Siren Song (2016)

Siren Song (2016)

C. Thomas HowellMatt SilverRikke LeighEloise Juryeff
Benedict Mart


Siren Song (2016) is a movie. Benedict Mart has directed this movie. C. Thomas Howell,Matt Silver,Rikke Leigh,Eloise Juryeff are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Siren Song (2016) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

After the murder of his wife, vegetarian restaurant chef and critic Matt pursues an online relationship with Callie who owns a guest house on an island. Problems occur when he arrives on the isolated island, to the surprise of Callie, to find she lives there with her strange sisters Lydia and Tess. Guests begin to disappear one by one and when Matt's friend and fellow chef, Ryan, turns up after receiving a strange text message, it soon becomes clear that all is not what it seems and he can't trust ANYONE on the island.


Siren Song (2016) Reviews

  • Dan's a dork and cheap painter film doesn't make good effects


    Geesh, where to begin. This was such a mess that I don't even know where to start. The acting wasn't even sub par. The script was laughable. Thriller? I think not. I don't think they have a clue what a thriller is. Dan runs like a girl. Hershey syrup with water doesn't look like blood. Sorry. Need to look that up on the internet to get better tips on what looks like blood in a movie. Flimsy painter cover showed how much they didn't have to spend re: budget. Speaking of budget, this had to have been made for $1,000. or less and that would've been spent on renting the inn. Who's the sketching fool? Callie and her siren song...oh my. I don't think anyone would've ever guessed she wasn't singing. Not. Good heavens, this is a total mess from start to finish. I'll never get this time back so I beseech you not to do the same. Turn away. There is nothing to see here. Really. Nothing. Nada.

  • You broke my heart so I busted your jaw


    Dan's (Matt Silver) cheating wife (Chloe Partridge) gets murdered as Dan gets pipe wrenched to the head. He starts an on-line relationship with Callie (Rikke Leigh) who lives on an island with her two sisters, Lydia (Eloise Oliver) and Tess (Helen Rule). They are part of a group of Sirens who must lure men to their deaths to feast on their hearts. Dan eventually makes it to the island and Callie is a reluctant siren. I love it when a film incorporates aspect of classic mythology or Shakespeare. I like it more when it is done well and doesn't have the worst narrator (Felice Gioia) imaginable for the film. Why does he have to have an irritating French accent? The thing that really irks me is they could of had someone else do it as the guy's lips never move. The second option is to leave the monologue out of the production altogether to allow the audience to figure it out for themselves. I enjoy a film when I get to do that myself rather than have the director think I am an idiot who needs to be spoon fed. A film that would be far better with a slight tweak. C. Thomas Howell had a small role and Matt Silver needs to learn facial expressions. Guide: F-word No sex or nudity.

  • I enjoyed it to a point


    Not a blood and gore type of film but overall I enjoyed the movie. I had no problem with most of the acting and 99% of the cast were complete unknowns with C T Howell in there to sell it. The story is an update of the mythological Sirens story. I got the feeling something was cut out of the film because somewhere in the middle of it as the story doesn't make sense. A couple of the characters just seem to vanish without any story and hen later appear dead and it's a bit like a cop out. If you like gory horror then I don't recommend the film because you won't like it but if you like a creepy, atmospheric stuff then it might float your boat. Ignore the user who goes on about it looking shitty, the film looks glossy and the locations are amazing. The acting is actually pretty decent and most of the actors are New Zealand or British. Some people might find it boring in contrast to other films of the same genre. No nudity, no sex, some bad language and unoffensive bloody violence.

  • A train crash


    Well - technical aspects (cinematography etc) are OK, with the exception of the sound. In the same scene we go from a well balanced and miked shot to something resembling someone in a bathroom - very distracting. It only happened a few times, but it was enough. There were many editing cuts which simply did not work. Many times during dialogue there was a noticeable delay between one character speaking and the next which ruined the flow (what there was of it) of the conversation. The acting was on the poor side. I don't know if that was because of a lack of acting ability, lack of direction (which was also noticeable), or that the characters were not part of the scene and stood out like wooden fence posts. According to IMDb the budget for this movie is estimated at £1 million. It is very hard to see where that amount of money could possibly have been spent. A few scenes were obviously shot in a makeshift office somewhere and did not relay the story relating to them. The story is also very weak and seems to be rushed from one element to another without consideration of making the viewer part of it. Overall one to miss. I have seen student films, and films shot on much lower budgets which far exceed the quality of this production. It is as though someone had some spare cash and decided to waste it on a weekend with their mates.


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