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Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (2014)

Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (2014)

Dulquer SalmaanNazriya NazimMadhooR. Pandiaraajan
Balaji Mohan


Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (2014) is a Tamil,Malayalam movie. Balaji Mohan has directed this movie. Dulquer Salmaan,Nazriya Nazim,Madhoo,R. Pandiaraajan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (2014) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Panimalai is an imaginary hill station, where there is a news anchor (Balaji Mohan), whose only aim is get TRP's for his channel. Meanwhile a salesman Aravind (Dulquer Salmaan), an orphan and happy-go-lucky good talker meets Dr. Anjana (Nazriya), a confused, soft spoken girl who is unable to express her feelings properly and has a dominating fiancée who is a control freak. There are also other characters like Health Minister Sundaralingam (Pandiarajan), Superstar Boomesh (John Vijay), Kudikara Sangam Thalaivar Ravi (Robo Shankar), a feudal landlord (Vinu Chakravarthi) and Anjana's step mother (Madhoo). One day, people in the scenic hill station get affected by 'dumb flu' and lose their voice. Finally, state government issues an order banning people from talking to avoid spreading of this contagious disease.


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Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (2014) Reviews

  • Film is funny, engaging, touching, crazy and human !


    Vaayai Moodi pesavum : Its been long time that I have seen such a Clean entertainer... still , VSP is ain't a run-of-the-mill flick which we normally come across with big TALKIES sign in a Cinema hall .. film is mostly SILENT in second half ! Although the movie seems to be focused on comedy, it delivers a very subtle yet powerful message on the importance of communication. While peppered with numerous comic incidents, the movie is quite serious in adressing its central theme. There's some important content in this film, but it is never overpowered by laughs, nor vice versa. While comedies have moved on to become more grosser and outrageous in order to tickle our dulled funny bone, 'Vaayai Moodi pesavum' manages it with what now seems like restraint but is really a good example of 'wacky' comedy, mixed with a good vein of sentiment and character. The plot is pretty good although some of it pushes the boat out to the unreal in order to get laughs – but this isn't a problem because it DOES get laughs, if it hadn't then it might have been an issue. Most of it is hilarious although some drags early on. The movie ends on a very dramatic note, on the power of communicating and it does show how redundant the words are in presence of good acting, screenplay and the power of music ( though i believe certain songs cud have been avoided !! ) ..Despite being a bit predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It's another good attempt by John Hughes. Bottom line : Film is funny, engaging, touching, crazy and human !

  • Good, harmless fun !


    I remember how, after watching the Malayalam classic - Punjabi House, my friends and I spoke to each other in 'Jabba...Jabbas' for a whole day (the movie had been about a deaf and mute couple falling in love). And perhaps the only reason you hear so little about this movie (Vaaya Moodi Pesavum / Samsaram Arogyathinu Hanikaram) is because the second half, which is reminiscent of the Charlie Chaplin silent movies of old, quite simply leaves the audience speechless. The plot is silly and a bit predictable, but that's exactly what makes this satire worthwhile. Was there a message in there somewhere? Maybe, but director Balaji Mohan delivers it subtly and at no time does the movie or its characters feel preachy. The movie might not be a critics' favorite, but its good, harmless fun.

  • Shut up and watch ! :)


    Ratings : 4\5 (Esp for creativity and boldness) Vaayai Moodi Pesavum is easily one of the best films(very few) in recent times. A Lovely and a Coolest film to watch this summer Direction : Balaji Mohan has handled the script(his own) with brilliant narration. The mix of fiction,Romcom and Satire is new to Tamizh Cinema ! Actors : Dulquer has made a promising debut with flawless acting. Spl appreciation for his effort to dub in tamizh in his own voice(and has succeeded too) Nazriya's skills are increasing film by film. All others deliver clean and decent performance. ! Film : Quirky and hilarious with a good message. Every bit of the movie is enjoyable and the narration style is top-notch.First half is built up brilliantly and Second half with no dialogues(90%) moves quick and creates a feel good atmosphere. Music : Sean Roldan has backed up the script beautifully ! (Esp in second half) Cinematography deserves a special appreciation ! It made the film colorful and cool ! Cons : Could have been more crisp and could have avoided the songs(2) Overall : A super-cool and breezy film to watch this summer !

  • Brilliant film after Soodhu Kavvum! Balaji the best director of Modern kollywood Cinema!


