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Style (2001)

Style (2001)

Sharman JoshiSahil KhanRiya SenShilpi Sharma
N. Chandra


Style (2001) is a Hindi movie. N. Chandra has directed this movie. Sharman Joshi,Sahil Khan,Riya Sen,Shilpi Sharma are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2001. Style (2001) is considered one of the best Comedy,Musical,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Bantu and Chantu are two close friends and fellow collegians in an Arts & Science College in Bombay, India. Both are up to no good practical pranks and jokes, including conning their college-mates for money. Both prove that they can do anything for money and an easy lifestyle. In order to continue living a easy and comfortable lifestyle, both decide to marry wealthy girls, namely Rani and Sheena. In order to get close to them they steal identities from two females, Rose Mary Marlowe and Reshma Chowdhury, disguise themselves as females, get admitted in a Girls' hostel and start their romance with their future-brides. But fate has other plans for these two pals, as the women they are impersonating have been killed just a day after the duo assumed their identities. Their plans dashed to the ground, the hapless duo must now find a way out of this mess - that is before the police catch up to them.


Style (2001) Reviews



    Well, I came into this film knowing nothing of Baliwood so needless to say, I was quite surprised. The movie follows the madcap exploits of 2 college guys known as the singular entity, "Chantu-Bantu." In this three-plus hour long farce, Chantu-Bantu do everything from dressing in drag to sneak into a girls' dorm to tricking a girl to go out with one of their friends by making her believe he's dying of AIDS. Combine a ton of these strange, litte, almost episodic plotlines with a few zany, wildly cheoreographed, music videos, some random action scenes, bright colors, bad clothing, and a little obvious homo-eroticism, and you have an incredibly entertaining film-- that is if you have three-plus hours to kill. I recommend watching it over the course of like 3 days.

  • Style mein rehne ka


    This is the story of two friends who are always upto some prank. They keep conning their college mates and peoples everywhere for money. They have got one desire in life. To have a nice lifestyle and a lot of money. The easy way out is to marry someone who has got rich parents and no siblings. They try to patao two girls called Rani and Sheena. To get close to these two girls, they fake themselves to be girls and gets admitted to the hostel where Rani & Sheena stay. But then fake has got something in store for them which is not in their hands. How they are going to help themselves out is the summary of the story. A film by N Chandra, this is a typical Non-Chandra film. Because we are used to see Chandra making meaningful serious movies. But the movie is too good. The case includes mostly newcomers which makes the movie looks fresh.

  • Mind blowing


    This movie was so totally entertaining and enjoyable and entertaining and interesting Good songs and good comedy Thanks to sharman joshi for being a great hero He has done excellent other cast done excellent Storyline good screenplay good editing good direction good background music good cinephotagrahy good romance movie and movie movie with a great movie movie review of comedy Overall brilliant performance

  • Funny but too crude


    Sharman Joshi debutted with GODMOTHER(1999) where hardly people noticed him and then he did a cameo in LAJJA(2001) but he became famous after STYLE The film is a routine college campus fare which leads to a thriller.etc N.Chandra after the disastrous SHIKHARI(2000) tried to make a comedy with new actors There are some funny comedy scenes like the one where they fool Sikandar Kharbanda and also their plans of getting rich and dressing up like girls sadly the gags are too crude in many places The murder mystery is well handled too and the film ends on a good note but the end is too stretched Direction by N Chandra is decent Music is good especially XCUSE ME Amongst actors Sharman steals the show and displays spontaneity and flair for comedy He overshadows everyone and is one of the main reason to watch the film though now he has come a long way Sahil Khan is too conscious and doesn't match up to Sharman though he has some good funny scenes Riya Sen and the other heroine annoy to hell The vamp is too theatrical Shakti Kapoor is okay Sikandar Kharbanda is funny Vishwajeet Pradhan is funny too


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