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The Truth Is in the Stars (2017)

The Truth Is in the Stars (2017)

William ShatnerBen StillerTracy DrainEmily Lakdawalla
J. Craig Thompson


The Truth Is in the Stars (2017) is a English movie. J. Craig Thompson has directed this movie. William Shatner,Ben Stiller,Tracy Drain,Emily Lakdawalla are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Truth Is in the Stars (2017) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

William Shatner sits down with scientists, innovators and celebrities to discuss how the optimism of "Star Trek" influenced multiple generations.

The Truth Is in the Stars (2017) Reviews

  • Somewhat random musings....


    In recent years, William Shatner has make several documentaries through which he and others talk about how "Star Trek" has effected them, society, science and more. "The Captains", "Reflections on Spock" and other documentaries have starred him as he interviews many famous folks and in his latest, "The Truth is in the Star"...he interviews A LOT of folks. While the general theme is the future, the documentary really goes all over the place as he interviews a huge Trek prop collector (Be Stiller), actors who have played guest spots on the various Trek series (such as Jason Alexander, Whoopi Goldberg and Stephen Hawking) and a variety of others...astronauts, scientists and the like. All of these interviews, though not obviously related, tend to be very interesting...especially since Mr. Shatner's style has gotten a bit quieter, a bit friendlier and a bit more 'nice'. Overall, well worth seeing.

  • Lovely but Scripted to an Extent


    I found the title intriguing but when reviewing the topic caption and learning of Bill "The Shat" Shatner and Dr. Stephen Hawking in the same feature - I had to watch! Of course, we've seen "Capt'n Kirk" in various episodic, pseudo-sci-fi-documentaries over the years, but this one was produced very recently (2017) and highlighted some of the most forward-thinking philosophies and sciences of the universe to-date. It features mini-segue interviews with both Class-A Futurists and Cosmologists with Hollywood B-Celebrities - but tops it all off with the greatest mind of our day, Dr. Hawking. I must confess, when Bill announces that he'd spoken to Whoopi Goldberg (Quinan ST:NG), I picked up the remote and fast-forwarded through her comments. (It was hardly tolerable to sit through Ben Stiller (showing off his Star Trek collection) and Jason "George from Seinfeld" Alexander (tribute to Mr. Shatner)). Personally, I preferred discussions from Dr. Neil De Grasse Tyson, Dr. Neil Turok, Dr. Michio Kaku & Dr. David Suzuki - which is what you get between the others! Overall, it is a very satisfying hour-and-a-half and naturally, the time spent with Bill and Dr. Hawking is not spontaneous, but it is well planned, and Bill says as much - but it's the reactions and lack of spontaneity from Bill (that were more so satiating with Dr's Turok, Suzuki and Kaku) that caused me to lower rating to an 8. The moment when Dr. Hawking laughs at Bill's quip during their introduction is well worth watching. However, the moments as Dr. Hawking watches Bill's reactions to Dr. Hawking's (well in advanced) interview answers - falls flat to Bill and seemed lost. Rather, Bill stays on point - or it may the editing - which causes moments of spontaneity to be lost - especially when Dr. Hawking is awaiting his computer simulated voice to finish the reason we've not heard from other civilizations: the possibility that civilizations destroy themselves due to the instability of technological advances. Unfortunately, Bill does not react to this or it is not shown. Our love of Shat/Kirk is not lost to Bill or Dr. Hawking, but Bill is not Kirk - and I'd like to believe that Kirk would have listened to every syllable from Dr. Hawking - but then again, Bill has embraced Kirk and we have profited immensely.

  • Random/Fandom


    Yes is it random ... I mean yes it is random! But it's also fun and light and is about a few things. It is probably about questions you have or thought about. There might be questions you didn't have, but one thing is for sure: there won't be too many answers overall. Not definitive ones that is, because there is still so much we don't actually know. Truth is out there ... just where exactly is there? The documentary is fast paced, has many segments and has a lot of wit. Which makes it more than watchable. It makes it kind of refreshing. When you have a former Captain of the Enterprise (ok technically future, but you know what I'm saying) at the helm - no pun intended - who doesn't take himself seriously ... well you kinda can guess that it will be a fun ride (or is it flight?)

  • Captain Kirk you are an inspiration.


    I believe in the positive future. That all is possible. I can explain it in an easy way. I can also explain in it in complicated terms. The truth is in the stars as well as in the imagination. Melding the human heart with the logical laws of the universe. I loved this documentary. Energy and mass are only separated by the giving and receiving of the human heart. May your enterprise go on forever. A fan, Samuel Massaro

  • Journey of sincere personal discovery


    Although perplexed at first and somewhat sluggish, this personal journey to discovery showed a genuine desire to learn and understand by William Shatner, aka Captain Kirk. He was sincere and open minded, like a child finally getting to the real questions, and getting deep answers. What a wonderful piece. Some of my favourite people were interviewed in this one, too. For example, I really liked this quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson: "In the 1960s, we had a Cold War with the Soviet Union, and a hot war in Southeast Asia, and the civil rights movement, and here's Star Trek portraying Earth where all the countries of the world were at peace. Who makes tomorrow come, if not the dreamers and the scientists and the technologists who enable it? So, this is an occasion to not feel separate from life, but to feel one." What I came away with, was that humanity fundamentally needs dreamers, and an optimistic view of the future.


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