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Virtual Revolution (2016)

Virtual Revolution (2016)

Mike DopudJane BadlerJochen HägeleMaximilien Poullein
Guy-Roger Duvert


Virtual Revolution (2016) is a English movie. Guy-Roger Duvert has directed this movie. Mike Dopud,Jane Badler,Jochen Hägele,Maximilien Poullein are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Virtual Revolution (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Paris 2047. Most of the population spend all their time online, connected into virtual worlds, and don't care anymore about reality. A shadow agent, Nash, working for one of the multinational companies behind these virtual worlds, is tracking down terrorists who threaten the system...

Virtual Revolution (2016) Reviews

  • Well made indie movie


    Good plot, good dialog, saves the movie from the obvious low budget. Music suits the movie theme. Composed by the director even. Some visual effects catch your eye for not being "Hollywood standard". I've seen worse visual effects with way more budget. Still impressive piece of work with actors doing their best within what they've given. For a low budget scifi flick I'm more than entertained. The storyline was easy to follow and some minor distractions were saved by lively dialogue (my mother language is not English so I don't pay much detail to subtle nyances in dialogue). Very enjoyable scifi flick to pass the time with a nice thought provoking plot.

  • Nice independent SciFi movie... And french!


    I may understand some bad ratings! This movie is like french literature, a bit complicated and intellectual. I agree this will not be the movie of the year, but I acknowledge the effort and the construction : special effects are good, atmosphere is fair, acting is good enough to immerse you in this future, filming is well done, story-line is having a track. This could really be our future some day. The realism of the streets of future Paris is nicely constructed, seems like some 1900 paintings. This is not a blockbuster from Hollywood, this is an independent SciFi movie with a fair budget and to be honest, the money have been invested well. I have been watching the whole entire movie and enjoyed it. I hope people will do so.

  • Not worth the time


    After reading a number of critic's reviews who raved about how original this film was I decided to give this a go. But unfortunately right from the outset this is just a succession of clichés, borrowed from better movies like Blade Runner. Even the main character is trying a bad impersonation as a Harrison- Ford-wanna-be, and it's awful. The dialog is stilted, and the occasional one-liners are unoriginal. Example; the hero gets beaten up badly early on and his ID and gun taken off him. As he's lying there he mumbles "That was fun..." Are we supposed to laugh? Or admire his stoicism? It gets worse, and this movie is not worth the time spent watching it. You'll just get more and more annoyed as you are bored struggling through the story. Don't bother and avoid this.

  • Good sci-fi flick


    I disagree with the negative reviews of this movie. Yes it was very reminiscent of BladeRunner, but that's one of the things I really liked about it. In an age where movies are all about the big explosions and the highly technical SFX or super sophisticated digital SFX, this movie was a great homage to the classic epic cinematic movies, like BladeRunner. Excellent all around. A little crap dialogue here or there, but mostly really good. And this movie has it all... Suspense, mystery, action, a thrill or three, a bit of drama, a plot twist or two and a fair amount of philosophical and moralistic questioning. And really that was what I like the most about it. Most modern sci-fi stories are stories set in a futuristic environment with no questioning of our personal ideas and mores. Back before we called Science Fiction by the name "Science Fiction" it was called Speculative Fiction. Back then it was full of high moral ideas. Like sacrificing one's self for the greater good/continuation of the species. Or should we trust computers or distrust them. Example 2001: A Space Odyssey (which was choke full of cinematic shots.) To the guy complaining about the use of contemporary themes in futuristic movies, at what point did we stop using artwork to explore our relationship with modern society? Ultimately there is nothing new under the sun in creative works until some major change occurs in society elsewhere. Climate change and asteroids potentially hitting the earth is in the news and not long after someone somewhere uses that as inspiration to write The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact or Armageddon. For me this was a welcome and delightful departure from the modern fanfare of movies, no matter how great they are. It's refreshing because of it's style. The potential spoiler: The BladeRunner emphasis is mostly in the first 20 minutes and then fades to a subtle note here and there after that. The cinematic shots and the music along with the setup are very much a nod to BladeRunner in that 20 minutes. The rest of the movie is more it's own.

  • Although it's low-budget, I was impressed by the overall look of this ambitious SF.


    "The year is 2047. A century of technological revolution. The revolution did happen, just not really the way people thought it would." Apparently there's one thing that'll never change, according to the movie "Virtual Revolution" which takes place in the near future.. And that's the attitude of the political establishment towards the citizens. I concluded that after Dina said the following: "If the politicians want to keep things the way they are, it's because they benefit from it". That's also the most wise thing Dina (Jane Badler) had to tell, because the rest was just irrelevant drivel. But that's the only thing that annoyed me in this rather ambitious science fiction. The makers have gathered a lot of impressions from other famous SF films. It's obvious they've re-watched "Blade Runner" several times to create a similar atmosphere. Paris from 2047 looks dark and deserted. An utopian city with lots of neon lighting. A big city with sky high futuristic buildings with small spaceships navigating in between them. Believe me, this film has the same appearance as "Blade Runner". Only Paris seems to be sparsely populated. And this is because the majority of the population stay at home as they are continuously connected to virtual worlds called "verses". Nash (Mike Dopud) is a private detective employed by a multinational who developed and own these virtual worlds. The moment users are being murdered in these virtual worlds, he's sent out to investigate who's behind it. Turns out there's an underground movement of a group of hackers with one main goal : give the connected back their freedom. "Virtual Revolution" alternately shows images from the real world and the virtual worlds. Honestly, I have to admit that the idea of walking around in such a virtual world sounds incredibly fascinating. Fragging in a Quake-like world or being a firmly muscled adventurer and defeating dragons in a world that resembles Skyrim. I'm sure you'll find me in such a comfy dentist's chair with headphones after a while. And trust me, I will have a swelling around my belly button as well. It all looks interesting. Certainly when you realize, just like Nash discovered to his surprise in a mirror, that you can transform into any desired individual of any gender you want. Although this is a low-budget SciFi funded by crowdfunding and also the debut of Guy-Roger Duvert as a director, this movie looks impressive and slick. Maybe the story itself isn't groundbreaking and the introduction of a half-dressed virtual heroine waking up in the middle of a lesbian scene, feels like a rather cheap trick. For the rest it's admirable what they've put together. There were certain moments you could compare it with similar Hollywood films with a budget ten times bigger. But what surprised me the most is the denouement. No predictable end like most blockbusters. It even contains an important message. A message about human liberties and choices that one can make as an individual. Oh well, no big prizes will be won with this movie. But if you come across it somewhere on your VOD service, I would give it a chance. I recommend it and you won't regret it. More reviews here : movie-freak.be


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