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The Mechanics of Love (2017)

The Mechanics of Love (2017)

Shenae Grimes-BeechTyler HynesLochlyn MunroEmily Tennant
David Weaver


The Mechanics of Love (2017) is a English movie. David Weaver has directed this movie. Shenae Grimes-Beech,Tyler Hynes,Lochlyn Munro,Emily Tennant are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Mechanics of Love (2017) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Doc Dupree runs the successful garage in his sleepy town Caterton, ably assisted by hunky mechanic Jake Henderson, who is also devoted to the family. Doc's fashionable daughter Clare returns home, for her wedding to sweetly-doting local TJ. Also home for the event is her sister Matti, with her fancy fiance, classy businessman Devin, who balances between his workaholic socialite habits and efforts to fit in with the commoners gang, whom Jake steers to welcome him like other wedding guests, despite retaining a youth crush on Matti, who gradually reconnects with him and her original career dream: Jake's, vintage cars, and he has just the right concept.


The Mechanics of Love (2017) Reviews

  • The band...


    ...is really good! This movie definitely has better music than you've come to expect from these kinds of movies. Apart from that, the movie seemed a little phoned-in. Not bad, but not good either. I watch a lot of these, so I knew what to expect! Wouldn't re-watch.

  • Small Town Love


    There's nothing really wrong with this film but there's nothing that I saw that was exciting, or grabbed my attention more so than other scenes. I mainly watched this for Lochlyn Munro; I remember the first film of his I saw: 'Unforgiven'. It wasn't a huge role but it was memorable, to me at least. Then other films of his I enjoyed 'A Night at the Roxbury', 'Scary Movie', 'Duets', and "White Chicks'. He's great as a comedian; except for 'Unforgiven' and a minor few other films, never really thought he had range in anything else. The only other person I have heard of in this film is Emily Tennant, and she was good in it for what this type of film is but nothing more, really. I disliked the composition. Not talking of the other music like in the bar scenes etc., just the composition. Didn't like it. It doesn't sound bad it's just a boring composition. The plot was okay, I guess. Not too much to it, sort of reminded me of the film 'Sweet Home Alabama': small town girl goes to the big city to live a life and then comes back to the small town (in this case for a wedding) and an old flame sparks feelings again and should she stay or go back to the big city? That's a problem with these types of films: when another film with a similar plot pops in your head while watching it. 'Made of Honor' also popped in my head mainly because of the boyfriend of the girl who comes back...As I said: it's not a bad film (if it was: based on my other reviews my review here would be ten times longer) but nothing grabbed me.


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