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Viruddha (2020)

Viruddha (2020)

Mithun SuryaChandana LavikaRakesh SuryavamshieKhushi Shetty
Nikhil Shivaprakash


Viruddha (2020) is a Kannada movie. Nikhil Shivaprakash has directed this movie. Mithun Surya,Chandana Lavika,Rakesh Suryavamshie,Khushi Shetty are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2020. Viruddha (2020) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

VIRUDDHA is a Psychological Thriller revolving around 2 close friends named Uday and Ravi , who fall in love for the same girl Nayana. Uday being an Introvert struggles to convey his love towards Nayana , before she gets engaged to his friend Ravi. Ravi being a flirt tries to betray his present girlfriend named Pooja who is adamant on marrying Ravi. Knowing this Uday decides to get rid of Ravi with the help of his old time mysterious friend Aasif who influences Uday in making this dreadful decision. The story takes unexpected twists with the entry of a Psychiatrist Dr Ramesh, as things turns OPPOSITE in all character's favor and also in the eyes of viewers who realize that whatever they believed is completely Opposite. The climax surprises the viewers with an open-end leaving a big question mark at the end shot of the movie.


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