Wanted (2009)

Wanted (2009)

Salman KhanAyesha TakiaVinod KhannaGovind Namdeo
Prabhu Deva


Wanted (2009) is a Hindi movie. Prabhu Deva has directed this movie. Salman Khan,Ayesha Takia,Vinod Khanna,Govind Namdeo are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. Wanted (2009) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Mumbai-based middle-classed Jhanvi, who lives with her widowed mother and younger brother, has three suitors. The first is much older and considerably overweight - Sonu Gates. The second is Police Inspector Talpade, who is already married to Nandini, but lusts after Jhanvi so much so that he creates circumstances that will force her to marry him. The third is a male named Radhey - who often comes to her rescue - but breaks her heart when she finds out who is really is - a cold-blooded killer who works for a gangster named Ghanibhai. The later is a ruthless gangster who challenges Police Commissioner Ashraf Taufeeq Khan with impunity, and even abducts his daughter to ensure his personal safety.


Wanted (2009) Reviews

  • Wanted Lives up to expectation


    When i watched the movie i expected a lot as i am a big fan of Salman Khan. The story of the movie moves along at a good pace, and you never really guess what is going on until it happens. I don't want to give away too much for those people who haven't watched the movie. Aisha Takia looks sexy as always, in my opinion she is very under rated in the business. is a story that will not be new to most regular bollywood movie watchers the twist is very good. Salman Khan looks very big in the movie and they show him as a Herculean man who can beat up any1. this look suits salman very well. Overall it is a movie which i would recommend it has some good action sequences and the story is also quite entertaining.

  • Entertainment Guaranteed


    Wanted,remake of Pokkiri.Both directed by Prabhu Deva and surprisingly both turned to be a winner at the box office. Wanted turned to be a winner for various reasons- 1.)It was released during the Eid period. 2.)The promos were outstanding. 3.)The film was promoted heavily. 4.)The songs were a craze among people. 5.)And the prime reason Salman Khan Wanted is a total entertainer.It is loud,it is humorous,it is violent,it is amusing. Prabhu Deva succeeds in making an entertainer. The music is superb. The dialogs are perfect. The action sequences are superb. Performance wise-Salman Khan is revelation.Ayesha Takia is cute.The chemistry between Salman and Ayesha is good.Mahesh Manjrekar is first-rate.Prakash Raj is excellent. Overall Wanted is high on entertainment but lacks story.

  • A complete Paisa Vasool


    Honestly, when I saw the promos I had no expectations at all. But after watching Wanted, all I can say that it is a real nice movie. It takes you back to the glorious 80s, where our hero used to beat up dozens of gundas all alone, save his girlfriend from gundas, over the top mannerisms, etc. It is a perfect example of a old wine in a new bottle. The truth is that our Bollywood had lost its innocence, trying too hard to imitate the west, making so called art/serious movies aka parallel cinema. Masala movies were almost finished. But I hope this has revived them again, because the movie was very much enjoyable. Action scenes are OTT at times, but still enjoyable. It has some nice performances, but it is Sallu bhai that carries the movie on his shoulders. No other actor in Bollywood could have pulled the role with such an ease. Because of him you just overlook at the flaws. Ayesha Takia looks stunning and her chemistry with Sallu does work! Vinod is not given enough footage but manages to do well. Mahesh Manjrekar is brilliant. He was just too good at times. Typical corrupt lusty police officers. Scene where he is on his laptop or any other scene... Really good. Prakash Raj deserves special mention. He was just amazing as the DON. Amazing in the jail scenes! The twist in the movie was quite nice and not really expected. (as I haven't seen the original) There are some really funny scenes in first half as well =D The movie has almost no story, but the screenplay was nice. The only thing that was quite annoying was the amount of unnecessary songs. It got boring, because It was like fight scene - song - fight scene - song... Just like those 80s movies, but quite exaggerated. I wish there were bit less songs. Best scenes: and many more. I can say that most of the scenes (except the scenes with the landlord - the guy was funny in beginning but got annoying by the end) are really good and most of them are memorable. In one word, it is a PAISA VASOOL. Leave your brains at home, watch and enjoy with friends. 8/10 (revival of the glorious 80s)

  • Salman Khan proves his star Power


    This movie is undoubtedly the most entertaining movie of 2009. Hats off to Salman Khan. He definitely looks like a ferocious lion. The pace of the movie is the important thing to notice about. It will make you to watch the movie for more times. This movie is definitely meant for the masses with cool dialogs. Style of the movie is excellent. Last 30 minutes of the movie will make you go wild. Salman khan excels in this role. Apart from him, look out for Prakash Raj. He has done 200% justice to the villain's role. The critic's reviews and the audience's reactions proves the success of this movie.

  • Ghajini is so 2008......!!!!!


    This is my first ever movie review on IMDb. I am a huge movie buff but too lazy to post my views about them here. Finally, I am writing for my Superstar, our Superstar, India's Superstar, The Only Superstar - Salman Khan. I just returned from the night show and boy I was entertained. I have been Salman's fan since his very first flick - Maine Pyar Kiya. I think I am his biggest fan alive. Have seen Andaz Apna Apna over 35 times and still watch it whenever I have the time. But, Salman's recent movies were heartbreakingly disappointing. Like many of his other fans too I was praying and hoping that Wanted would deliver much much and much much more. I was not disappointed this time and boy am I happy at that. The movie starts off well and holds its pace throughout. All the characters played their parts well. The songs were good, although I was disappointed at Ishq Vishq being cut off. The fight sequences were mind blowing. Ayesha looked cute as ever. Overall I would give Wanted a 10/10 as it has everything that a Bollywood movie buff and hardcore Salman fan would expect. Some people think that they are too far above the so called "Masses". For them, movies for the masses are not good enough and they feel ashamed to praise such a movie, coz it does not have SRK dancing around a girl in foreign locations. For me, Wanted is a superb film, even if it's for the masses - I am a part of the masses - ain't I. Still these over the moon film critics go to see - "Ayesha Takia's big, big goodies" which for them - "are a treat to watch." Finally, Ghajini (with due respect to it) looks so 2008 now ;)


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