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Sniper: Legacy (2014)

Sniper: Legacy (2014)

Tom BerengerChad Michael CollinsDoug AllenDominic Mafham
Don Michael Paul


Sniper: Legacy (2014) is a English movie. Don Michael Paul has directed this movie. Tom Berenger,Chad Michael Collins,Doug Allen,Dominic Mafham are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Sniper: Legacy (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller,War movie in India and around the world.

A rogue assassin is taking out military leaders, and Brandon gets word that his father is one. He tries to track down the killer, finds out that his father isn't dead and realizes that his superior officers are using him as bait to track the killer.

Sniper: Legacy (2014) Reviews

  • Enjoyed it


    Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Nice to have a proper back-story going on and great to see Berenger back. Also a real feast of different weapons on display. The action sequences are superbly shot and executed and the tension racks right up to the end. The movie covers a lot of ground and felt at times like one of the Bourne films. I personally love seeing characters like Berenger's develop and age. Not quite the same character study as Eastwood in 'Unforgiven'! But nevertheless, here he is, he's been through it all and still going strong. As for the reviewer mentioning the beret and it having a medical corps badge on it. Thats' normal in black ops. The medical insignia is the one that's least likely to provoke hostility in an enemy if taken captive. It's commonly used. I know. Special operations personnel, when on a covert operation, would never ever wear anything that revealed their true identity. The medical corps badges give you the best chances of survival as the medical corps are regarded as the most benign. There you go. Just a bit of detail for you. But all in all, a worthy chapter in the Sniper canon.

  • Fans of the others may like this but be prepared, there isn't as much action as you have come to expect from this series.


    "One shot, one kill." Brandon Beckett (Collins) is an elite sniper following in his father's footsteps. When he finds out that a rogue US sniper has been taking out high ranking military officers he wants to find a way to stop him. When he finds out that his dad, the legendary Thomas Beckett (Berenger) was one of the victims it becomes personal. Collins is on a quest for blood but when he is ambushed he is surprised that his father is the one who rescues him. Now the two of them together must not only stop the assassin but figure out who it is and why he is doing this. I have to admit that I have seen all of the other movies in this series but I don't really remember any of them. To me that's not the sign of a good movie. They are all pretty much the same thing and a little too slow for me. My son has really enjoyed these so we sat down to watch this together. I had to fight to stay awake and so did he. When it was over his only comment was the last 15 minutes was good the rest was really boring. I have to agree, when you watch a movie called Sniper you are looking for action and suspense. This one focused too much on the father/son aspect which normally is a good thing but the writing and dialog were not the best and the movie just seemed to drag on and on. There was a lot of planning scenes and not enough action scenes for either of us to stay interested in. Overall, fans of the others may like this but be prepared, there isn't as much action as you have come to expect from this series. I give it a C+.

  • Not too bad, but not excellent either.


    This move is worth a look see just because there are not any excellent movies made anymore. This movie is in the middle and that is why I gave it a 5 out of 10. There was not much of the movie to follow because if you have seen one you have seen them all. I like Tom Berenger ever since I saw him in "The Big Chill", so I was glad to see him doing some work since he has matured. Also I was glad to see a movie that was not distracting with a lot of nonsense showing nudity and sex. I enjoyed seeing a good movie about Snipers. I would put it up there with "American Sniper", even though this one is just fantasy. So get out the popcorn and set down for a decent watch and enjoy.

  • Still entertains but misses its mark compared to Sniper: Reloaded (2011)