    I thoroughly enjoyed every scene. Complete satisfaction! This movie does not have proper logic in many parts but still a well written neat film like soodhu kavvum. i was absorbed into the movie. Even though this was humour film, this was a serious story unlike other santhanam films like #KannaLadduThinnaAasaya. This should be a trend setter. Pandiarajan as sundaralingam is so funny after long time especially the mashup scene i was literally LOL. All the characters have a nice part to play and such a beautiful story was written for everyone. I loved the news reader scenes by Balaji Mohan. He himself is a good actor too and extracted nice acting from everyone. As he explains himself, its such a crazy movie! Its worth to watch second time! I wonder if you would still ask for a movie with fight,songs and so on. Please don't go back. There are so many things to enjoy! 5/5. Balaji has a very good taste to direct films and he took a small step towards Hollywood style. I don't want a Transformers movie here. Transformers is worst film. I want films with nice script. Films such as Eternal sunshine. Thats where we have to look forward. Selvaraghavan's attempts by using serious stories have failed. I hope Balaji would not fail. Great directors like Bala and Mani Ratnam have excellent ability to direct anything. They are very best at how to direct but you can still question if they are good at what to direct. The stories they do still lack the expectations. Balaji looks very promising this being his very second film, he started writing creative scripts. After watching Maan karate i was so fed up for such a stupid script and was worrying tamil cinema was going down. But after seeing this i am amazed! Those who said Maan karate is better than this movie, Please Vaayai moodavum! Hats off Balaji Mohan Ji! I am soon expecting you to take a film of some other genre soon! NOTE : YOU WILL BE MEETING MANY REVIEWERS SAYING THIS MOVIE IS CONFUSING. NOT AT ALL! WATCH THIS WITH AN OPEN MIND AND I AM SURE YOU WILL ENJOY IT!!!

  • Sometimes brilliant, sometimes contradictory


    In his second directorial "Vaayai Moodi Pesavum", Balaji Mohan tells us that if you know when to speak and when not to, then most of our problems are easily resolved. He has a brilliant premise to convince us with exactly what he wants to deliver through the film, which undeniably is a smart romantic-comedy (much better than several films in the same genre in the recent past), with spurts of humour and satire at regular intervals to keep us entertained. It's an almost brilliant film that contradicts itself at several junctures for reasons that are never explained and left to be figured out by the viewer. When an imaginary disease called 'Dumb Flu' plagues the inhabitants of Panimalai, forcing everybody to stop speaking because it aggravates when you do, the fate of a few characters that have issues with communication is tested. The first half of the film, which I think was brilliantly executed, harps on the importance of speaking at the right place, at the right time and at every given opportunity. The course of the events during this half has the spotlight on characters that either struggle to express what they want to or on those who won't stop speaking. It focuses on a writer-turned-housewife who struggles to tell her husband that she wants to write again, a young doctor who can't tell her possessive boyfriend that she doesn't like to be controlled and a school boy who fears telling his parents that he's more passionate about drawing than studies. Interestingly, all the aforementioned characters belong to the same family. Throughout the first half, efforts are made by the director to push these characters to open up and express what they want to. You appreciate this effort because you connect with these characters that are so real that you might find them in your own life. It is in the second half that you feel the film contradicts itself. Contrary to the first half, the characters are made to stop talking because of 'Dumb Flu'. There are absolutely no dialogues (but for some voiceovers) and the narrative style is akin to Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times". The director, who urges us to speak throughout the first half, suddenly asks us to shut up. The director, who said most of our problems are resolved when we sit and discuss, wants us to shut up. Doesn't that contradict the very essence of the film that was built intelligently in the first half? Nevertheless, you don't complain about the film because it dares to address several sensitive issues with a pinch of salt. From how Tamil cinema is being constantly attacked by fringe groups to dirty politicians and politics, Balaji slaps everybody in the face and makes them shut up. Of course, all this is done by striking a perfect balance between humour and satire. Heavily inspired by Woody Allen's style of storytelling, Balaji presents a kind of narrative that Tamil audiences are not used to. Still, they cheer for it because it's creative. He keeps making brief appearances throughout the film in a very funny role of a news reporter, eventually proving how crooked and TRP-oriented the media is in this country. On the acting front, debutant Dulquer Salmaan is a treat to watch. He earns extra brownie points for dubbing in his own voice and speaking flawless Tamil. Nazriya comfortably slips into the shoes of a character so contrary to the ones she has played in the past. The supporting cast featuring Arjun, Abhinav, Vinu, John and others played their respective roles to perfection. Sean Roldan keeps the film alive with his music and knows how to use it as a narrative, especially in the second half that hardly has any dialogues. Tighter editing was required in the second half which becomes a little tedious to sit through due to the slow narrative. To enjoy "Vaayai Moodi Pesavum", just shut up and watch it!


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