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Sun Dogs (2017)

Sun Dogs (2017)

Jennifer MorrisonMelissa BenoistAllison JanneyEd O'Neill
Jennifer Morrison


Sun Dogs (2017) is a English movie. Jennifer Morrison has directed this movie. Jennifer Morrison,Melissa Benoist,Allison Janney,Ed O'Neill are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Sun Dogs (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A young man determined to be a military hero, ends up on a misguided adventure with his family and new friend Tally, which leads him to the most unlikely realization of how he can courageously "save lives."

Sun Dogs (2017) Reviews

  • How to Save a Life


    This movie is funny, sweet, sad, happy, and uniquely pleasing, as life can be at its best. Two thirds of the way through the film I found myself hoping the movie would have a happy ending, not just for Ned, but for Tally. They were just two people the world had passed by and forgotten; the deserved it. It's nice to root for nice people. It's nice to see nice people get nice things in life. You don't need a full deck to have a good hand or to lend a hand -- anyone can save lives. It's a nice movie, well worth the time.

  • heartwarming!


    One of those movies that makes you smile. Give it a go.

  • A disappointment


    Sun Dogs is a quirky Indie film that whilst is above average in terms of acting, direction and production standards, it just isn't very interesting. The story focuses on Ned who since the events of 9/11 has become obsessed with wanting to help In the war on terror. He wants to and tries to join the marines. Ned is mentally challenged which causes him unusual and immature behavior. He is delusional. I suppose this is the heart and soul of the movie. Watching it unfold I hovered between pity for him vs. his immaturity creating amusement. This makes for an awkward watch where to get the most out of the drama you need to admire his drive and persistence despite his disadvantage. I found the whole thing to be preposterous. Worst of all I don't think I could drop in a spoiler on this one as there's nothing to spoil. The story is weak and the movie ends fairly abruptly without a satisfying ending. I was drawn into viewing it by the five positive imdb reviews at the time. Unfortunately I see retrospectively that 2 of those reviewers have only ever written 1 review each which I find suspicious. My rating 4/10 Not recommended. Time is precious and there's far better movies to watch out there.

  • Every Life Has Meaning......


    Most films I see have some kind of hidden Left Wing political message to drive home. I thought this one was trying to say that the terrorist threat is mostly in the imagination of mentally challenged people. Or that we shouldn't racially profile middle easterners. But I don't know for sure that it was. It may have been showing that while defeating terrorism is a noble cause, it wasn't the appropriate calling for this particular guy. I loved how despite his obsession with a military calling and his personal challenges, he was sharp enough to listen and perceive wisdom from others and change course without losing ultimate purpose. For example when he hears a story about people who jump from a bridge. He didn't forget it. As others have said, almost every character in this one is a genuinely decent person. They all have their challenges and flaws, but they are attracted to doing good. That makes for a unique movie-watching experience. I also love that it doesn't turn into a coming-of-age sex story. That was obviously a temptation. No, it stays true to the character, whose goal is to help people and make a difference, not to conquer rites of missed rites of passage. It avoids music-manipulation, sentimentality, and clichéd characters. It also explores multiple people's goals, beyond those of the protagonist. Most importantly, all of them are influenced by each other.

  • FANTASTIC film by first time feature director Jennifer Morrison


    I just watched this films premier at Austin Film Festival and have to say I was really impressed. Jennifer has proved herself to be a very capable and impressive director and I will be eager to see where she goes next as a director. I went in knowing next to nothing about this film because it does not yet have a published trailer (very unfortunate) - however I took a chance on it because it sounded like an interesting story and I like many of the people involved in the film. I was blown away. The acting was amazing from seasoned veterans and the pace, music and feel of the movie was really captivating. I have no doubt this this movie will find its way to the big screen soon and when it does - be sure to put it on your list. This movie has some great comedic moments and I loved seeing the world through this simple-minded characters eyes. Feel-good movie of the year! ***** -Hunter


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