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Stakeout (1987)

Stakeout (1987)

Richard DreyfussEmilio EstevezMadeleine StoweAidan Quinn
John Badham


Stakeout (1987) is a English movie. John Badham has directed this movie. Richard Dreyfuss,Emilio Estevez,Madeleine Stowe,Aidan Quinn are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1987. Stakeout (1987) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The film opens with a daring escape of a convict imprisoned for killing an FBI agent, then moves on to two Seattle detectives chasing a suspect who gets away, destroying a forklift in the process, these two detectives are reassigned to a stakeout, watching the girlfriend of the escaped federal prisoner. One falls in love with her, the escaped convict eventually catches up to her, with them actually, and in the midst of their getaway, the escaped convict learns that his woman's man is a cop, but the two detectives kill him, saving the day.


Stakeout (1987) Reviews

  • Fun mix of action and comedy


    I really enjoyed this movie! It's filled with laughs and excitement, and never once was I not entertained. Next to "48 Hours" I think this is one of the best buddy cop movies I have yet seen. Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez make a wonderful team, with dead-on chemistry. Dreyfuss steals the show with his hilarious performance, proving he's just as talented at doing broad comedy as he is intense drama. That especially shows in the scene where he's about to walk out of Madeline Stowe's house, but doesn't want to be recognized, so he asks her to lend him a hat. The way he handled that scene was so magnificent, and there are many other farcical moments that he handled just as efficiently, and with the wrong timing and delivery those scenes could've collapsed. Estevez plays the straight man, also doing a magnificent job, and you really feel his envy when he's spying on Stowe, who's being hit on by Dreyfuss. I loved the scenes where the rival cops pulled pranks on each other. Speaking of which, Forrest Whitaker pops up in a fine early performance. And Madeline Stowe is great and sexy, as always. Sure, the plot is quite predictable, but as I said I was always entertained, thanks to sharp writing and great performances. John Badham is a fine action director, so he kept those action scenes filled with suspense and tension. "Stakeout" is not a film that will keep your brain occupied--as a matter of fact there are some scenes that require you to check your brain at the door--but I assure you that you'll have a damn good time. My score: 8 (out of 10)

  • Very enjoyable.......


    Somewheres in between 'Beverly Hills Cop' and 'Lethal Weapon' you find this. Good cop/buddy action flick, plenty of humour, the violence is for real, the chemistry between the two leads and Stowe Just right. I enjoy the scene where she shifts her position JUST so slightly, its quite erotic, while the pranks the two cops play on each other are quite funny too. Its fun watching how put out Estevez gets with the older guy whose clearly not acting his age. There's nothing terribly deep here, and some of its really dated-Lethal Weapon-ish graphics, the cars, the angry black squad leader, the music(Miami Sound Machine, anyone?), etc, traditional boatchase/fight/battle to the death inside hellacious warehouse/factory finale, etc all par for the course. But no biggies. The second one wasn't nearly as good's this one. *** outta ****

