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Union Leader (2017)

Union Leader (2017)

Rahul BhattTillotama ShomeZala AkashPrashant Barot
Sanjay Patel


Union Leader (2017) is a Hindi movie. Sanjay Patel has directed this movie. Rahul Bhatt,Tillotama Shome,Zala Akash,Prashant Barot are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Union Leader (2017) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

UNION LEADER is a drama, 105 minutes in length, and it is the story of Jay, who gave up his dream of education to care for his family when he was young and is haunted by the loss of a future that was not to be. But, he is determined to end the cycle of poverty and provide a better life for his family. Jay must fight to keep his family alive with each passing minute. Living in poverty and faced with the looming possibility of death, Jay must struggle against corporate greed and the constant dangers of living on every last penny. Will Jay be able to fulfill his dream? Will Jay be able to bring the bad guys to justice? Will Jay survive, or will he fall to his death like the hundreds that do.


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Union Leader (2017) Reviews



    Sanjay Patel's ' Union Leader ' is Not Just One Of The Best Film Of 2017 But One Of The Finest Movie Of Indian Cinema On Labour Union Struggle. The Main Star Of The Movie is Lead Actor Rahul Bhat (Ugly Fame) Who Gives The Ultimate And Best Performance Of His Career Till Date.The Way He Carries The Character Of A Struggling Father/Husband And An Afflicting Union Leader Fighting Through The System Will Take Your Breath Away.Tillotama Shome is Another Jewel Who Really Surprises You With Her Superfine Acting And Melding into The Role Of A Financially Impaired Yet Supportive Housewife. Overall A Very Good Film Minus Senseless Dance/Songs And Really Makes You Aware About What A Poor Labour Goes Through in Life To Earn Bread For His Family.

  • superb!


    In the year 2010, Acclaimed filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar made a thought provoking movie on plight of mill workers of mumbai called CITY OF GOLD . Very few filmmakers in India dare to divert from regular masala fare and provide a new fresh story which may not be commercially viable but are NECESSARY cinema! It takes great pain , courage , himmat and dedication for a director that too if it happens to be his debut film to tell the hitherto unknown story to world ! UNION LEADER is one such film which will take and ponder the world and plight of workers and their issues ! Directed by candian based Gujarati director Sanay Patel, Union leader tells the story inspired by real incidents of plight of workers working for a chemical company at ahmedbad and their struggle with owner , system and the disease which they are incurring because of their owners negligence! The film is treated with utmost care and the efforts of first time director are clearly visible. I have always been a fan if RAHUL BHATT since he made debut with Nayee Padosan but it was sharp 360 degree turn of his acting with Anurag Kashyaps masterpiece film UGLY that made me craving for him more! And man, what a performance!!! Rahul Bhatts best performance!I really wonder why this actor is still.not getting his due in industry! Second performance to watch out for is of VIVEK GHAMANDE! His character is backbone of the film and vivek plays it with gusto! After playing small roles in Ramleela, Bajirao Mastani , Shahid and gangs of wasseypur to name a few, the actor takes a giant leap with Union Leader and shines totally! I need to see more of him now! the whole.bunch of other actors who are well known faces in Gujarati cinema act well ( Courtsey casting director Abhishek Shah ) Any loopholes? yes actually there are two! First is I found cinematography very jarring. The camera angles are good but it is jarring which somehow dilutes the impact of the scene! and other is climax which is a let down! the climax happenings would confuse viewer and u feeel something is missing! but these flaws are accepted considerating its Sanjay Patels first film! If u want something meaningful and thought provoking cinema , do not miss Union Leader! a must watch: My rating: 4/5. Written by Tapan Pattani

  • Hidden gem, so real portrayal of the grief of so many....


    Am glad I watched this. So many movies made and once in a while you come across such a gem with such a strong and uplifting message. Hats off to Rahul bhat who played the father. Nice to see truth, honesty and justice prevail which is so difficult in today's society. Kudos to the team, cast and the Director. Wish the film gets more audience.

  • Wow. These kind of movies are a relief


    Nowadays everywhere fast and noisy movies are getting fame and all the money, but these kind of movies are needed in this society more. If we don't tell our friends about these kind of movies then how can we get rid of these noisy movies. So Watch it Right Now and tell your friends to watch this.

  • Decent film


    Resigned to his fate as a worker in a notoriously shoddy chemical plant, Jay wants little more than for his wife and son to escape their life of poverty but soon he realizes that he must not only find a way to support his family, but also overcome grave social and legal injustice in the system.

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