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The Directive (2019)

The Directive (2019)

Kyle AbrahamNicholas WinandBlaiden D. CordleThomas Betthauser
Alexander Raye Pimentel


The Directive (2019) is a English movie. Alexander Raye Pimentel has directed this movie. Kyle Abraham,Nicholas Winand,Blaiden D. Cordle,Thomas Betthauser are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. The Directive (2019) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

In the aftermath of an incurable virus spread, a broken maintenance robot seeks to eradicate humanity and deceptively guides a lone Red Cross survivor on a journey towards sanctuary with the hope of his family and friends awaiting him in Safe Zone 57.

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The Directive (2019) Reviews

  • Maybe i can produce my own movie then


    I got more then 1600$ saved up, i can go to a junkyard, put a toy on my back and pretend its a post apocalyptic movie... This is how insane 2019 has become, anyone can put a movie out there no matter how bad it is. And this one a part the cover art that seems good, is a real piece of junk.

  • I Made An Account Just To Review This Movie


    Wow, where to start..... This is undoubtedly the worst movie I've ever seen. Having said that, I kept laughing throughout the entire film. First off, the scenery depicted in the still for this movie is 100% misleading to how intrigued you believe the setting for this movie will be. There are two major locations for this film. The first being a scant trailer park in which the main character piddles around for half the movie. Then our "hero" journeys to an abondoned shack with some tents thrown up around it because a half of a poorly made robot convinced him to. Superbly lackluster. The second thing I would like to bring up is the camera work. It may have you laughing at some of the director's choices. Albeit the overly long shots of the main character eating or sleeping, which can go on so long you feel like your awkwardly watching a live voyeur feed, or the shaky "a camera stand wasn't in the budget" shots. At one point it almost seems like the cameraman tripped while filming. Pretty good stuff. Lastly I want to bring up the acting, or rather the lack thereof. They could not have picked a better person who intentionally seems like they've never even heard the word acting. $20 says it was the directors best friend. Every other character in the movie had exponentially better acting chops than this guy. Every time he ate something he had to nod in acceptance while he chewed, as if to say, "mmm, this is pretty good," and he ate a lot. My personal favorite scene is the minute plus he spent stumbling around pretending to be sick. I will definitely be watching the sequel.

  • whoever sold this movie to hulu is the world's greatest con man


    I am not sure which is worse, the horrible plot, the horrible character, or the horrible acting. Sadly, if there ever is an worldwide ELE, this is probably how the survivors would act....lol never have I wished death on a main character like the idiot in this movie

  • indiepocalypse


    Cool story and good low budget effort. Good for you for making a movie! Maybe it's not perfect, but I can see a lot of heart & sweat put into this. Heck it even looks like a halfway cult following is emerging. Keep working, keep learning, and get better. I look forward to seeing what's done in the future.

  • Story about Technology


    I knew it... Stephen Hawking downloaded himself into a robot and lives forever. Seriously though, it is interesting that the technology helped the guy navigate through a post apocalyptic world. Maybe the robot is the protagonist and the red cross guy is the antagonist?

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