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Time Raiders (2016)

Time Raiders (2016)

Boran JingHan LuJingchun WangSichun Ma
Daniel Lee


Time Raiders (2016) is a Mandarin movie. Daniel Lee has directed this movie. Boran Jing,Han Lu,Jingchun Wang,Sichun Ma are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Time Raiders (2016) is considered one of the best Adventure,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

A writer for writing material, search to an antique shop boss called Wu Xie, and Wu is preparing to leave the city. Before he left, wu told about his strange tomb-raiding family stories, and spoke for the first time with the family adventure of bizarre events. That an occasional access to their family because a special bronze ware, traced back, found buried in the basin of northwest China west country, they recruited a batch of grave robbers to ancient city ruins, into the queen's mausoleum is located in the ancient city of underground, found the king mu and the queen asks the immortal truth. Writer after hearing the story of Wu, only to find that there are a lot of doubt, Wu had said that this was his fantasy, or is it a terrible truth that is more complicated. A truth that Wu left that became the eternal mystery of Wu.


Time Raiders (2016) Reviews

  • better than I expected


    I read the fiction long time ago and still remember a bit. But the movie is a total new story, which is a bit disappointing for the fan of the series. But still not a waste of time for a popcorn movie. It's a story about tomb adventure and grown up. Wu Xie (Luhan) played a really good role in the movie. He was quite ambitious, naive and useless at the beginning, but grown up to be a sophisticated person after this trip. Zhang Kylin (Jin Boran), as a super skilled hero, helped the team to beat the Snake Empress. But a person with strong skills always make the story boring. The fight with Snake Empress is too long and unnecessary. Spoiler alert, all these are made up by Wu Xie (you can tell from some details), the real story is another thing. The director should have made this clearer for the audience.

  • Badly


    The book of Time Raiders is very popular in China. And so many young people love it very much. It have been made a film in 2015. But it's very bad for Time Raiders 's fans. I have watched the film several days ago. I think it is a very bad thing. Fist, the major Man-actor called Zhang QiLing is a very silent man in the novel. No kidding, No smiles, No beer…… What we see in the movie is a funny man. The man we saw in the movie drunk beer and made joke to somebody else. I was watching it with full of enthusiasm, but i have slept during the process. It seems a Love story between two men, not been a horrific story. The Man- actors are all very handsome, but I dislike it . Pretty faces wound not let audience to like the movie.

  • Not Exactly Lara Croft


    When the scion of a family of tomb robbers discovers the key to an ancient tomb, his uncle refuses to take him along. Tomb robbing isn't for people with university degrees -- obviously none of their relatives has seen an Indiana Jones movie. However, the youngster sneaks his way into the affair and finds himself in the midst of a four-sided fight for the tomb. For most of its length TIME RAIDERS is an interesting if derivative sort of work that you can slide into effortlessly. It shows good storytelling technique and intersperses some decent gags into its CGI-laden moments of fear and terror -- those bugs really are nasty -- even if I was occasionally bemused at the effortless way in which the Cyclopean mechanisms of the tomb operate after four hundred years of neglect. For me, a brand-new can opener comes apart the first time I use it. However, the climactic battle loused things up for me, as people were able to calculate to the instant to whack that chain with a sword to make it carry them to a rare moving spot of safety, or to shoot a moving nail head in the midst of chaos from a couple of hundred yards. I found the suspension of disbelief needed for fantasy snapped. Up until then, however, it's fairly good. It resumed its decent technique after the battle, but by the it was too late.

  • Que Chinese-styled Indiana Jones music here...


    A Chinese delve in an "Indiana Jones" and "Tomb Raider" similar universe. An entertaining enough movie for what it turned out to be, surely, but it just wasn't a particularly memorable movie. I gobble up almost all Asian movies I get the chance to watch, and having read the synopsis for "Time Raiders", then I must admit that my interest was stirred and I was somewhat anxious to sit down and watch it. However, while the movie does boast some pretty nice special effects and CGI effects, it just suffers from having a generic script and some equally generic characters. The storyline was rather simple, yet easy to follow; you just watch the action, and you're up to speed. However, "Time Raiders" didn't turn out to be anywhere near "Indiana Jones", nor "Tomb Raider" for that matter. Boran Jing and Lu Han do perform well and manage to keep the movie being somewhat entertaining and watchable. But they alone just couldn't manage to lift up the movie from being less than mediocre. "Time Raiders" is adequate enough entertainment for a single viewing if you have nothing better at hand to watch. However, don't get your hopes up too high, because this wasn't really much of a memorable experience. The movie does have some good enough action and some good enough adventure, but you are just left with sort of a hollow feeling in your gut once the movie is over. There was just something missing from the movie; that one all-important spice. There are far better Chinese movies available. My rating of "Time Raiders" is a less than mediocre four out of ten stars.

  • Not bad


    Of course, this movie is not such a masterpiece, there's a general incoherence to the story, but it's not boring, with some good special effects. Lu Han is totally unsuitable for the role, this guy is just expressionless in my opinion, his acting really that bad, but he's a pretty boy and that's all that matters to his numerous fans. Jing Boran and Ma Sichun are suitable, proficient martial artists & skilled weapons performers, but the pair lack the chemistry necessary . Vanni Corbellini works miracles in his bit role and in clichéd script, with his intense expressions reflecting emotions and thoughts, but, once again, his talent was wasted.


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