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The Wrong Teacher (2018)

The Wrong Teacher (2018)

Jessica MorrisJason-Shane ScottPhilip McElroyEric Roberts
David DeCoteau


The Wrong Teacher (2018) is a English movie. David DeCoteau has directed this movie. Jessica Morris,Jason-Shane Scott,Philip McElroy,Eric Roberts are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Wrong Teacher (2018) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Successful teacher and author, Charlotte Hansen has a passionate, one night stand with a younger man, Chris Williams. She finds out later he is 18-years-old and a new transfer student at her high school. Now, he will not let go of her. While Principal Burns and Vice-Principal Clark discover there is something going on between teacher and student, Chris will stop at nothing to have her for himself.


The Wrong Teacher (2018) Reviews

  • Meh


    Very predictable script and the actors clearly look like they're acting. Except Roberts who usually does a pretty good job. But how does Vivica Fox keep getting work!?? Her plastic face and stiff acting is unwatchable. She keeps playing the same character in everything; some tough boss behind a desk with a little bit of a soft side and a face that won't show emotion.

  • The title should be changed to "The Wrong Actors"


    My girlfriend forced me to watch this with her. She now owes me - big time. Could be some of the worst acting ever, even by Lifetime's standards. I've seen better acting at my second grader's Christmas play. Whoever did the casting should "never work in this town again"...The ENTIRE cast was horrible. To think: these actors auditioned and (presumably) more than one person said, "Nailed it! You've got the part!" I've angrily scratched my head so much thinking about how that could have possibly happened that I made a hole in my skull and the pieces of my brain that got fried watching this garbage just fell on the floor.

  • not bad, first half was good.


    It held my attention for the first two thirds or so, then it just got sideways with the typical "main character solving the mystery/crime herself rather than calling the cops" thing. eric roberts was really good in it, they should've had more of his character in the story.

  • Good for this "Perfect" series


    Surprisingly this one is quite enjoyable and plausible. With all the student teacher liaisons recently it's timely. The story is a teacher sleeps with a younger guy she meets in a bar. Unknown to her he turns out to be her new student. She ought to have known from the creepy smile. Jessica Morris is the teacher. Eric Roberts and Vivica Fox are supporting characters. Things unfold quite plausible without getting too ridiculous like some of these TV Thrillers. Worth a watch.

  • McElroy shines in better-than-average Lifetime thriller


    The latest Lifetime movie, "The Wrong Teacher," was billed as a "premiere" even though the date for it on imdb.com was 2018, not 2019, and it already had a review on imdb.com. Directed by David DeCoteau, working from a script by Robert Dean Klein, "The Wrong Teacher" might more accurately have been called "The Wrong Student," since it begins with the titular teacher visiting the City Lights Bookstore (which I found jarring since the only real bookstore I know of with that name is the legendary one in San Francisco, and the extreme long-shots DeCoteau gave to establish his city's geography were of an unending flatness, obviously not the terrain of famously hilly San Francisco!). Her name is Charlotte Hanson (Jessica Morris), and she's currently on the outs with her independent photographer boyfriend Scott (Jason-Shane Scott). She teaches English literature to seniors at Roosevelt High School and in her spare time she's trying to write a romance novel about a young widow in love with an older man, but she's blocked on it. So she goes to City Lights one night and there meets Chris Williams (Philip McElroy, a darkly handsome young man whose great looks and skillful acting should make him a future star). She's impressed that someone that young is actually hanging around a physical bookstore instead of either not reading at all or ordering everything from amazon.com. She's also turned on by him, and they go out drinking at a bar called Blue (which seems to be the only bar in the entire city, though that's obviously because it was the only set the production company, Hybrid LLC, could afford to build) and then end up having sex in - of all places - her classroom at the high school. Then school starts the next day and Charlotte is shocked that her previous night's kinky paramour is also one of her new students. He assures her that he's just turned 18 and therefore at least she isn't in danger of being prosecuted for statutory rape, but even though she didn't know she was getting it on with one of her students when it happened, she's still liable to be fired and disgraced. Chris demands more from her, and when she makes it clear that she isn't going to have sex with him again he seeks his revenge. "The Wrong Teacher" is actually a better-than-average Lifetime movie, skillfully directed by DeCoteau from an unusually complex and ambiguous script by Klein, and driven by an utterly haunting performance from Philip McElroy. Lifetime has churned out enough of these superficially charming psychos by now that the template for them has become well worn, but rarely has one caught both the surface appeal and the deep-seated psychopathology of one of these characters as well as McElroy has. I can only hope there are enough casting directors at major studios who watch Lifetime movies so they can give this quite compelling (as well as very hot-looking!) actor the opportunities he deserves.


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