Vishwaroopam 2 (2018)

Vishwaroopam 2 (2018)

Kamal HaasanRahul BoseShekhar KapurPooja Kumar
Kamal Haasan


Vishwaroopam 2 (2018) is a English,Tamil,Hindi,Telugu movie. Kamal Haasan has directed this movie. Kamal Haasan,Rahul Bose,Shekhar Kapur,Pooja Kumar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Vishwaroopam 2 (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The Dirty Bomb planned attack on New York City by Al-Quada terrorist Omar Qureshi was destroyed by an Indian Intelligence Bureau Agent, Wisam through investigation. While Omar and Salim have escaped from New York to India, Wisam was given the responsibility to kill Omar along with his co-terrorists. In the process, Wisam's past comes into fruition.


Vishwaroopam 2 (2018) Reviews

  • Great story and message. Not so great VFX & CGI.


    Vishwaroopam 2 starts off from where Vishwaroopam left us stunned 5 years ago. Kamal Haasan is the star of the show with his great acting and direction skills. Supporting cast too did their part really well. Special mention to Rahul Bose and his assistant. BGM and songs stood out throughout the movie especially the song 'Gnyabagam Varigiradha'. Story conveys a good message too at the end. Overall a great movie experience. My rating: 9/10

  • The best movie ......In kollywood


    Don't believe what other say about this movie.... Me personally watched this movie so I am here to say this .. this is the best movie in kollywood since now .. Watch this movie only on theaters

  • logical


    This is the most logical and close to real life spy movie I have ever seen.. the problem with us is that as soon as we hear spy we expect high octane heroism and action.. but this movie lets you get into the personal life of a spy which i think is good.. kamal sir once again broke stereotypes.. nice franchise..loved it..!!

  • If Vishwaroopam 1 was better, this is the best..


    Part 1 and 2 of this film series is a complete story, taking us through a lot of things,and particularly this part focuses on emotions and other things.. In one word, it's a must to watch film..

  • Pefectly closes the Vishwaroop saga


    I went to watch the Hindi version : Vishwaroop II. First day first show. Story of the film is quite simple. New York is safe but Dawkins is dead. The story takes off from this very point and trust me, the Vishwaroop saga can't proceed in a better way than this. Coming to performances, it was truly a mindblowing experience, to see Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri in action on screen. He is quite invincible yet has a heart of gold. Everytime something wrong happens with him he recalls all his vices. Kamal Haasan aced in the actor's job. Pooja Kumar and Andrea were cute as expected. Shekhar Kapur showed true signs of being a 'mama' to Wisam. Waheeda Rehman ji, Rajendra Gupta, Yusuf Hussain excelled in their roles. Rahul Bose is as intense as in Vishwaroop. Salim aka Jaideep Ahlawat deserves a special mention for the climax scene. He truly nails it with his groans in the climax. Direction is superb as there are hardly any places where the flavour of Vishwaroop seems to have been lost. Budget limitations are visible at few places yet Kamal Haasan's screen presence will make you ignore it. Songs are awesome and so is the background music. Atul Tiwari has done a very commendable job with the dialogues. On the other hand, the protions before the climax (Wisam in South Block Delhi) seem to be quite boring. Anyone who has watched part 1 will definitely love the movie. Please do not trust the critics with this one.


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