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Storm War (2011)

Storm War (2011)

Jason LondonWes BrownGary GrubbsLance E. Nichols
Todor Chapkanov


Storm War (2011) is a English movie. Todor Chapkanov has directed this movie. Jason London,Wes Brown,Gary Grubbs,Lance E. Nichols are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Storm War (2011) is considered one of the best Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A series of freak weather occurrences around Washington D.C. reunites two estranged brothers who are the sons of a once prestigious climate scientist. One of them suspects their father is behind it and upon further investigation, they discover that all of their father's enemies are dead - victims of freak weather accidents. Soon their suspicions are confirmed as their father hijacks radio and TV transmissions to relay the message that unless a certain Senator whom canceled his Defense Department contracts is handed over, the city of Washington D.C will suffer the consequences. As the brothers race to form a plan that can defeat their father, he lets loose a variety of diabolical weather weapons on the Smithsonian, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and National Mall!


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Storm War (2011) Reviews

  • For real?


    Given the title of the movie, and the list of cast, you know what kind of movie you are in for already from the start. The title itself was an indicator of this going to be bad. The story was really thin and it was so far out there that it was just so very hard to buy into it. I mean, a scientist taking revenge by using storms and lightning because his project funding was taken away. Come on, it was just not plausible. One thing that the movie had working for it, was the semi-adequate effects. The special effects weren't all that shabby, nor were they top notch state of the art. They did, however, serve their purpose well enough and it showed what needed to be shown. The cast in the movie were not on the heavy-weight scale of acting, but there were some decent enough performances here. Just don't expect any award-winning performances. I had a hard time getting into this movie, and "Weather Wars" is just another drop in the ocean of low-budget disaster movies. There are so many similar movies out there, equally stupid and thin-storied, and it didn't extinguish itself in any particular way. There are far better disaster-themed movies out there. "Weather Wars" might be worth a watch if you are a fan of anyone on the cast list, but otherwise it is a stale lukewarm experience. Having seen the movie, I can honestly say that it is not a movie that will make it to my screen a second time.

  • I'd give this movie a 0 but that's not available.


    The best thing that can be said about this movie is that they spent money on special effects. Otherwise the screenplay wasn't good, the acting was sub-par, and the storyline just atrocious. I've seen a lot better movies on ScyFy before and this was definitely not one of their better attempts. I recommend you avoid this one unless you want to see a bad television movie. I'd basically give this movie a 0 but that's not available so I'm sticking with 1 star because it's really just that bad.

  • SyFy junk


    WEATHER WARS is another piece of junk that comes to us courtesy of the SyFy Channel. The title of this one is a misnomer, as for a disaster flick there's remarkably little disaster. There are a couple of cool special effects sequences in which a glowing ball of energy wreaks havoc, but - and I guess it was because of budgetary constraints - the template for WEATHER WARS is more of a police thriller. The storyline sees a shameless Stacy Keach playing a mega-villain, a former government employee who's lost his career and who decides to take revenge on those responsible. The only people with the power to stop him are his own sons, who must team up to track him down while they themselves are being pursued by the authorities. It's all very silly and lacklustre, with an almost entire lack of the kind of suspense that this thriller demands. The script is terrible and the calibre of the cast is particularly poor; Jason London's wooden hero is the best on offer here but others, like token pretty female Erin Cahill, are completely awful. Watching the hammy Keach chewing the scenery isn't much better. No, WEATHER WARS is a film which fails to live up to that promising title, and one which is even worse than the average Asylum disaster flick.

  • Typical SyFy fare but not awful


    I was bought Weather Wars (aka Storm Wars) as a joke gift DVD. In the UK, the DVD cover shows a flooded Capitol Hill with with the Supreme Court building being "attacked" by a twister. Odd, because there's no flood in the movie. The discrepancy becomes bigger when you read the description on the back of the DVD box: "A young scientist revels in the creation of a supercomputer that can stop the effects of climate change and catastrophic weather. When the computer's artificial intelligence advances it creates deadly storms to stop the military from controlling it or shutting it down. It's up to the scientist to outsmart his own creation..." Sounds great, huh? Kind of Day After Tomorrow meets Terminator. Only that description bears no relevance to the plot of the movie. In the film, the young scientist is chasing down his own deranged father, who has somehow learnt to control the weather and is wreaking revenge on the US Government. No super-computer with advanced AI is ever mentioned. In saying that, what they've produced is actually okay. The plot's a bit silly but the performances and SFX are reasonably for what's obviously a low-budget movie. **SPOILER** The end leaves the door open for a sequel. That probably shouldn't happen.

  • Interesting ??????


    I would start by quoting from the DVD release here in the UK "A Young Scientist revels in his creation of a supercomputer that can stop the effects of climate change and catastrophic weather. When the computers artificial intelligence advances, it creates deadly storms to stop the military from controlling it or shutting it down. It's up to the scientist to outsmart his own creation, survive the disasters unleashed upon him and save the planet from devastation". With that in mind I paid a fiver for this film, knowing not to expect miracles, but obviously I was hoping to watch a different film to the one described and reviewed here on IMDb. So to the person who wrote the review on the DVD case may I suggest that you actually WATCH a movie before writing a summary, it would help us to decide what we want to watch. As for the film, I would mostly agree with the other people who have commented on it, the special effects were not that bad for what I presume was a TV movie, Stacey Keach, a little over the top with his acting at times,but I have seen him in a number of movies and I believe he deserves better movies from time to time (Unless I have missed his best works). The ending was,lets say, predictable but I won't say anything other than that. It seemed at times to borrow from the big screen version of the British TV series the Avengers when Sean Connery was controlling the weather and Big Ben got hit by lightning. I am going to give it a five rating as I think it deserves more than it has been credited for, I have seen a lot worse in disaster films (I have seen a lot better also) and I am sure SyFy and others will continue to make these type of films and they are getting better in the effects department, just need to put better scripts together to make the movies work better with audiences. Meanwhile I will be looking through the Internet to see if there is a DVD cover that actually describes the movie on the disc and not one that someone has dreamt up whilst reading a sci fi book.


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