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The Errand of Angels (2008)

The Errand of Angels (2008)

Erin ChambersRachel EmmersBettina SchwarzKatrin Mayer
Christian Vuissa


The Errand of Angels (2008) is a English,German movie. Christian Vuissa has directed this movie. Erin Chambers,Rachel Emmers,Bettina Schwarz,Katrin Mayer are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. The Errand of Angels (2008) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

A wide-eyed sister missionary arrives in Austria to begin her 18-month-long mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Despite having to make a few cultural adjustments, Sister Taylor meets every challenge with optimism. Her enthusiasm to share the Gospel makes her indomitable, until she finds herself with an abrasive companion whom she doesn't understand and doesn't particularly like. This challenge, along with the ordinary vicissitudes of missionary life begin to wear on her, and thus in the process of sharing the Gospel, Sister Taylor finds herself gaining a better understanding of its key precepts: faith, repentance, forgiveness, and charity.


The Errand of Angels (2008) Reviews

  • Sister Taylor shares her struggles and change of heart during her mission in Austria.


    I saw this at the LDS Film Festival back in January 2008. It is a powerful movie, both inspiring and funny! I took my 10 year old nephew and he loved it, he wanted to see it again - and he doesn't sit still for more than 10 minutes at at time, so that should tell you something! I was touched by the message shared, and found myself examining my own attitude toward others in life. The scenery was spectacular - really added to the ambiance! The tone of this movie is not like the RM or other movies that are LDS comedy, it has more of the tone of Other Side of Heaven. Thank you Heidi Johnson & Christian Vuissa for sharing this wonderful story with us!

  • Superb Movie!


    This movie was one of the best movies that I have seen. I really enjoyed the story that was presented. The actors were also first-rate and the cinematography was absolutely beautiful. Having lived in Europe I really enjoyed seeing areas that I had been to. I also served as a missionary in Europe so it was refreshing to see my experiences portrayed on the big-screen. Also, an excellent choice to focus on sister missionaries, as so many of the other missionary movies have been focused on elders. I am really impressed that the entire cast and crew could pull this off. Thumbs up to all associated with this excellent production. I think that this movie will be a big success, particularly in the LDS film market.

  • A very good effort, near flawless


    This movie was extremely impressive to me, it brought back to me many of the treasured feelings of serving a mission and the many trials and tribulations often faced with that calling. The writers take you on a glimpse of what a mission is from beginning to end. Really the only flaw in this film, is the title track played in the middle of the film. The sister missionaries remind me of many of the sisters I served with and have known. The people seemed very genuine from my experiences and the appointments were very viable. If you have never served a mission, but wanted a first hand look at what a mission is truly like, this is what you need to see. It is among the most frustrating work you will ever do, but it is most likely the most rewarding time of your life. At first I was leery about this film and was questioning seeing it, but I am glad I did. My only criticism is one the title track, two the slowness of some scenes and three, there was no three, that good. I would recommend this film to anybody, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or not. Enjoy!

  • True Highs and Lows of Sister Missionary Life


    As a former sister missionary, I found "Errand of Angels" to be extremely validating. I loved the honest way the film addressed the true highs and lows of sister missionary life. I found that it captured the essence of what every sister experiences. I served in Argentina, the film is set in Austria, and yet there are so many parallels that I can draw between the two such as not getting along with a companion, going on a splits with someone new and inspiring, finding your own testimony, serving others, finding yourself in awkward discussion moments, caring deeply about those you come in contact with, losing investigators, being part of a conversion and baptism, and even eating everything on your plate, both known and unknown. Aside from the candid storyline, the the film was shot beautifully and creatively. Visually, it's rich, colorful, and effectively highlights locations, while quietly showcasing European scenery. The overall mood and feeling is calm, peaceful, and spiritually centered. A perfect Sunday afternoon movie. My fourteen year old daughter loves to watch this movie on Sundays. She is looking forward to serving a mission when she is of age and we discuss the way the film portrays a mission as a challenging yet ultimately rewarding experience. I feel that it is important for young sisters to realize that a mission isn't an exotic vacation but an intense learning period full of personal trials to help you grow into the person you can become. I believe that "Errand of Angels" depicts that concept in a very heartfelt and humble way. I am grateful for a film that substantiates the worth of dedicating eighteen months to the Lord.

  • Fifty seven channels and NEARLY nothing on (hotel)


    The boss sang it in 1992 and i experimented this fact during my west coast – east coast this summer. I was in America for 23 days with a different city, hotel room each day and for more than 3 weeks, my zapping on cable TV was a lost time : an explosion of ads, limited sport choices, silly programs about home, food, TV reality, sharks or crimes, awful movies, stupid sitcoms, looping news, well, not an once of creativity or culture… Except when i reached Salt Lake city and i discovered this movie on BYU TV. This is just an amazing feature, totally out of time and deeply engaging. In a way, it's close to « Hideous Kinky » as it's about a young woman who travels abroad to fulfill her faith. I think that in a way, I aspire myself to that alternative life so that's explain why that kind of movies makes always a big impression on me. In all cases, meeting this kind of girl who is driven by spiritual needs would be a miracle as looks and money seems to be the only assets in relationships today. Anyway, here, the « sister » is just amazing as her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. Her experience is very well told with fun and with wisdom. It's cool to see that they can joke about their religion just because smile and laughs comes from their heart thus from their creator ! It gives also a good lesson about tolerance and compassion : loving your neighbors isn't only loving the ones who cares about you but especially the ones who are difficult ! And as in « Signs », you can understand that having faith is to never be alone and to have a special connection with the creator ! At last, the director frames with talent all the shoots and the songs are just great : « as sisters in Zion », « silent night » ! In conclusion, if those angels errand, they are also touched by grace as this movie really shines your day now and after !


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