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Spider Man: Lost Cause (2014)

Spider Man: Lost Cause (2014)

Joey LeverCraig EllisTeravis WardJack Beskeen
Joey Lever


Spider Man: Lost Cause (2014) is a English movie. Joey Lever has directed this movie. Joey Lever,Craig Ellis,Teravis Ward,Jack Beskeen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Spider Man: Lost Cause (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Romance,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Peter Parker a lone child discovers that his parents were in a horrifying plot to make mankind change. getting bitten by his fathers invention he develops super powers to tries to find answers to his whole life, try and juggle a relationship with his girlfriend and try and find the murderer of his uncle. (Fan Made Film)


Spider Man: Lost Cause (2014) Reviews

  • Spider Man Lost Cause: Hilariously awful


    1's are a rarity from me, it means a film is devoid of all redeeming features and I especially hate giving them to independent movies but on this occasion I have absolutely no choice. Spider Man: Lost Cause is a lengthy British fan made origin story that follows our nerdy Peter Parker as he fulfills his destiny to become one of the worlds most infamous superheroes. There are some great fan made movies out there, look at Never Hike Alone (2018) which demonstrated what can be done. This however has a considerably lower budget and underlines my point about never swinging above your weight. If you don't have the money to pull something off then simply don't try. Lost Cause had me cringing and wincing all the way through, the acting is on another level that I very very rarely see. It's so astonishingly bad throughout, if I were rating the actors I'd say they range from 1 down to -5 at best. That one long blonde haired guy especially was really something else, he hammed it up worse than Julian Sands (Oddly also long blonde haired). You ever seen those old Bollywood superhero movies? Clips often went viral on social media. Look up Indian Superman/Spidergirl etc. Those look better than this and have the same unintentionally hilarious vibe about them. I appreciate what they were trying to do but they literally failed to tick a single box. It looks horrific, the acting is beyond words, the score is generic, the sfx are terrible and the plot is boring. Stick with what your budget allows and for the love of Hades hire actors! The Good: Some neat Easter eggs The Bad: Some awful acting They fail to get anything right across the board Things I Learnt From This Movie: When you find yourself saying that a superhero movie is worse than Cat Woman (2004) it's time to start re-evaluating things This has a sequel, I......I......I just don't know if I have it in me

  • The ULTIMATE Spider-Man fan film!


    This movie, is definitely the best Spider-Man fan film around, for sure. It uses Ultimate Spider-Man comics as inspiration, having Peter Parker portrayed by Joey Lever, who is also the director of the movie. Everything inside the movie wants you to believe this is Spider-Man, from Mysterio posters to the Green Goblin serum in the post credits scene. Getting Gwen Stacy (portrayed by Sophia Ashcroft) developed for the sequel movie, which is an pretty interesting idea. Every scene in the movie fits exactly what is going to happen next, it doesn't matter if Joey Lever used movie or game content, he still made one of the best Spider-Man fan films to date!

  • Excellent take on the spider-man origin story.


    Introducing brilliant new villain nightshade and adding new elements to the origin story, Lost Cause is the ultimate spider-man film! Joey Lever takes the parts that work from the official films and re-adapts them into a clever and original story. Once you get used to the British accents, the film is an action-packed ride that even features an Iron Man cameo. Incredibly edited, you almost forget that this is an amateur fan film. The film also introduces a new (I believe) supporting character named Nick Cooper, Peter Parker's best friend who knows he is Spider-Man. Overall, the film delivers on an outstanding level, and is definitely a must-see. Catch it for free on you-tube!


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