    It really is amazing to how some franchises continue to thrive on after so long. Sniper (1993), Sniper 2 (2002) & Sniper 3 (2004) were all films that belonged to actor Tom Berenger. As Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett, Berenger solidified his presence as the man behind this franchise. There's no other way to explain it, the Sniper film series must have a loyal following. And although the quality did slip initially, the stories have slowly progressed into a decent franchise. Fans were even more surprised when producers released Sniper: Reloaded (2011) with no Berenger but instead brought in young actor Chad Michael Collins and veteran actor from the original, Billy Zane. Not only did it surpass its two previous entries but also it brought up questions to how it would continue after that. Well here we are and wow. Another solid entry even though it did not exceed Sniper: Reloaded (2011). Characters are hard to revive, especially when they go AWOL. Yet, this movie somehow achieves this in Tron: Legacy (2010) fashion (coincidentally along with the title). Out of nowhere, Beckett (Berenger) returns to greatness teaming up with his son and others to take out a deadly assassin who has gone rogue. If there's one character fans will be most happy to see, it's Tom Berenger. To be honest, with the previous movie I thought Berenger was done with the franchise. Apparently not and the interesting thing is, it's like Berenger never stopped being Beckett. He hasn't lost the attitude nor the mannerisms. As for others, Chad Michael Collins continues to be competent in his acting ability and its nice to see him finally meet up with his long lost father. Sadly, the topic of characters is where John Fasano's writing falters. Even though audiences will finally see Brandon and Tom Beckett reunited, there are several missed opportunities for proper character development of these individuals. For example, where has Beckett been? Why did he leave Brandon? These are crucial questions to help the Beckett family reconcile past problems. Instead, it is initiated but scooted aside abruptly. Most audiences want an emotional attachment to their characters. By brushing it aside, your brushing aside what makes the character the character. There's also issues of unexplained plot holes. Questions like does he still have that finger stigmatism that began giving him problems from Sniper 3 (2004)? What happened to Lieutenant Ellen Abramowitz (Brandon's secret lover) and Richard Miller (Billy Zane) from Sniper: Reloaded (2011)? All these questions needed were quick logical answers, but are ignored through and through. The late Fasano was a decent writer, I guess going over these particular matters were not accepted by the producers or director Don Michael Paul. I don't know who, but they should've gone in this direction for a little bit. Any of the new characters like Doug Allen, Dennis Haysbert, Dominic Mafham and Mercedes Mason perform respectively. It would've been nice though if the story stuck with one girl because Mason's character comes off like a love interest to Brandon but doesn't express it. If she was in Sniper: Reloaded (2011) then it would not have mattered because the audience would be able to remember from the prior film her relationship with Brandon. The same goes for the actress who played Lieutenant Ellen Abramowitz in the last sequel. Dominic Mafham had an interesting character portrayal. He resembled that of a good knock-off of Clive Owen. Dennis Haysbert doesn't get heavily involved but he does play a significant role and that's appreciated. The action was nicely paced throughout. It was not as bloody as Sniper: Reloaded (2011) but it still entertained. This time, the action also included several firefights. Not just between Snipers but AK-47s and other hand-held machine guns. As for camera-work, Martin Chichov achieved some beautiful scenery such as shorelines, urban terrain and grasslands. It's also nice how each Sniper film has changed locations around the entire world. Sniper (1993) was in Central America, Sniper 2 (2002) was in Europe, Sniper 3 (2004) was in Asia, Sniper: Reloaded (2011) was in Africa and this film takes place in the Middle East. The music by Frederik Wiedmann was appropriate. When there was action there was plenty of strings and percussion. But because there were barely any emotional scenes, it was hard to hear anything soft enough. However, because of the location Wiedmann did include several tracks that sounded appropriate for the setting and it felt authentic. It's not the best sequel but it is a good one. It's writing misses several moments to develop its characters the way they should be, along with unexplained details from the last entry. Yet, the return of Tom Berenger feels too gratifying to be upset over for too long. The actors perform decently, the action, music and camera-work are all well staged.

  • Unfortunately this is a poor film


    Greetings from Lithuania. "Sniper: Legacy" (2014) is a poor B movie. I don't have problems to watch B movies from time to time, but they should be done good, and if the director can't handle B movie, he will not going to have a big career. I loved the first "Sniper", it was one of my childhood movies along side with Rambo etc. - it was a very good thriller. I kinda also liked "Sniper Reloded", it was good fun. Now with "Sniper: Legacy" - it's not fun movie at all. It's badly written - i couldn't understand what was happening actually in this movie, it so badly edited / directed and written that i was confused through all movie - really, it's not that this movie has got complicated plot, i think it tried to have one, but in the end the whole plot is just a mess without any real suspense. And if you don't have suspense in a movie about snipers, than you are in a bad company with picture. Even Tom Berenger was a disappointment, he was totally not the character i remembered from the first Sniper, it's was more like a cameo for 10-12 min. Overall, you can safely skip this movie, it's not worth your time.


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