the middle of the film, just filling up screen-time.. none (but one) of which we care much at all about. Towards the end of the movie once again she hooks up with that same co-worker (rocks-off only). Then several minutes later in the film, she goes home and unexpectedly runs into the ex, and not long after they decide they are going to 'give it another chance,' because they really 'love' each other. Oh to be the fly on the wall once those latest hook up announcements see daylight. Obviously this storyline made some semblance of sense to somebody.. but to a majority of the rest of us we really are not made enough to actually care.


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