  • Dreyfuss' best effort since his 70's movies


    There is something about Richard Dreyfuss that makes me think of George Clooney. I believe Clooney is one of a very few slate of actors that can make any scene work no matter how good or bad it is written. Dreyfuss is like that too. I remember a particular scene in Jaws when he brings wine over to Brody's house and Brody cracks it open and decides to drink from it. Dreyfuss tries to warn him by saying, " You might want to let that breathe.... nothing, nothing. " He takes a small scene and makes it that much more interesting by his excellent interpretations of who they are. Chris Leece is his best acting since the seventies. He is so much fun to watch and it is his relationship with Bill ( Estevez ) and the other two stakeout cops ( one of them being a very funny Forest Whitaker ) that make this film a treat to watch. Its strengths are its dialogue and acting, and although Badham directs a fast and frenzied film ( much like Beverly Hills Cop ) some of the movie just doesn't fit, especially the end where it resorts to Bruce Willis tactics and ends with explosions and death. But that aside the film excels, and it is a very funny film written by the same guy that had a hand in The Fugitive. Here we have a film about two cops ( Dreyfuss and Estevez ) that are assigned to watch the home of the girlfriend of an escaped convict that may be on his way back to see her. Dreyfuss ends up getting a little too close to his subject and before long he ends up falling in love with her. This puts Bill in an awkward situation because not only is it against the rules and ethics, but he has to now cover for Chris during briefings with his superiors and he also has to keep the other two cops on the stakeout from finding out about Chris' involvement with their subject. The subject's name is Maria and she is played with richness by Madeline Stowe ( The General's Daughter ). Some of the hilarity in this film lies with the two sets of cops trying to out do one another in their pranks. It seems that they have worked on stakeouts together before and it is shenanigans like leaving dog poop in the fridge and putting marker on the rims of the binoculars that add some nice comedy to the routine. Dreyfuss also has one hilarious line that had me laughing for quite some time. When they first get their description of who it is that they are watching, it describes Maria as 5'5 and 342 pounds. " 342 pounds! OHHH, she could be the house! " The film works great as a comedy and only so so as a violent action film. I think the film would have benefitted if it stuck strictly to comedy and instead of reverting to a chase and explosions at the end, they could have written it better so that it is resolved with words and comic genius, just like the rest of the film. But overall this film is worth seeing for its hilarity. **** One final note. Chris and Bill have movie line contests. It is a great way to pass the time and when Bill asks Chris the one line " Well this was not a boating accident. " Chris doesn't know. That is a nice touch seeing as it was Dreyfuss' Matt Hooper from Jaws that said that. That's a nice piece of inside Hollywood and it plays really well.

  • It has the right mix of comedy and action


    Some people knock this film but I think it is a very good film. The basic plot line is Richard Dreyfuss (Chris Lecce) and Emilio Estevez (Bill Reimers) are detectives who are assigned to stakeout a woman (Madeline Stowe). Her ex-boyfriend is a violent con who has escaped from prison (Aidan Quinn) and the F.B.I think there may be a chance that he will try to get in contact with her. Chris Lecce soon finds himself falling in love with Maria and gets in many funny situations as he comes a part of the stakeout himself such as him leaving her house the next morning after they have made love and disguising himself with a pink hat and shawl and trying to evade the police without being recognised and ending up being on the surveillance and on tape. I think the number one thing that works for the film is the relationship between Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez's characters. They have great chemistry and just bounce humour off one another. Another humorous aspect to their relationship is a type of role reversal. Chris is older than Bill but yet he is not that bothered about promotion and he doesn't commit to any of his girlfriends. While Bill is a happily married man who has a child and who wants to go up the promotion ranks. Another thing that makes me laugh is the competition Bill and Chris have with Dan Lauria (Phil Coldshank) and Forest Whitaker (Jack Pismo) where they play practical jokes on one another. I especially liked the one Bill played on Phil's dog where he put a wild cat in the car and the cat ended up chasing Phil's dog down the road. Brilliant! The film even had time to add romance to the story between Maria and Chris which added another dimension to the film and it was interesting seeing their relationship develop and what would happen in the end when Maria found out Chris was a cop. This film has the right mix of genres in it and it doesn't slow down the plot line but it gives you different emotions to feel, humour, romance and your heart rate jumping which it did, in the scene where you think Aidan's character has come and he kills Chris and Maria. I jumped out of my seat at that. I liked that John Badham added that as at that point you have taken in the humour and romance and then this scene comes along that surprises and shocks you. One of my best Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez films.

  • It Works for Some Reason


    This is a forumulaic buddy movie, but it works. Madeleine Stowe is just wonderful. Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez also work very well. With good supporting acting all around, this movie works, when normally I would be rolling my eyes. Good acting and some very good one-liner writing make what could have been a bad movie (like "Another Stakeout") and enjoyable experience. I recommend it for some good-hearted fun.


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