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The Professor (2018)

The Professor (2018)

Johnny DeppRosemarie DeWittOdessa YoungDanny Huston
Wayne Roberts


The Professor (2018) is a English,Spanish movie. Wayne Roberts has directed this movie. Johnny Depp,Rosemarie DeWitt,Odessa Young,Danny Huston are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Professor (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

After learning about his terminal diagnosis, a college professor decides to live his life to the fullest by drinking, smoking and expressing real thoughts for the people around him. While going through the stages, he come to terms with the great truth of his life as he mends broken relationships, embraces the people in his life and learns to ignite his inner good spirit.


The Professor (2018) Reviews

  • Funny but heartbreaking


    I have to admit I was reluctant to watch this movie because I have a relative going through the last stages of a terminal cancer, so the synopsis didn't appeal to me at first. However, since I'm a fan of independent movies and the trailer seemed interesting enough, I decided to give it a go. I laughed, I cried, and I had an overall good time. The movie has its (many) silly moments, but it also has a strong emotional load that is, in my opinion, even better than the comedy. I enjoyed seeing Depp in a role a little more serious than his latest movies, without weird make up on his face. He gives a truly good performance that is a clear reminder that underneath his eccentric appearance, he is an amazing actor (Black Mass being the most recent example of this). His character, I feel, is not purposely made as unlikeable and loathsome, but you can't help but feel sorry for him and by the end of the movie his many seemingly annoying traits become his most endearing qualities. As for the supporting cast, I particularly enjoyed Zoey Deutch as Claire and Danny Huston as Peter; even though they're relegated to a secondary place, they live up to their roles and deliver good performances. The cinematography and various locations were beautiful. A heads up, though; the movie can be hard to watch at points because of his illness- it did heighten the emotional load for me. And there's a lot of swearing, drinking and sexual situations, so kids should probably skip it.

  • Brought tears to my eyes.


    To all of you cancer victims and survivors, I can't even begin to know or think how I would react to receiving a report like Depp received from his doctor, in this film. But I will always have a great level of respect for your courage endurance and will to live, because your community is not a place anyone wants to voluntarily be apart of, but you know how to come together in full support for each other against all odds, my hats stays off for you all. One another note, this film brought tears to my eyes, and Depp played and excellent role as a cancer victim, and in the end after watching it, you just want to thank God for being alive. I enjoyed this film very much.

  • "Why do we float through this weird thing called life without living?"


    Be yourself. Be true to yourself. Don't settle for what you are not. Quotes from this movie resonated with me. My mind has been wandering on lines like: "Why do we float through this weird thing called life without living?". Live life and don't simply exist. Like the Professor says: "You got one shot at this. Don't let a moment of it slip by." A genuine performance by Johnny Depp and the whole cast. I enjoyed the writing. With the emphasis on observations and the thoughts of the mundane, relationships and the honesty of people. It also includes the best acting I've seen from Danny Huston. I full heartedly bought his friendship with Depp's character. The story starts with a slightly quirkier tone, but gets more and more real as you get to the second half. Depp plays the broken man and you can see that pain and regret in his eyes. A very human story that eventually tugged at my heartstrings. Some scenes could have been handled differently during the first half. But the deep thoughts and confessions presented later was able to bring it all home. I do feel better for having been on this little journey of a man and his emotional bender. It's very unfiltered, so it's definitely not for too young minds. You gotta be somewhat ready the face hardships of existence. While not perfect, the director and the whole crew still made one thing very clear: That this one was from the heart.

  • Another jhonny depp film, another lively portrait.


    Johnny depp is the life of this film. He just potrait his character as the oxygen here. In some scene, his dialogues were very much moving and his funny sides were in there too. The story is very good from the start and shows the end the way we could like. This film urges to have the essence of life and to enjoy it to the every last detail. I liked the way johnny showed the view of his entire life, which we most have. It is not an intellectuals kind of film, its a funny view of a normal life which most people have.

  • Depp unmasked


    Greetings again from the darkness. Cancer comedies are few and far between, and that's understandable since the often deadly disease brings with it so much suffering and sadness. Writer-Director Wayne Roberts pulls no punches. The opening scene finds a doctor breaking the dreaded diagnosis to a patient ... lung cancer. The patient, a college professor named Richard, is told he has 6 months to live. The cold opening has us questioning if this is truly a comedy - even though the opening scene professor-patient is played by Johnny Depp. The news hits him hard of course, and we can see his mind spinning as he works out his approach and acceptance. What follows are some quite awkward and uncomfortable scenes with both his class and his family - a wife Veronica (Rosemary DeWitt) and teenage daughter Olivia (Odessa Young). Both of the women in his life usurp is announcement with those of their own: Veronica is having an affair with the Chancellor of the college where Richard works, and Olivia discloses that she is a lesbian. The two dinner time announcements and Richard's still held secret are integral to every scene that follows. Six title chapters clue us in on each subsequent phase in Richard's life, and the key is that he tosses conventions aside and tries to find meaning in life ... all while facing his own mortality. On one hand, Richard does what a professor does - he teaches. His small group of students are privy to such insight into life as "it ends in death for everyone". On the other hand, he experiments with drugs, alcohol, and sexual experiences, including a couple of episodes with students - something that should never happen. Ron Livingston is perfectly cast as the somewhat slimy Chancellor who is sleeping with Richard's wife, but it's Zoey Deutch and Danny Huston whose characters generate a bit more substance in Richard's life. Ms. Deutch (daughter of Lea Thompson and a star in the making) plays Claire, a student who seems to quickly "get" what her professor is going through. And Mr. Huston gives one of his best performances in years as Richard's long-time friend Peter who doesn't want to accept the inevitable. With all of the fantastical characters he has played (often masked in make-up and costumes), we sometimes forget what terrific dramatic acting ability Johnny Depp possesses when he's engaged. For those who only know him as Captain Jack Sparrow (the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies), or as Grindewald (the "Fantastic Beasts" films), or as the Mad Hatter, Tonto, or Willy Wonka, you'll be pleasantly surprised with his turn here (or in BLACK MASS, FINDING NEVERLAND, or BLOW). Filmmaker Wayne Roberts offered up an excellent debut in 2017 with KATIE SAYS GOODBYE, and he follows that with this unusual look at mortality - including a "celebrate life" soliloquy.


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